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Picture Contest Winners!!!!!

Miscellaneous By: Violet Moon

The winners from my first contest! Good job everyone! :D

Submitted:Dec 13, 2009    Reads: 146    Comments: 11    Likes: 2   

Picture Contest Winners!!!

Wow! I've read many amazing pieces for this contest. It was very hard to pick the winners because everyone was close! I was very impressed by everyone's writing! Good job everyone!

Now, for the winners! Drum roll please!!!!

First Place: This was origanally only going to be one winner but I can't decide between two stories so, I've decided to make both first place! Congratulations guys!

Breaking the Storm by UnderxYourxSpell

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/fantasy/novel/underxyourxspell/breaking-the-storm/chapter/1

When the path of Destiny is already laid at your feet, how do you fight your Fate?

A story that is about norse mythology. A girl is born to be fateless and she may be the only one who can save the nine worlds. Eda and Gwidon are trying to get back to their bodies in their spirit form so they will survive. But, they also have to hurry or else everything else will be destroyed. Will they make it in time?

Good job UnderxYourxSpell! I was very impressed by your novel! I loved the plot and characters! I was always eager to find out would happen next! Congratulations!!!

Exchanging the Experience (Violet Moon's Challenge)- Dusk Dawn


Niki moved to America having no idea what his family is like and that things are different that he's always thought. He is taken against his will by a secret agency who know about his family's past. He is about to go on the adventure of his life.

Even though this story is not finished yet, I have enjoyed it so far very much and I'll continue reading it even though the contest is over. Good job Dusk Dawn! You have put a lot of detail into this novel and you've created well developed characters that seem real! I love the site you created for this novel! It was great! Congratulations!!!

Normal 0

And here's the link to the site for this story that Dusk Dawn created: Normal 0 http://exchangingtheexperience.weebly.com/

Second Place (three people):

The Vision Of Paradise- iCats

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/poetry/poetry/icats/the-vision-of-paradise

This is a poem about the picture from the contest. It is about the author's feeling when they saw the picture.

Good job iCats! I was really impressed by this poem! You put a lot of emotion into and I enjoyed it very much! Congratulations!!!

Mystic Paradise- StarlightVision

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/fantasy/poetry/starlightvision/mystic-paradise

This is a poem that describes the picture perfectly. It is full of emotion and descripition. I could imagine the picture just by reading this.

Great job StarlightVision! You did an amazing job describing the picture! I loved all the description in your poem! I was very impressed! Congratulations!!!

Pulling Together Broken Glass- BlackTear

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/poetry/poetry/blacktear/pulling-together-broken-glass

This is another poem that describes the picture. It has great descripition and you can feel the emotions as you read it.

Great job BlackTear! I really enjoyed reading this poem! It was perfect like the rest of your writing! I loved how you could feel the emotions flowing off the page! Congratulations!!!

Third Place (five winners):

God's Waterfall- Naomi Taylor

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/poetry/poetry/naomi_taylor/gods-waterfall

This poem describes the picture for the contest and shows the beauty that God put into this place. You can feel the author's emotions and see the beauty of the picture just by reading this freestyle poem.

Great job Naomia Taylor! I loved this poem! You put a lot of description into it and you seemed passionate abou the picture. You did an amazing job with writing something to match the picture! Congratulations!!!

Ignoring Fear- wolfs song

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/poetry/poetry/wolfs_song/ignoring-fear

A freestyle poem that describes fear even though surrounded by beauty. This poem is full of emotions and they come flowing off the page.

Great job wolfs song! While most people made the picture beautiful and perfect, you thought of fear and beauty. Your poem was very unique and I really enjoyed reading it! Congratulations!!!

I long For That Place- bluenosebitch

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/poetry/poetry/bluenosebitch/i-long-for-that-place

This poem is filled with emotion and voice. The author describes the picture and writes about how they long to be there with someone special.

Good job bluenosebitch! I really enjoyed reading your poem and feeling all the emotions in it! I could feel how you wanted to be there! I was very impressed! Congratulations!!!

i wish i was there- Darknessinside

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/poetry/poetry/darknessinside/i-wish-i-was-there

This poem does an amazing job of describing the picture for the contest. The author describes what they would see if they were there and also what they would hear. It is very easy to picture by reading this poem.

Great job Darknessinside! I loved how you repeated "i wish i was there" through out the poem. It was very poetic and matched the title perfectly. I really enjoyed reading your poem and Iwas very impressed!Congratulations!!!

The Chaos In Serenity- Demola G Olat

Normal 0 http://www.booksie.com/poetry/poetry/demola_g_olat/the-chaos-in-serenity/chapter/1

This poem starts out happy but then the author writes about scared emotions. The poem is filled with emotion and voice that is used to describe the picture perfectly.

Great job Demola G Olat! I really enjoyed reading your poem and Iwas very impressed! I loved all the feelings that you put into it! Congratulations!!!!

Well, there you go! Congratulations to all the winners! You guys deserve it! I wish I could have made everyone a winner but then, it wouldn't be a contest. lol. I enjoyed reading everyone's writing! Good job to everyone! Keep writing and I look forward to reading more of your guys stuff. Thanks for entering my contest!I hope you enjoyed it!:D *Violet*


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