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Battle field

By: animefreak77L

Chapter 1,

Chapter 1 It was a hot summer day, June to be precise everything was very normal up until this large man walked in. He had huge green eyes, brownish-black hair, and he was wearing military uniform with a tag that said "Chief Monotint." He stared at each and every one of us, examining us, investigating us, looking very hard at us, making sure he didn’t miss a single inch, or person. He stomped his feet throw the hallway, and went into the girls' room next, but came out very quickly. Then went to Ms.Wiment and finally spoke saying" are you in charge of this place?" His voice was dull and cold. It was demanding and confident as well but I could not help feeling this strange pull toward him. Then Ms.Wiment's soft pleasant voice scattered my thought with her saying "yes, I am, could I be of any help to you?" He then looked at her and said, "I would like to adopt." Then they went into the room. Days passed and we didn’t hear or see of him again. Everyone thought that that was the last of him, and totally forgot about him. However, I always thought that he would come back and that scared me but at the same time made me want to see him again. I didn’t know why I was making such a big deal out of him I mean he was an ordinary person, I guess. Therefore, I tried to forget him but I couldn’t. After a couple of months passed he walked into the room again, but this time he had 2 girls clinging to him they looked very similar to me although everyone around me said they looked like complete strangers. One had long black hair while the other had curly blond. They both had gorgeous blue eyes, and stunning smiles. They looked like they were about 8 or 9 years old but that's not important now. What was strange to me was that I was the only one who remembered the chief. Every one else looked at him as if they had seen him for the first time. He then came up to me and looked me In the eye, I turned away trying to avoid his cruel stare but I couldn’t, something made me look at him with great concentration, he did the same to me. It was silent, silent enough to hear a needle drop. Finally he broke the silence by saying" Do you know who I am?" I looked at him then replied hesitantly" yes, your Chief Monotint, you came here a couple of months ago." He was estranged by my answer and checked to see if he was wearing his badge. Once he saw that it wasn’t there he made this astonished look on his face. He then glanced at me and walked away, took his two daughters and went into the waiting room. I thought that was finally it that that really was the last I would see of him but I was so wrong. He would become the closest thing I had. After a few days, he came again and said that he would take me, that I would become his. Moreover, I knew it was time, time I went to a home, a place where everyone would care about me, and that pleased me, you could just see the joy in my eyes then. But that all would change very soon, it will. I was only 5 years old then. However, the real begging started 21st of September, the day I was released from the orphanage. My life had changed from being an orphan into being a solder.

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