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Alluring Masquerade Possible Sequel(s)?

Miscellaneous By: WhisperMyFairytale

Three ideas for sequels for my "Alluring Masquerade" story.
Which one would you choose?
Please help me!

Submitted:Mar 20, 2012    Reads: 33    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Hey, everyone! Oh, my days! I haven't been online in months, it's been TOO long. *Sigh.* Sorry! cute-animated-japanese-kitten-grey-13.gi

Anyway, since I'm back, I've got the urge/inspiration to write more about Hira and Kael's love story. Hey, I miss writing about them. *Sniffle* I miss all the Alluring Masquerade characters so much. Is this healthy? I mean I'm in love with fictionary characters ... nevermind, we don't need to answer that...cute-animated-japanese-kitten-grey-2.gif

So here are some possible sequels of the futures. Commence voting please. :3



A month has gone by since Kael and Hira made their relationship official and had an engagement party to celebrate with the whole world. Her family and his family were getting along just fine, which made the couple so glad that everything was going so well.

Suddenly, Hira decides to take up a student loan and take professional cookery classes this year while working part-time. Eventually, her dream was to open up a pleasant and comfy bakery shop. It would be perfect. Hence, she joined college.

She made new friends and a new life was being unfolded in front of her. Unknowingly, she started spending more and more time within this new group of friends, which makes Kael feel left out and betrayed. The feeling of losing her gets the better of him one day.

Are these new turn of events is for the best? Who is this new guy that's trying to walk into their relationship? And a surprise visit from an old enemy brings her whole world toppling down.



It's been a nearly a whole three weeks since Hira and Kael's engagement celebration party, but he still regrets attending. Who would have wanted to see the woman they love be with someone else, their best friend?

Not being able to cope with the breakdown he experienced after that, he decided to leave Manchester altogether and move somewhere, anywhere but here. It reminded him too much of Hira.

He decided to turn into a party animal, which would be something totally opposite him, and in order to try and forget her he in the end forgets who he really is. Literally! Because an accident on the way home leaves his memory empty. He can't even remember his name let alone Hira. So in a tragic way, he does forget her, however along the way someone new entered into his life.

Would she be able to mend his broken expectations of falling in love with Hira? Could she be able to take her place even if he regained his memories? IF he does.

(Oh, my God, do you want me to write about Zach gone all bad-boy?! >:D *Nose-Bleed* In the quest of forgetting about Hira he chooses to be the opposite of himself and become a baddie.
A side that was never intended to come back out? Eh? EH? Arkh! I am SO confused. ...)



Hiba is an aspiring actress. She has wanted to be one since she could remember! Oh, the movies she would be a part of! Romance, horror, thriller, you name it, she would be the number one demanding actress that all the film makers would want for the scripts!

Now after completing her Year 11 GCSEs, she has been desperately awaiting for THE audition of the year, which she had set her heart upon from the start. The audition that would take her to her stardom!

When she doesn't get the audition it shocks her, but enough to make her cry. In fact her anger makes her do something she had never expected. She swears at the famous director for making the biggest mistake of his life and gets thrown out.

She bumps into the guy that she hated from the moment she had set eyes on him. His smile never leaving his face, he asked her to the end of the year prom. And she makes the biggest mistake of saying 'Yes.' Or at le
ast she had thought so…

Suddenly, she receives a once in a life time movie offer! In the end, she would have to choose between her career and her man, but which one would she choose? How would she be able to choose, when both mean more to her than anything just the same?


...So...? What d'you think? :/ I feel like writing ALL three, but ... one has to begin before the others, right? So which one makes you happy? ^_^ I've love to hear your responses. :)

Also, if you have any original title ideas for any of these, please don't by shy and share it with the world! And me.cute-animated-japanese-kitten-grey-17.gi

Thank you!



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