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My wish once upon in these ages

Novel By: abyskaria

Tags: My, Story, Ahead, History

We become apart from measuring simplicity in gestures. I was said why I don't look or read like the author of these lines. What will I tell that stranger? I decided I would honor those people with whom I have interacted giving meanings towards life in this lifetime. I require on the way, you have pleaded before some people who takes effort administering changes in my life with some grants. My talk is restricted. I do not know why I was honored the top writers of 2008 when I wrote the way my heart speaks. My father loves me more than his own life. I don't know what I can give at least some living moments with happiness. Well I believe if Almighty believe any words communicate are real, let him decide the fate of all this. View table of contents...


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Once upon in these ages, there were two strangers answering one search of questions, where do we compile our son just like much other life? Diya was wondering, what should have been corrected? In one life he saw the regrets of a home where their son lay amidst everything he has broken heart, bleeding soul and introvert mind if i am alive without the living moments people cherish. Diya was wondering why he needed next life? There is no memory he ask for. There is no association and understanding what is happening around. "Let me look his sign in the mirror", Opera says, "He is a king and trinity has blessed him without regrets with a new year blessing boom but now things are complicated. He had been accustomed with people only in his make. They tore his foundation apart and been naked as before. Still he is not sure of the way and potion he had been gifted been in a vicious circle. There is no such community who will look and guard him. Diya, do you want to do something about this case." Diya said, "I do." How? Here are the lines from the talk of the supreme founder which recollect life. It was the time of great financial bubble burst. He came back home again. His dad was very happy to greet him. Yet even though he wanted to smile, he was pondering over thoughts and thoughtless brain. No emotions gave birth for him all these ages. Will he was gifted with little gestures by his dad like buying stamps in midst of job hours and give him chocolates that person cry in despair all his life why all his sacrifices are unheard. He doesn't even recollect anything real time. No doctor will spend anything for his family. He is the person by name, Sam. Now I would like to convey another people along with this. A small talk as story is being recited.

In his 29 years age, Sam met Diya, how? Once upon the graveyard scene he kept a visual silence in the pain of his heart when the priest annoying statement that the fathers life is going to end. He stood over the same place as he learned he safeguarded the divine life of cross have been saved. There again the same person said, you have met this person who had studied in the family gurukulam. There is another time still, every Veda had been administered, my question would be is this life and demonstrative expense of my foundations why would even someone strip me unanswered just having seen some shooting star 50 cms horizontally flying above my head when i asked something in the evening. Why would I woke up in the middle of night and go watching suddenly the night sky without knowing the same time of eclipse and yet could be unshaken by what i saw, left the arena, without catching eyes, 6 hours before chatted with the best human search engine at that time? When Diya asked me if I send a stranger beside you and the stranger asked do you want to go heaven, I would just point to one supreme entity that gave us light, the way so tired and flames burning down the feet and finally the guardian mask. In midst of a class someone says something speechless and absent minded yet the next day could speak. Diya, the purity of fire, was so considerate and so he sent Sam to the Guru.

Guru: Do you need after life?

Sam: I know this is as deadly as ever been. So give me something that I don't have to come again. I don't need after life?

Guru: People benefited your ignorance. Only you seemed like untrustworthy.

Sam: I need your safeguard and one wish. Understand this is like emptying everything on a beggar's palace.

Guru: I am glad to grand your wish whatsoever been.

Sam: May all heavenly stars blessing realise my father on the earth wish in this life time.

Guru: Why?

Sam: Just as I begged before you for knowledge and wisdom real time, my father has given every entitlement for this human family on Earth.

Guru: Tell me how this is possible.

Sam: If I persist, this wish may be granted as New Year blessing for your imprint on my soul we observe.

Guru: Do you know what you wished?

Sam: You don't lose anything.

Guru: Do you keep guardians role in your wish or is it independent?

Sam: I wish your strength within in this life may let live the commandment.

Guru: Who brought you here?

Sam: He is burning inside with flames when he has lost everything for my survival.

Guru: What do you mean by everything?

Sam: All his savings, people and society when his logic is sometimes misinterpreted and I strangely behave by those words.

Guru: Well your father is deeply dying every day when you are not normal.

Sam: Then make me normal.

Guru: We need some changes here and then, when you behave appropriately you are normal.

Sam: Our time is running out and I have valued this as the angel is burning in fire.

Guru: The learned says don't put oil in the fire and let flames don't end in your kitchen.

Sam: I am becoming immobile in all learning spheres and accustomed routines only saw no entry.

Guru: Things will be the better than as usual, behave with compassion and love.

Diya: Sam, I added you in my word. You be very careful with true possession of our blessings for you. Learn whatever you can. Try to adjust your mood. Life itself is a blessing for you. You will have to travel a lot. Sometimes you are stranger before the comfort of society and you may keep this help at all times.:)

Sam: This is my life so far. Isn't?

Diya: Learn your pursuit may be more gifted if you can find happiness in simple things.

Sam: I need something where I have left back wisdom.

Diya: You were crucified, people were enjoying on your right side and on the left your parents were burning in flames.

Sam: I know my wish was overpaid.

Diya: Stop thinking clouded within. Things about others can be different. Listen more from those.

Guru: Open up your understanding level.

The rest is history so ahead. We dont know where we are going to lead the way but we will not simplify human communication as matter of words. I would say even there are many broken gaps in this novel. Guru is the teacher like your elders at home and heaven. Could life create another magic within for a miracle in Sam life? May be I should assist him taking the discussions as this is just many floats of history in human civilization for one parents are precious always, papa?, said Guru. I am not making an mockery of the situation but this is real human story. :)


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