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Book one Vampire hunter

Novel By: AJ fate


A wise person once told me that there is no grater joy then the joy of saving a life. my story begins on a dark night some years ago the moon hung in the sky as if by magic I watched it for a time before I headed toured my grandmas house I had to walk through a small forest to get there and I was not worried because I had walked the path before at day and at night. I had no idea that this night would change my life forever. The trees swayed in the wind I imagined that they were cheering me on for being so brave as I step into the clearing letting the moon light shine down onto my long multicolored hair. I saw movement up ahead and froze it was my gram she was arguing with someone and they did not seem to notice me I crept closer my gram was talking to a young man. “I will have her Val you can’t keep her from me” said the man as he grabbed my gram and I gasped he bit her on the neck why did he do that what is going on I think as he looks toured me letting my gram fall to the ground I stair right into his rainbow eyes and scream when the stake pierces his hart. I may only be four but I will never forget tough’s eyes.

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Chapter 1

I woke up sweating dam that nightmare why does it trouble me so I think as I look around the room I sigh oh right that women brought me here what was her name again Ashley that's right she said she was a vampire hunter and that that guy she staked was a vampire and now I have to stay in this strange place.

I think as the door opens "where is my mom and dad? I want to see them" I demand it was Ashley of coarse "you sure are a bossy 4 year old" she said as she set down a tray of food.

I glare at her with my most deadly glare "you K....k... kidnapped me my parents will find me" I stuter out with a smirk ya that will do it now she will have no choice but to take me home she frowns a deep set in frown the kind my parents give me when I disipoint them.

"The vampire did not die after I staked it" she said, "huh what do you mean by that" I say "your house was the nearest house Luna your parents are dead" tears stream down my face.

The images the death I see it the vampire crashing through the door my dad would grab the gun and shoot it but it would do no good I see my mother scream as it plunges its fangs into my fathers neck then pounces on my mom taking her apart piece by piece.

"You're lying!" I scream at her she moved so fast she could have been a vampire and grabbed my arm "a VAMP agent never lies, I just have one question for you why didn't the vampire attack you?" she asked "let me get this straight you just dropped a bomb shell on me telling me that my family is dead and all you care about is why a vampire didn't attack me after you staked it well you can go to hell!" I yell at her.

It was my turn to be fast she had no time to react I slipped through the door and ran down the hall letting my tears fall as I ran I was blinded by my tears as I stumbled into a strange room.

All I knew was that this room was quiet and dark nothing elts mattered I curled up on the floor in a ball and cried I must have fallen asleep because I woke up and new that I was no longer alone I tried the door but it wouldn't open I gulped where was I and how did I get here.

"Get down!" yelled a boy as I feel some one knock me to the floor I see a man fly over us a man with glowing red eyes and fangs "vampire" I say "ya of coarse it is a vampire what are you doing in the advanced training room?" asked the boy as he pulls me out of the way of the vampire again.

"The what" I say as I stare blankly at him "this training room is where V agents in training go to train because it allows them to go one on one with a real vampire not a hologram" said the boy I look at the vampire he sure looked real and gulp he was standing so still he could have been a statue "I shouldn't be here" I say.

"no kidding your like what 4 he said right as the vampire charged him suddenly the tow where fighting the vampire hit the boy into a wall, the boy slumped to the ground, then the vampire turned toured me.

"you're a hunter too huh tow for the price of one" said the vampire "hay that's not vary nice and I am not a hunter" I say as I cross my arms over my chest grate talk to the vampire brilliant idea I don't even have a weapon "your not like them" said the vampire as he took a step closer to me and raised a eye brow.

"what do you mean by that" I say the vampire smiles "I can show you" he says as he charges toured me and grabs me slamming me against the wall his fangs are about to sink into my neck.

When he suddenly leaps back sending that v boy into me I felt pain in my right arm and looked down the clumsy idiot had staked my arm grate now I am bleeding everywhere the vampire is there in an instant he troughs the boy aside and I swore I heard something snap the vampire takes my arm and looks at the wound this is it he is going to kill me "your hurt sister" he says I swore that my hart had stopped "sister" I say right as the boy turns to dust in a blinding light in front of me.

I stare blankly at the pile of ash that was once a boy The vampire hunter stood there holding a strange flashlight "sun gun" he said as I faint….

I wake up to my hand in pain seriously bad pain I look at it, it is in a bandage "my names Jeff by the way" I look over at the boy "Luna" I say "sorry about staking you" he says "what was the vampire talking about" I say "beats me he was speaking in the vampires native tong it is gibberish to humans only vampires understand it" said Jeff oh then it is probably best if I don't say that I under stood every word I think.

"how long have I been asleep" I ask "a week about" said Jeff. "what!" I yell as I leap off the bed "doc says you shouldn't move much" adds Jeff consern in his voice I barely caught what he said next as I bolted out the door.

A woman grabbed me, I stared into her strange purple eyes "you will forget about your family in place of your tragic past shall be memories of a new family that we will leave you with and your new name will be Samantha now sleep" said the woman.


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