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Miscellaneous By: Yiss

Yiss gets teleported to a strange world where physic types are invisible, like they don't exist, and being one herself she was also invisible, but then she meets Pisces, a male that's half peacock and can sense his surroundings.

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Yiss a pretty pink alien with blue spots and a y shaped tail was walking along in a forest with her three friends Saber, Reef and Slade.

Saber had spent so long with snakes that he basically turned in to one after running away from his family. He gained scales his tongue split his eyes got bigger and turned yellow he has a pet snake as well.

Reef likes water but if it's straight from the sky it would burn like acid on his skin. Rain water has to be purified because where he comes from it has some sort of chemical that he cannot touch in it. Reef wears a hat he also has a scar on the side of his face just above his eye unless he's touched or in water his tail changes to a mermaid like one when he gets wet. After it has just rained he wears boots to protect him from the puddles. He's a very good swimmer.

Now Slade is a disgustingly skinny character. He only eats cat biscuits he hardly even eats that. Slade has cuts on his legs, arms and his twin tails. He also can hardly walk.

"Slade you really need to eat something" Reef advised waving some dark coloured fruit in Slade's face.

"I do see" Slade started waving a cat biscuit around.

"Well how often do you eat them anyway?" Yiss asked walking over to a tree to lean on.

"Ummm. I'll get back to you on that" Slade answered putting his finger in the air, and then he took of

"Hey come back here!" Reef yelled after him.

"Let's go" Saber suggested.

Yiss, Saber and Reef followed Slade. Yiss is really fast and she is really good at avoiding the trees so she caught up to Slade quite easily. Yiss slid in front of him to make him stop running. When the others finally caught up Yiss heard a noise it sounded like a really loud vacuum she looked shaking her head from side to side.

"Do you hear that" she asked them.

"Yeah it's really distracting" Reef answered, his ears twitched.

Yiss walked up to a gap in the forest.

"Wow! There's a portal here" she said partially amazed.

In a big flash, they all went in. It was like a long white endless tunnel, there was another big flash.

They then found themselves somewhere completely different.

"Where are we?" Reef asked

Saber walked up to a poster "planet astoric" he read

"Ohhh, I get it, where on a totally different planet!" Slade said sarcastically he started to fade in and out

"Now where is Yiss?" Reef asked

"Hello I'm right here" a familiar voice said "hmmm I can't even see myself"

"What? This is weird" Reef said in confusion

"Let's ask somebody what's going on" Saber suggested

Reef walked up to a woman that was standing close to them.

"Hello, do you know what's happening to my friends?" he questioned

"umm I don't really know, but for some reason lava, physic or both just disappear, and wow your friend there must be so little of any that he's just fading in and out" she said referring to Slade

"Hmm I hadn't noticed that" Reef turned to look at him

"Hey!" Saber partially yelled across the room

Reef ran over to him "what is it?"

"Oh nothing I just thought of something" Saber replied

Reef walked in front of Saber "hey careful!" Saber warned


"Oh my god sorry Yiss" Reef apologized

"It's okay" Yiss said

"Oh Yiss I can see you now with my snake senses" Saber informed his eyes turning a paly emerald green

"Man I wish I would stop being ghostly" said Slade

"Let's go outside" Yiss suggested

"But I have other things to do" Reef said

"Yeah so do I" Saber agreed

"Okay then Slade will you come?" Yiss asked

Slade sighed "fine"

"Yay lets go" Yiss grabbed Slade's arm and walked towards the door.

Just outside the door somebody walked in to Yiss

"Ow" Yiss fell to the ground

"Hey I'm going to kill you for bumping into me" he said to Slade

Yiss walked in front of him "you bumped into me he didn't bump into you. Oh wait I just remembered you probably can't see me can you?"

"Oh a physic or lava type hmm" he said

"Actually she's both" Slade corrected

"Oh really well which is she more of?" the guy questioned Slade

"Physic" Yiss answered for herself

"Okay well I can't see her so I'll kill you instead" the guy said completely ignoring Yiss

"Hey leave him alone!" Yiss requested

"Well she's invisible so I'm going to ignore her further" he said grabbing Slade's neck

"Let me go!!" Slade yelled

Yisses ears twitched he was really loud then she heard some footsteps somebody was running really fast towards them.

The guy that was holding Slade threw him against the wall when somebody on the right hand side of Yiss jumped off the building and hit the mean guy with his long tail and skidded across the ground.

"It's peacock dude" somebody said behind

"He really does look like a peacock" Yiss thought to herself

He had orange eyes a lovely big silky tail two wings and peacock things on his head, in a few seconds he was gone

"Wow I wonder who he is? Let's go Slade" Yiss and Slade ran after him

They ran up to a cliff it had a tall tower at the top of it.

Yisses great eye sight comes in handy at this point. She saw the peacock guy at the top of the tower spreading out his peacock wings.

"Let's go" Yiss said

"No I'm not going up there" Slade told her

"okay then" Yiss climbed up the steep slippery slope of the cliff really fast she's also a really good climber Yiss ran up to the tower flicked her fingers together and appeared right behind him his tail went straight up

"How did you get up here?" he questioned

"Umm teleport" Yiss replied

He slowly turned around to face her

"You can't see me can you?" Yiss asked

"No but I still know your there" he answered

"Oh yeah well do you know why physic and lava types are invisible?" Yiss questioned

"Yes" he replied

"Okay then tell me please" Yiss pleaded

"No" he said back swinging his tail

"Why not?" Yiss asked

"Because I don't want to" he said folding his arms

"What? Oh come on" Yiss replied

"Fine it's that way" he pointed to his left

"Thanks now what's your name?" Yiss questioned

"Pisces" he answered

"Okay thanks Pisces my names Yiss why don't you come with us" Yiss suggested

"No" Pisces said simply

"Why not?" Yiss questioned

"I've been there done that and never want to go back" he replied

"Fine" Yiss said

Pisces just watched her leave

* * *

"This must be the place" Yiss informed

"Right now I'm getting sick of this flashing" Slade said fed up

"Just don't throw up on me" Yiss joked

"Right where are you going to go" Slade questioned

"Up there I think" Yiss pointed to the top of the colossal tower in front of them there was a man at the top near a big machine. Yiss put one leg back then ran lightning fast up the side of the building. At the edge she jumped up onto the very top.

"Is this machine making me invisible?" Yiss asked

"Ha? Umm no" the guy lied

"Okay your lying so can I destroy it?" Yiss said

"No!! And how would you be able to tell if I'm lying anyway?" the guy asked

"Well I'm just the type of physic type that can tell if people are lying" Yiss answered then she got out her sword

"What? You can't do that" the guy stated angrily

The guy got out his sword and they both collided but Yiss was stronger and the guy was too close to the edge, he fell backwards

Yiss walked up to the machine and dug her sword into it, sparks flew everywhere

Yiss started to turn visible when she ran back down "hey Slade your smiling for once, sorta" Yiss pointed out

"Well it looks like you did it" a familiar voice said

"Pisces hi" Yiss greeted

Yiss, Pisces and Slade went back to the place where Saber and Reef were

"Saber, Reef this is Pisces" Yiss informed them "and he's going to becoming with us"

"Cool I like peacocks" Saber said

"I honestly don't care whether he comes or not" reef said

"Okay then" Yiss flicked her fingers again and teleported them to a planet where they meet Ashdra his fennec foxes Wild fire and Fang including their pups


Wild fire


By Krystal Murch


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