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A Faint Light in the Darkness (What Matters to You...)

Miscellaneous By: yuu shindemura

juz a collective thoughts of different b00ksie users...

Submitted:Nov 10, 2009    Reads: 150    Comments: 13    Likes: 2   

"At any rate, yes, it is unfortunate. I think I'm going to take off all my 'good' work on here. No one's reading it, so why even bother having it on here?"


This statement above was stated by Alyssameep, a fellow booksie member who joined last January 16 2009 andloves to write mostly of fantasy writings.

It was also in Jan.16, 2009,it was the time I entered here in the Booksie website; it was suggested by my friend, and at first, my only concern was to write poems. Later on, following my efforts to create original characters or OC's, I began to write plots for my OC's roles to be intended. I joined Booksie under the name of my 5th OC I ever made, Yuu Shindemura.

Around in May 2009, when the demand to create more original novel declined severely, and at that time, I noticed the flooding of 'vampire novels' increased to a sky limit. It was as ridiculous as clicking one user or booksie member, and you'd be awed yourself if you can't find a vampire novel on them. Almost every member has vampire novel, or termed as 'vampire romance novels'. (dothese guys involved even know what a "vampire" is?)

As I'm aware of this, as well as a few peopletoo, yet, until the time when snobol4's entry "Featured Writing Twilight Pollution Index" is realized andvoiced outalso by other people that I did notice it's not only me and the few people I'm talking about (you know who you are) who have the concerns regarding this matter.

link: http://www.booksie.com/humor/miscellaneous/snobol4/featured-writing-twilight-pollution-index

we always say to be creative, that we are booksie authors who can be creative, who can write and not just type on the keyboard, but can conceptually write a story or poem. As what Helena Parris stated in her comment, "We can't let our dear old Booksie become just a Twilight fanfic site."


We know we humans are not stupid, basically we're not, it's just that we choose to be blind and be stupid; by default we are not because we're gifted with logic so to put it straight and frank, don't play as if you don't know what is going on here in b00ksie. it's been very much a cancer and disease that the writings here are... yeah, as what the link has suggested.

fill up here via writing the comments what are your concerns and everything you want to say regarding this topic.

Thank you.
(booksie members who can only comment here are the ones I've asked to. other comments where I know I haven't asked them will be deleted. REASON: it's because I'm finding collective information, not personal quota of opinionated biases.)

"I totally agree. There is plenty of good writing that is just itching to get read, but the Featured list seems to be occupied by either Twilight fan-fics, the same stuff."


"I agree with Lady Elizabeth; I've found some great stuff on Booksie, but I had to really root around for it. I just found a novel by Barry267 that reads better than most stuff you'll find at a bookstore. Lili Maureaux was posted in January of this year, but it's only had 37 hits. This is wrong!"

--Helena Parris

Voice out yours, too. A Faint Light in the Darkness...for even if that light is faint, but it shines vividlyin the dark.
(but then again, let me remind you thatimmature teens are banned from commenting, this is a sort of adult matter, and not'a ZOMGSparkle! DazZLe!11' topic)


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