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The Pirate Captain and the Quest for the Dragons Cave

Novel By: Amity Willows

Yet another phone collaboration between me and my friend, this time in progress. This story is meant to be longer then most of our collaborations, and we will write a chapter here and there. Please enjoy!

The red writing is mine, while the blue is my friend. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 12, 2008    Reads: 141    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Once, upon the shining seas of Durodan, a brilliant ship sailed, manned by the most fearsome pirate captain ever.
His name was Captain John Fangor, and he wore a cape of dark red, and his hat, which seemed to be attached to his head he wore it so often was a crimson red, and upon it was the emblem of the jolly roger.
He commanded an able crew of frightening scallywags, all tattooed and scarred.
One day the captain called his crew to the bridge, "I have decided that we should go after the treasure of the dragons cave."
The crew cheered the captain after exchanging doubtful looks with each other, for they knew better then to contradict him.
So they raised the sails and set out on there long and dangerous journey.
They sailed for several days before arriving at a small port to restock their supplies.
They were restocked and ready to set sail again when a large serpent head emerged from the water.
It opened it's large gaping maw and let out a deafening roar.
The passers by screamed and began to run, but the crew, having been in many fights, instantly ran to the cannons.
The serpent slammed it's tail viciously against the side of the ship, rocking the entire vessel.
"Fire!" Yelled the captain, and the yell was instantly followed by a round of firing from the guns.
The canons roared and struck the serpent in the side, causing it to scream in pain and lash it's tail again.
It lashed it's tail once more, hitting the ship so hard splinters flew from it's side; the crew fired the canons again, finally wounding the serpent.
Blood poured from it's many wounds, and screaming in defeat it retreated below the waves once more.
"Victory!" Yelled the captain, firing his gun. "Set sail for the dragons caves!"

To be continued...


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