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The Day of the Lost 2

Miscellaneous By: VCharming12

The first hours when witnessing what all of those horror stories were actually talking about.

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It started out like a regular day.
The painful routine of waking up, taking a shower, and blasting music as I did my best to make myself look a little better than usual.
After doing my best not to stab myself with my mascara and finishing the latest Album added to my playlist I glanced at my clock.
I get up earlier than other people.
I like the idea of having an upper hand and the only way i can truly express this currently is by being alert when everyone is defenseless in warm and fuzzy beds.
Dreaming away minutes.
I slipped on my headphones and snuck out the back door.
I walked the usual 3 1/2 miles to the middle of the forest where i proceeded to climb my favorite tree.
I stayed there, with my music up as high as it would go, and i watched the sky and witnessed the blues melt away and be replaced by fiery reds and beautiful yellows.
I was oblivious.
I let the beat wash over me and every thought be replaced with a line.
Another note. Another lyric. Another hour.
I wish i could stay here forever.
In my world.
But unfortunately, my father would be getting up soon.
So i lowered myself to the springy forest floor that was covered in a layer on bright green grass and small purple flowers.
I walked to the edge of the forest, the part where it suddenly cut off and ended in highway.
I decided to change it up. To be different.
So i walked home the long way.
Going around the outside of the River.
There were very few wonderful things left in this world, but this river was one of them.
It had the clear sparkling blue of a hundred years of being untouched. It's as if time was truly stopped here.
When I had walked to the top of the hill behind my house, I turned around to get one last look of paradise before walking forward. My feet had barely touched the bottom of the hill when i noticed that this was wrong. Very wrong. The back door was hanging at an awkward angle and windows were broken. I walked a little slower, taking in the scene. Some of the grass had been pushed down where tire tracks had gone over it. My father's car was missing. It was silent. No birds. No wind. No little animals waking up to the world. It was as if... Time was standing still. I started walking faster, and then jogging, and then full out sprinting. I ran through the door way, pulling my headphones to the side, screaming for someone... anyone... but there was no answer... I was alone... 50 miles from the nearest town... Without my father... my last surviving family member...
I looked in every room.
Each had been turned upside down.
Chairs had been broken.
Windows smashed.
Drawers out of cabinets were on the floor.
Blood was smeared on the walls.
I picked up my phone and I started to dial 911... but I paused. This could have been me... If i hadn't left... I could've helped... Because i chose to sneak out. My father could be lying in a ditch, broken and beaten...
On the very edge of life and death...
With shaking hands i pushed enter and listened as it rang.
1... 2... 3 rings...
And then a male voice picked up...
He asked what the emergency was...
I told him that i had came home and the house had been broken into and my father was missing...
He talked to me but i barely heard him.
My own Father...
I can't live without him...
He's... all I have left...
I sank to the floor and folded my knees up against my chest and let the phone fall to the floor, thinking about a million different "What if's".
I stayed like that until the sirens stopped infront of the house.
I didn't remember giving them my address.
But i must have.
I felt someone touch my right arm but i flinched and moved away.
I looked up into the brown eyes of a woman.
The symbol on her white shirt suggested that she was a paramedic.
She seemed kind and friendly, but i was not in a socializing mood.
I jumped up and she said something, but i didn't hear her. She walked ahead and I followed her.She had on gloves and she asked me what happened.
I looked at her but tears had made her face blurry. I wiped them away but my vision was still getting fuzzier and fuzzier.
Everything was black.
I could touch, I could smell, I could talk, and I could hear.
But my world had darkened.
She touched my shoulder and said something in a worried and frantic tone.
And then I started screaming.


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