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Novel Party

Novel By: Alisindra

This is a Novel, done in paragraphs by various authors. Once again, myself and a few others creating a unique universe together and we are still accepting writers that would like to join us. Come, read what we have created so far and perhaps join us in our adventure. Hosted by Artemis Nightshade. (Posted here because her account has been acting odd) View table of contents...


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1st Paragraph: Alisindra

Thorn eyed Asher as he stood before him. His black and red eyes taking in the young man before him. Asher dressed in black clothing, his hair falling around his handsome face. His hair covered his right eye, but his left was in full view. Thorn clasped his hands together, twining his fingers together, his elbows resting on the arms of his wing back chair. His legs crossed, left over right, as his eyes settled finally on his companies face once again.

"Did you send them away?" he asked calmly.

Asher gave him a shallow nod. "I did" he flinched slightly.

He raised his right hand to cover his eye. "It hurt like a son of a..."

Thorn chuckled cutting him off. "I told you. When you came to me. It would be painful." he leaned back in his seat resting his hands on his lap. "Fiends always exact a price Asher. Especially when it comes to pain. Your pain to be exact."

Asher sighed a bit and lowered his hand. He remembered their deal, and he didn't regret it. "Max didn't have it. Nor did Dave. I think its inside one of the other three. Possibly Joel. He healed way too quickly from his injuries."

Thorn nods to this "Then you will have to watch over them. I have a date to meet my new Veil Walker today. So I won't be able to play babysitter for a time." he stood "But if you have need of me, you know how to find me."

He walked over to Asher, stopping just before him. He reached his index finger towards his hair and swept it away from his face to peer into his right eye. The white orb with a diamond shaped pupil looked right back at him. Thorn smiled briefly as he removed his hand. "Have fun Asher. And for the sake of Shoul, and your world. Find that Catalyst before my brother does." he says as he walked around him towards the door.

Asher turned and watched him walk away. "As you wish....master" he said the last part quietly. He sighed, regretting what he was about to do next. This was so going to hurt. He relaxed and took in a deep breath. The pupil of his right eye narrowed and his body flashed away. He groaned at the pain in his eye. It was still healing, even after the days that had passed. He pushed the pain away and looked up at the house before him. A small pale green bongo low with white shutters and a small front yard. The front door opened and two people stepped out of the doorway. They both were laughing. When they noticed him there the laughter died and the smiles faded. Their eyes grew wide with fear and disbelief.

Asher simply smiled at them both "Hello"

2nd Paragraph: Writersbug

Asher concentrated on the backs of the people walking away, their steps rapidly pacing faster to widen the distance, occasionally looking back over their shoulders at him and whispering something incoherent, something secretive, about the stranger with the weird eye.

Asher paid no mind to the whispers, closing his eye, feeling the pain burn a direct trek into his over stimulated and frothing brain. It was only temporary, it would recede with time, but the price of the deal he had made with Thorn would weigh much more on his conscious than any physical attribute he would have to suffer through.

He walked on, shuffling his feet, looking at nothing or no one in particular as he headed down the walk, in the opposite direction of the people he had spooked, thinking about the past....and the time that lay ahead.

3rd Paragraph: mpspenguin

Joel was the first to speak, shuddering as he remembered the events that had happened last month.
"Asher," he said, his voice quivering. "Why are you here? Look- leave us alone, I don't know what happened, but Max and Dave are dead, and it's all linked to- you people!" Jenna was staring at Asher, trembling.

Asher smiled at them. "I think a proper explanation is in order. Where is the other- Lucy?"

"She's out," Joel said shortly.

Asher nodded. "Don't you want to know what really happened?" he said, blinking his one eye. "It wasn't an accident- as I'm sure you've gathered."

"I don't want get involved with any of this. My brother is dead!"

"Joel, it's not his fault," Jenna said, though she was also wary of Asher's presence.

"I'm very sorry for your loss," Asher said, his smile fading. "I promise- we did all we could." He gestured to Lucy's house. "This may take a while- can I be so rude as to invite myself in?"

Jenna sat down on the sofa, Joel sitting next to her, leaving Asher a single chair in the corner. "I'll start with myself," he smiled. "I am a demon- although inferior to the ones living in our neighbor world. My job is to protect Veil Walkers."

Jenna and Joel exchanged glances. "You're... a demon?" Jenna said, not disbelievingly.

"Yes. But my powers are not fully developed yet. Joel- I think it's inside you.." he paused in thought.

"What? What's inside me?" Joel demanded. There was a click as a key turned in the lock of the door.

"Hi guys- I got some lasagna, and Jenna, there's a vegetarian meat thingy I-" Lucy paused as she walked into the room. Asher smiled innocently up at her. "Hey- it's you- wh-what's going on?"

4th Paragraph: Artemis Nightshade

"What's going on!?" Lucy asks again as Asher stares at her transfixed.

"Would someone please tell us what's going on?!" Jenna nearly shouted in frustration as Lucy, Jenna, and Joel glare at Asher.

But before he could open his mouth to explain, they all started hearing two people shouting out as if they had just won a war. They turn their heads to an open window to see and hear what they were saying.

"Yes! After all these many long years we have done it!" The boy shouted out but then stopped when his sister stopped.

Looking at what she was looking at, the boy starts glaring and steps forward so he is in front of his sister. Asher, Joel, Lucy, and Jenna all went to the door and opened it to reveal the two people who were shouting.

"Who are you?" He asked growling.

"Brother, could you be a little nicer for once in your life?" The girl explains then smiles at them, "forgive my over-protective brother. I'm December and that's my adopted brother, Septimus."

They all shook hands but awkwardly. "And finished what?" Joel and Asher said at the same time but then faced each other and growled a little.

"It's a Necro-potion. Just one drop on anything or anyone dead and they will come back to life good as new." December explains as Septimus relaxes his eyes.

"Y-you mean, just one drop of that, you can resurrect anything and anyone from the dead?" Joel asks knowing that if he could use it he could bring both Max and Dave back to life, their lives.

Nodding their heads they explain the bad side of it, they never tried it before in their lives. "So how old are you two then?" Jenna asks curiously. Asher recognized that curious face that Jenna put on, that face caused everything that was dear to him.

What seems like hours, Septimus sighs and says, "We are two thousand, six hundred, and seventeen years old."

5th Paragraph: KP Merriwhether

You're pulling our chains," she said.

"I've had enough of these sick twisted jokes!" Joel frowned, his face becoming stony. "I suggest you leave," he said in a hard tone. "As far as I know, you could be a couple of crazy charlatans!"

"We'll prove it to you then," December said boldly.

Septimus glared at her, and then pulled her aside to whisper harshly in her ear. "Are you mad, girl?" he snapped. "I think this improved formula can work!" December whispered back. "We made this version by accident - the old formula had to be administered in an hour before the spirit moved on!"

"But we did have some success during the testing process!"

"Yes, on reviving dead rats!"

"Is there a problem?" Jenna cut in.

December and Septimus whirled around, strained smiles plastered on their faces. "No problem at all, "Septimus said through gritted teeth.

"We buried Max a few weeks back," Joel murmured. "I don't know how we can deal with that if you're successful - if at all!"

"What about Dave?" Lucy snapped as she stood to her feet. "It's not fair you get to bring your brother back, but what about the love of my life?"

Joel glanced up at her as she clenched her hands. "But Lucy--!"

Jenna grabbed for her friend's hand and Lucy pulled out of her grip.

"We can prove it to you if you like," December said gently as Lucy grabbed the shopping bags she dropped on the floor and stormed into the kitchen.

December hurried after her. "Listen, you just have to tell us where they're buried. We'll do the heavy digging and we'll take care of the messy stuff."

Lucy set the bags on the kitchen counter and slumped into the nearby chair next to the table. "I know where Max is buried - we all do," Lucy said softly. "But Dave's body... We were never able to recover it."

"What do you mean?" December approached carefully and took a seat across from Lucy.

"He was shot in the chest by these people in black and he fell off the roof of the hospital," Lucy explained. "But after that Asher sent us back here, when we went to get Dave, the hospital staff said there was no such person - even though earlier he was treated for a busted leg!"

December pursed her lips in thought as she held her chin in hand. "That's really interesting," she murmured. "People in black, you say?"

"Yes, a woman and a man, but they wore dark glasses, so we couldn't see their eyes. Asher saved me from getting shot, but I wished he saved Dave instead."

They heard footsteps and looked up to see Septimus enter the kitchen. "Is she all right?" he asked.

"Maybe," December answered. "So what are you planning?"

After December quickly explained the situation, Septimus's face paled. "So he's not really dead?" he asked, surprised.

"We're not sure," Lucy interjected. "All that's there is a tombstone and nothing else."

"Maybe that Asher has some answers about those people in black." Leaving the kitchen, Septimus poked Asher in the chest and the young man looked up. "What is it?" he asked. "You know who those fellas were in black, right?" he demanded. "From the way that Lucy tells it, you made Dave look like he died because you and your group wanted him for something!"

"Wait - what are you talking about?" Asher cried.

"Stop lying to them, you devil!" he snapped. "Just tell the truth!"

Asher's jaw tightened and he glanced to Jenna and Joel that sat on the edge of their seats, nervous and upset. Asher shook his head. This was going to be tougher than he anticipated...

Sixth Paragraph: Alisindra

Asher sighed some and sat back in his seat. Lucy moved from the kitchen and sat on the couch between Joel and Jenna. All eyes were now on him.

Asher sat quietly for a few moments and then looked up his mismatched eyes landing on Lucy. "Those people in black were working for a fiend named Aluris." he stopped and looked at the siblings when they gasped, staring at him wide eyed. Asher quirked a brow at them both "You know of him?" They both nodded their heads quickly.

Asher turned his attention back to Lucy Joel and Jenna as they exchanged a look between each other then looked back at him. "Aluris," Asher continued "was the cause for the earth quake that night." he was cut off

"Wait! Aluris did what now?" demanded Septimus.

Asher looked at him in annoyance "Do you all want to hear this or not?!" he snapped.

Septimus opened his mouth to snap back when Lucy threw a pillow from the couch at him. "Shut it!!" she growled.

Septimus looked to her with narrowed eyes but said nothing. After a few moments of silence Asher let out a slow breath. "Aluris is an Arch Fiend from a world by the name of Shoul. He came to this world looking for something. I know its obviously important enough for him to break through the barrier to get it. The shocks of the breaking of that seal caused the earth quake you all were caught in that night." Asher adjusted in his seat. "The people in black were from his following. They helped him break the barrier from this side. If you haven't found Dave's body, then they took it. If what they were looking for is not inside Dave then they will be looking for the rest of you." He watched them in silence as they all sat in thought.

Joel looked at Asher "So this fiend is looking for us? But why?" he asked

Asher thought on that for a few moments and then decided. If he was going to be looking after them all, then he needed them to trust him, it would make things a lot easier. Besides, Thorn never said he couldn't tell them. "Aluris is looking for something called the Rytheis. I am unsure of what it looks like, but I do know it carries immense power. It was said to be here on this world, so he came to look for it. He also brought an army with him."

December and Septimus looked at each other an uneasy feeling passing between them. How come no one been told until now? They doubted the Council knew. If they had, then they would have warned everyone. They looked back to Asher as he continued. "My ...master, Thorn, went to warn the Council and to retrieve his Veil Walker. "

December and Septimus both looked at him eyes widened a bit "Your master is Thorn?" they both asked at once

Asher looked at them and nods slowly. "Yes he is. You both obviously know him." he answered.

The siblings nodded their heads unison.

Asher smiled just a bit "Wonderful isn't he?" he asked his voice a bit sarcastic.

December looked away and color crept into her face as Septimus shrugged indifferently. Asher looked back at the three mortals sitting across form him. "Like I said before. I believe that one of you have the Rytheis inside of you." he looked to Joel "I think it is you."

Joel eyed him for a moment "What makes you think that? I am just another human."

Asher nods once "That might be. But then again, I can't tell if it is or not. We would need the Council to look you over."

Lucy sat forward "Why did you leave Dave behind?" she asked looking Asher directly in the eyes.

Asher sighed lightly "In my condition at the time, I could only take four of us. And that wasn't Dave in that body. He was already dead."

Joel and Jenna looked at him confused, but Lucy didn't seem that surprised. She nodded and looked at her hands. "I thought as much" she said softly. She looked up, she didn't look at Joel or Jenna as she explained what she had seen that day at the hospital. She hadn't shared this with them before hand. They all listened intently.

Asher nods once she was done "Someone else was in his body. Most likely to spy on you all"

Joel looked at the siblings "What about the formula?" Septimus and December looked at each other and then at him.

"Well...: December began. "We don't know if it will work. You see. This is a new formula. We haven't tested it on anyone yet. The other one before it, we could only revive someone only an hour after their death. And it only worked once on the same person. This one... we are unsure."

Joel looked at them with vacant eyes. "So there is no hope to use it on Max." he said slowly.

The siblings looked at each other and then at him. "We could try....." hedged December.

Septimus sighed "I guess we will never know until we do." he looked at Joel sharply "No promises though." he said quickly.

Asher sighed a bit. This was going to be a long night.

End of Chapter 1


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