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Perfect as an Angel

Novel By: An Excuse To Speak Of You

A guy named Jaden has a pretty hard life, and it never looked like it would get any better, but one day somthing finally began to light up his life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 23, 2007    Reads: 180    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

There is this guy named Jaden. Jaden was very unhappy with his life, he did'nt hate it, yet he was never quite happy. It was like every day the world would crash down on his shoulders, and it seemed it would never get better. But the day everything began to change just seems to get closer and closer. As Jaden was walking home, he took the short cut he useually takes to get home. Jaden he alone, even though hes still in high school. As he turnes the corner someone, With a hood up and face coverd, jumped out in front of Jaden.

"Give me all yer money," said the man, as he brandished a knife. "Dude please don't do it," Jaden exclaimed as he held out his wallet ", Here take it all!" The man snatched the wallet and punched Jaden in the face. Jaden stood up and pulled himself back together and began walking back home. His face hurt, the pain radiated though out his body. "DAMN," jerry yelled at himself ",DAMN DAMN DAMN!" All he could say is damn as he walked home. Jaden lies in his bed, reaching his hand twords the ceiling thinking to himself ",Why does my life suck so much, it's so hard to go a day without a problem, I never get blessings, all I get is hell."

Jaden did'nt get much sleep that night, the pain kept him up, and all that did was make everything worse. He woke up at his usual time, 6:41, and ran to catch the bus at 6:45. The whole bus ride he did'nt talk to his friends, they knew that today was one of these days. As he wen't into school, following his friends, he decided to go hang out with his friend Justin instead of going to class early." So this is where you go every day Justin," said Jaden. " Yeah, I guess if I was a duck this would be my water," said Justin. Jaden did'nt know all of Justins friends, even though they've been friends seince the fifth grade.

Jaden kinda just stood around, he wasn't really crazy about talking to anyone there. "Uugh... This is boring," sighed Jaden ", mabye I should go to class." As Jaden began to walk away somthing caught his eye. The minute bell rang, so he ran to class. The whole few hours of the day all he could think of was the beautiful sight. " That was the prittiest girl I've ever seen, and I can't get her outta my mind," thought Jaden. Once sixth hour came along Jaden began to get a stomach ache, a little unbearable, so he asked for a pass to the nurse. He passed by the lunch room, and he saw Justin. "Hey Jaden," yelled Justin ", are you skiping or somthing?" "No I wish though," said Jaden.

As they talked Jaden realized his stomach hurting again. "Oh, I need to get to the nurse, see you later," Said Jaden. As Jaden walked away he noticed the girl again, but this time she was walking twords him, but he kept walking. "Damn, I saw the girl again, but I just blew her off," thought Jaden ", Now shes gotta think I'm a total Jerk." After the final bell Jaden was hanging out with a few friends, and she was there. "Hi,"she said. "Umm... Hi," he said ", I'm Jaden..." "I'm Lauren, um are you gay," she said. Jaden thought it was an odd question, but the way he is he wasent suprised. "No, I'm not, sorry," Jaden said.

"Why are you saying sorry," said Lauren. "I dunno," he said ", Nice to meet you, but I gotta catch the bus." She politely waved at him as he ran to the bus. The whole bus ride all he could do is think of this girl, how her hair flowed like the wind, her blue eyes shined brighter than the sun, and how she walks as if rose petals fell with every foot step. "Wow, I never met someone like her, she was so beautiful," Jaden thought. That night, once again he could'nt sleep, but this time it all was a bit more peaceful. He thought of the girl who was perfect as an angel. He could'nt be happier.

((End of Chapter One))


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