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New ideas for a possible novel

Miscellaneous By: XxmimixX

I need some help on ideas for my next story. The majority of them are based off of old dreams that I had and what not. Let me know which one you like and why and hopefully, I will be able to continue the idea :).

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As you know, I've done short stories and drawn manga (japanese graphic novels/comics). I've been thinking for a while on writing a Light novel (longer than a short story, but shorter than a regular novel) and I have a question. I was wondering what kind of story should I write about (once these two are done and my fanfiction)? Well, here are a few ideas that I've come up with and what I'm currently working on.

Currently working on
Chant'n Budokai (title might change but oh well):

For thousands of years, there have been conflicts and wars in the Planet "Naru" for humanity reasons (money, religion, etc.). On this planet, there are five countries (or continents c20.gif). The Shinigami king has been in the center of all of these conflicts because he wants to get rid of the 'sages' (in this case, a religious warrior in a country that protects their god and country) of the planet. But the only person who can stop this from happening is the last remaining sage (from the most powerful country "Rhea") who is supposedly the most powerful of them all. And the only way for the sage to survive this is the Sage Guardian (the only one) who protects the sage from harms way and make the sage powerful (like a guide).

Is there really an Underworld?:

Ruth was just an ordinary five year old child living in the country with her big sister, mother, and her mysterious Beagle name Casey in their apartment. One day, one of her classmates Chad has brought home a new dog to the apartment complex that he and his two other siblings have been living in. A rumor has it across town that the dog could've been an actual demon princess from the underworld and kills people who harms its owner. The other rumor is that it could've been a "prince" who protected the fairies of.... Utopia? Are these rumors true?

Current ideas:
Destiny: The story of a lost soul :
In the busy streets of Brooklyn, there is a teen prostitute name Ramona. She tries to survive her life as a prostitute but ends up realizing that this isn't the life for her. So for a couple of years, she stays as a prostitute and begins her new life trying to go back to school and searching for a new job.
After the long search, she gets hired by her best friend name Armando lol. Is this actually her goal?

保護者のどうぶつ! (A protector of animals):
A whippet puppy (a type of dog) name Crystal's owner goes to Africa for a retreat with the World Wildlife fund, and the dog ends up with her ><. They find some Cheetah cubs abandoned after their mother was killed by poachers, and take them back to America and raise them at the Family Zoo. Almost a year later after the incident, Crystal begins to have close feelings to one of the rescued Cubs because she feels like saving a life of someone means "love" and wants to spend the rest of her life to someone special to her =D.

☆PrettyGeek (I had a dream about this too and it is completely fiction):
Throughout her life, Sixteen year old Kristi Murphy has been made fun of due to her appearance and looks. She has been called the typical names like nerd, geek, four eyes, whatever. Then out of nowhere, her parents have sent her to a private high-class school called "Forever High" where there are a couple classes on fashion and the history of fashion. In her Fashion history class, her possible partner for the year is the CEO of the popular fashion brand "Hot☆Star" name Alan Chavez who is oddly enough having a liking to her. He tells her if she and her new friend Amy wants to try out as fashion models for his company. What qualities does she have that well, everyone else doesn't?

Raikou (The rising sun): It is like a little side story to the CB series:
In the island off the country "Rhea" that no one knows about, there live farm workers, a main school house, and rich dictators who work for the Local City Council of that island. Every year, they do this "sacrifice" ritual to the eldest daughters in the family between the ages of 8 to 18 years of age to their sun god.
Fifteen year old Yazar once had a dream about this that caused her to be partially blind in her left eye, but she doesn't know if the ritual actually happened to her. This is one of the reasons why she is afraid of the Sun during dawn and dust. One day, her father (who's part of the LCC) gives her a gift for being the best daughter to him (and trying to forgive her from the mysterious past that they had together) and that gift was a 3 year old young horse name 'Saru' (who was her dads pet from the LCC). Throughout the story, the horse secretly helps Yazar to get over her fear and guides her on what the horse wants that his previously master didn't give him.

So those are the ideas lol. Any suggestion on possible stories?


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