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The Class: Secret Society of the Gifted

Novel By: Ana Rui

Tags: Anime, Mock, Series

Hitakaru Etsukimura is just an average 16 year old dealing the same high school life like we all do. A true believer in mutants, but as he enters the secret society of the gifted (meaning they have special abilities), the going gets tough... View table of contents...



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Episode 1: The Society is Born

(In the car, there were a family of 4, used to be five, going to this one town called Asoki. They were called the Etsukimuras. The 16-year-old, Hitakaru, is nervious about moving to a new school, and a new home because of his father's new job. Hestarted having dreams and visions of a maiden with flowing red-hair with wings that are made of fire. His 15-year-old sister, Mitzuni, is the tough, but sexy type. She can carry heavy loads with ease, and also breaks stuff, too. They have 2 younger sisters: 13-year-old Yuna, and 14-year-old Yuri. They don't have powers... yet.)

Mr. Etsukimura: (to Hitakaru) Son, I know this is tough, but you'll love it here!

(Hitakaru didn't respond.)

Mr. Etsukimura: Hitakaru?

Hitakaru: Huh?

Mr. Etsukimura: Is there something bothering you?

Hitakaru: (looks down) Oh, it's nothing!

(Outside of the new home...)

Mr. Etsukimura: (staring at the house) Well, here we are!!

Mrs. Etsukimura: (also staring) Oh, honey! It looks great!!

(They, except Hitakaru, started at the house. he started to have visions of the fire maiden again, calling his name. He had a dream last night about her, and she told him that he is the only one who can stop this, but the question is, what is this does he have to stop, and why. Back to reality...)

Mitzuni: (waving at her brother) Hitakaru? Hitakaru?

Hitakaru: (snapping out of it) Huh?

Mitzuni: (sarcastically) Welcome back from you little trip to La La land!!

Hitakaru: (confused) What?

Mitzuni: What's wrong with you, lately? You were like that before, and you have the same look now!

Hitakaru: Oh, that? It's just morning sickness. That's all.

Mitzuni: Wow! That's the weirdest morning sickness I ever seen! (walks into home)

Hitakaru: (halting) Hey! Wait a sec! (then follows)

(In the kitchen, Mrs. Etsukimura was making lunch. Hitakaru and Mitzuni waited while the girls were playing tug-o-war with the fork.)

Hitakaru: (smelling food) Mmm! I'm starving!

Mitzuni: (bored) Mmm, I wonder what were having. (then turns to her mom)

Mrs. Etsukimura: (happy; turns to kids) It's ready!!

(The children cheered.)

(At night, Hitakaru finished his final touches of that maiden he sees in his sleep, and turns off the lamp light. He puts his art supplies away, took off his glasses and went to sleep. Tomorrow is Monday so he has to attend Asoki High, and so is Mitzuni. In his dream, Hitakaru and the maiden were surrounded by a group a vigilantes, wanting to do a little "magic" to their soon-to-be victims. Hitakaru dreamed of having the most powerful power of all: Aura of Light froma guardian sage he drew during lunch at his old school. Morning arose...)

Mitzuni: (knocking on door) Hitakaru!! Wake up!! We'll be late if you don't catch the bus!!

Hitakaru: (now wide awake) Huh?!

(Hitakaru got dressed as quickly as he can: got his school bag, sketch book, and his glasses, and hurries to the door. Suddenly, he forgot to tie his shoe so he trips and fell flat on his face. Mitzuni laughs.)

Mitzuni: (sarcastically) You look like hell!

Hitakaru: (stars flying around his head) I'm ready to go! (then head falls)

(At Asoki High, it's like any other high school. The female uniforms were like those at Tokyo High, but the blues and reds are a little darker. It's summer time so they were their summer uniforms. After the Etsukimura sibs got off the bus, they arrived at Asoki High.)

Hitakaru: Are you sure you're gonna be all right, Mitzuni?

Mitzuni: (relaxed) Hey! It's my first year, here! What can possibally go wrong? (walks in. Hitakaru follows.)

(Hitakaru sketches the maiden, but also the other girls in the picture: Ordinary girls, extrodinary abilities. He looks up and saw a group of bullies and red-head girl. They were trying to get her laid, as usual.)

Hitakaru: (looking at the people) Huh? What's this?

(He fixed his vision to get a closer view. He saw a red-head that looks just like the maiden in his dreams. She has a name: Haru Hagasawa. Same age as Hitakaru.)

Hitakaru: (in shock) Oh crap! (runs to the scene)

(Haru sat up like if she was hurt from getting abused by her boyfriend, but there were three: one that looks like a drug dealer; the other one that stupid and fat, and the one who looks like a psychopath with a butcher's knife.)

Drug dealer kid: (alt) Okay, sweet cheeks, why don't you take off your clothes to see what you're made of!

Haru: (pissed off) Go away!

Pyschopath kid: (seductive) Not until we see those titties!!!

(They got closer to her. Haru screams for help.)

Haru: (screaming) Somebody help MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Hitakaru: (running) I'm COOOOOOOOOOOOOMIIIIIIIIIING!!!(trips over a pebble, rolls down the hill.)

(Haru and the idiots stared at him like he sucks at running so epically epic. He rolled over until he stops in front of them.)

Drug Dealer: (=_=) What the fuck?!

Hitakaru: (all fucked up) All right, creeps! Let the maiden go or something bad will happen!!

(Complete silence... then the three bullies burst into laughter.)

Drug Dealer: (laughing) What the hell is this?! This has got to be a joke right?!

Fat and Stupid: (laughing) I know right?!!!

Hitakaru: (being serious) I'm warning you (holds out a pen)

(the three still laughed.)

Haru: (=_=) I ask for help and this is what I get?

Psychopath kid: (laughing) OMG!This guys hillarious!!!

Drug dealer: (being cool) Yeah, I know! What a waist of time!! Let's go!

(The three bullies left. Haru is still hurt. Hitakaru slowly came closer to help her.)

Hitakaru: (to Haru) Are you okay?

Haru: (pissed) What the hell is wrong with you?

Hitakaru: What?

Haru: Don't play dumb with me! I could have taken them myself if it weren't for you!

Hitakaru: I was just trying to help, that's all!

Haru: Yeah! Well, you fail at it!! (stands up and walks away)

Hitakaru: (grabs Haru's arm) Wait!

Haru: (struggling) Let go of me, perv!

Hitakaru: (trying to get Haru to answer) Why were they harrasing you?!

Haru: (struggling) I said let go!!

(Haru freed herself from Hitakaru, but he fell, and grabbed her skirt. It was pulled down, and Haru's kitty panties were showing. She and Hitakaru were exchanging the WTF looks.)

Haru: (screaming) What the FUCK are you doing?!

Hitakaru: (looking down) Oh shit! I'm so sorry! Let me help you with that!

(Hitakaru tries to pull Haru's skirt up, but Haru kicked him off, and pull it up herself, and walked off. Hitakaru got knocked out; the bell rang.)

Hitakaru: (getting up) Crap! I'm gonna be late!!

(Homeroom: Ms. Fumiko Hatsuta Class T-8...)

Ms. Hatsuta: (writing on a black board) All right class, settle down!! (then turns around)

(The students went to their seats.)

Ms. Hatsuta: Okay, class, we have a new student today, so I want you to welcome him.

(The students chatter. Haru was hearing about the new student. She wondered who it is. She remembered that recent moment when Hitakaru arrived. She shakes her head to forget.)

Gaira: Haru?

Haru: (to Gaira) Huh?

Gaira: Are you okay?

Haru: A little, but I'm fine now.

Gaira: Are you wondering who the new kid is? I bet he's cute!

Haru: (to self) Yup.I hope so.

Ms. Hatsuta: Class? I want you to meet Hitakaru Etsukimura. (Hitakaru enters the class.)

(Haru looks up, and got surprised. This is the same kid that she claimed attacked her. Hitakaru had the same first reaction, but was lucky to have the same homeroom with her.)

Haru: (stands up and yells) WHAT?! That stupid piece of fucking shit fuck?!

Ms. Hatsuta: (sternly) Miss Hagasawa?!

Haru: (pissed as hell) What?! He tried to attack me this morning!!

(Everyone gasped.)

Ms. Hatsuta: Miss Hagasawa! There's no cursing in this classroom!!

Haru: I'm sorry, Ms. Hatsuta, but him here is like hell!!

Ms. Hatsuta: Hmm. I was going to put him next to you, but if you want him to move somewhere else,I...

Haru: (happy) No, Ms. Hatsuta, I want him next to me, just to get to know him a little better.


Ms. Hatsuta: All right, then! (then to Hitakaru) You may take your seat, Mister Etsukimura.

Hitakaru: (nervious) Ah! Are you sure?

(Ms. Hatsuta nods blissfully.)

Hitakaru: Okay?

(Hitakaru sat next to a seat at Haru's left. Haru scoots over to him.)

Haru: (whisper) How the fuck did you get this homeroom?

Hitakaru: (whisper) What? They put me here! That's not my choice!

Haru: (whisper; moves back to her place) Whatever! But you better listen to me! I'm the class rep! I'm in charge here! What I say goes! Got it?

Hitakaru: (the 'I saw something disgusting' look) Uh-huh?

Haru: Good. I think we got this one in the bag.

Hitakaru: (to self) Okay, Etsukimura. It's just homeroom! Be calm!

(At 4th period: P.E.: Boys and girls were playing various sports types. Hitakaru, as always, draws away. Suddenly, a goth, sporty girl named Zoey Chihara, came up to him. She's happy to see him.)

Zoey: (alt)Hey you lazy slacker!

Hitakaru: (to Zoey) Who me? (stands up)

Zoey: (smiling) Duh! Why aren't you getting fit?

Hitakaru: What?

Zoey: Oops! Sorry about that! The name's Zoey Chihara! (lends out hand) Queen of Soccer!!

Hitakaru: Hitakaru Etsukimura (shakes hand) King of... nothing, basically.

Zoey: Aw! That's nothing! People always have at least one thing they're kick ass at!

Hitakaru: Oh.

Zoey: So come on, Hitakaru! One game of soccer! Ready?

Hitakaru: Uh, sure.

(Zoey grabs Hitakaru's hand, and they played a little game of soccer... with the class! He though this is a one-on-one game, but Zoey is a beast at beating the odds. She played every sport you can think of. Soccer is her ultimate favorite so she want to be a famous soccer player. After a "little" game. Hitakaru felt exhausted, and fell. Zoey ran to him.)

Zoey: (helping Hitakaru up to his feet) Hey, buddy! Are you all right?

Hitakaru: (exhaused and smiles) Yeah. I'll be fine.

(At lunch: Hitakaru sits on top of the school building. Surprisingly, this geek isn't afraid of heights. He looks down and saw a group of "ants" scattering all over the school. Down below: Haru, Gaira, and other girls were siting in picnic tables outside under the trees.)

Gaira: (daydreaming) Isn't he so cute?

Haru: What are you talking about?

Gaira: Huh? (fixing her glasses) I mean your friend, Hitakaru, I think?

Haru: That nerd?! Eww! Gross!! Never in a million years!!

Gaira: Come on, Haru! He can be the boy in your dreams!!!

Haru: Ah, no. (biting onto her sandwich)

Gaira: (thinking about Hitakaru) I wish he could be the one of my dreams...

Haru: If you want him, you can have him! I don't want nothing to do with him.

(Hitakaru looks up, and saw vision again about the maiden that looks like Haru. She saw him and wanted to give him a little kiss. Then she wanted him to fly with her. In reality, he's about to fall off a building without any knowledge. Thankfully, Mitzuni was able to stop him.)

Mitzuni: (shouting) Hitakaru?! NO!

Hitakaru: Huh? (trying to keep balance) WHOA!!

(Mitzuni grabbed him, and the both fell on the building. At least it ain't the floor, otherwise, they'd be dead.)

Mitzuni: What the hell's wrong with you, dude?

Hitakaru: I don't know! I kept seeing this girl out of nowhere.

Mitzuni: The same one?

Hitakaru: Yes, the same one!

(Mitzuni drops her head.)

(2:45: People were getting ready to go home. Mitzuni and Hitakaru decided to walk home from school.)

Hitakaru: (looking at clouds)I wonder if they're are mutants in this world.

Mitzuni: Huh? What are you talking about? There are no mutants!

Hitakaru: You don't know that.

Mitzuni: Uh, yeah I do, but you don't.

Hitakaru: (to Mitzuni) Huh?

Mitzuni: I'm sorry to trouble you, but may be if you stop thinking aboutthe fantasy land, and get back to reality, you'll might understand that I'm right.

Hitakaru: Aren't you always right?

Mitzuni: Nope. But I tend to be. (give s a wink)

(At nighttime, Haru walks alone from the bakery. Hitakaru walks home from the grocery store. He saw Haru on the way, so he met up with her.)

Hitakaru: Hey, Haru!

Haru: Huh? Aren't you the onein my homeroomclass?

Hitakaru: Uh, that's me, all right.

Haru: Sorry to get all off at you like that, but you know me as Haru Hagasawa, and I'm guessing that you're Hitakaru Etsukimura, right?

Hitakaru: (0_o)WHAT?! She knows my name? But how?

Haru: Is there something wrong with you?

Hitakaru: No, not at all! Just wondering how you got my name right.

Haru: I'm a telepath. I read minds, (then looks away) but my friends don't know that.

Hitakaru: Oh. I'm sorry.

Haru: I know it's weird right? I'm mean who would want to hear other people's thoughs anyway? It's not like that's important or something, right?

Hitakaru: Sure. (then to self) I have no idea what she just said.

Haru: (sighs) I hate having this power!

Hitakaru: What? Why?

Haru: I don't know why! I just hate it, that's all.

Hitakaru: It's okay, you're no freak to me!

Haru: I never said that!

Hitakaru: Sorry?

Haru: (sighs) I'm sorry, Hitakaru, It's just that...

Hitakaru: Just that what?

Haru: It's just that, I wanted to give up my power so I can be normal.

Hitakaru: You look normal.

Haru: But, I don't feel normal. And that's what's missing.

(They were standing on the road when an in coming semi-truck was coming after them. They didn't know. They were talking, until it was close to their faces.)

Hitakaru: (shouting) Look out!

(Haru looked at the flashing lights, and she screamed. Hitakaru tackle her out of the way, and the two rolled down hill. The semi kept going til it flip side ways.Haru and Hitakaru looked up, and ran. They arrived at a neighborhood where Hitakaru lives.)

Hitakaru: Are you okay?

Haru: You've saved me!

Hitakaru: Sure did.

(Then suddenly Hitakaru feel signs of fainting, and collapsed. Haru didn't know what to do, so she cried for help so that Hitakaru won't die. He has cuts and bruises on him, but as they get to the hospital, his wounds heal all ready. It's like he's good as new. His family visit him, and decided to take him home. At night, Hitakaru's day was anything but ordinary. He wondered why he collapsed, and how his wounds heal faster than normal. He closed his eyes, and waited for another day.)

(Morning arose...)

Mitzuni: Hey Hitakaru! What's up.

Hitakaru: Oh, it's nothing.

Mitzuni: You've been saying that all morning, you've collapsed and they don't know why.

Hitakaru: I don't know. Why didn't they know?

Mitzuni: Mysterious case I suppose.

(Mitzuni walks away. Hitakaru decides to not come to school cause of his parents told him to. He stayed home, wondering what happened to him. He went on to a computer to search for "sudden faintness", and all results came out common. Hitakaru's was not. He asked every doctor he could find, but nothing. Hitakaru went home, feeling unlucky, but hasn't given up yet, so he went to school, to ask one of the school nurses for help.)

Nurse: (checking) You seem pretty fine, Hitakaru. Nothing wrong with you.

Hitakaru: I know, but I need answers on faster healing.

Nurse: (looks down) I'm afraid I can't help you with that.

(Hitakaru get sad. He left school to go back home, but he didn't cry or anything. He went to his room, and typed the search for "mutant sideaffects". The result turn up alot. Then clicked on a website that says "The Class: Secret Society of the Gifted". They have everything about mutant sideeffects, not just for him, but for Haru, too. He also typed in for Mitzuni's mutant sideeffects. he printed it out, and got the info he needs, This is his lucky day.)

(End of Episode 1)


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