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Philosophy for Everyone

Miscellaneous By: Zin Dar

In this piece of writing, I hope for everyone out there to start thinking. Don't take this offensive, but everyone needs to think through the important questions of life once in a while.
Note: There's no "philosophy" genre on Booksie.
Comments are not important on this writing, but I desperately hope you will read this. This is for you, not my own writing-fun and credits.

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"What is the meaning of life?"
To me, this isn't a direct philosophical question as it is so open, but it starts off a series of questions.

Please ensure that you have some time to read and think through this. Don't make this one hasty.
Now, turn off your rock and heavy metal music and turn on something calm. Make sure the music isn't loud or (if you don't have anything relaxing) completely turned off.

I will give out a series of questions for you to think through. Read one paragraph and try to answer it afterwards. Whether you answer or not, think about it through the week.

Note that it's hard to answer all of the questions. I can barely do it myself as a 19 year old. Without meaning to sound superior, the younger you are, the less likely you are to answer them all.

The meaning of this is for you to think. Through taking your time to answer basic questions, things might clear up for you.

Your past: Everything before now.
Was it a good one?
Was there something missing?
Do you intend to make up for this?

Why did you miss that?
Why didn't you do what you missed?

What was the best part of your past?
Will you do something similar again?

Your present: Everything from now and six months ahead.
Are you enjoying life?
What is your purpose now?

Are you striving for your goal?
Why/why not?
Are you sure it will bring you happiness?

Is happiness everything in life?
Don't you have any duties?

What is your greatest burden at the moment?
How will you handle it?

Your future: Everything before you die.
Will people remember you?
For what?

What is the meaning of YOUR life?
What is your ultimate goal?
Are you willing to sacrifice to reach your ultimate goal?

Were you born with a purpose or will you give your life a purpose?

Do you believe in fate?
Do you have a good reason to believe/not believe in fate?
What is your fate?

General Questions: For everything that isn't directly about you.
Do you believe in god?

Do you believe in absolute justice, that somewhere, someone can find an absolute answer to what is right and what is wrong, REGARDLESS of the situation?
Is this question determined by god?
If god can't give you the absolute answer, does that mean there is no answer?

Do you believe all religion can agree within time, or do we all need to unite under one/no religion?

Do you believe there can ever be world peace?

Do you believe in evolution?

Do you believe all history written is correct?

Do you believe in everything that is written in science and history books?

Do you believe everything your teacher/professor says?

Do you believe everything your parents say is right?

Do you believe you are always right?

Will you ever be able to answer everything?
Do you believe you will be answer all moral and ethical questions in time?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe you will ever find the true meaning of your life?

Do you believe there is a true meaning of life, or are we given life simply because of our mothers?

Does the true meaning of life apply to all, or are there individual answers to that question?

Will you find the answer to your life or focus on the general answer?

Is it important to be an individual?

Are you an individual, clearly distinct from everyone else?

Happy Thinking.


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