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a story about two sisters and the guy they both like...a story i started years ago and stopped writing in the middle of a sentence. i finished the sentence but i need to know whether or not i should continue writing it or if i should leave it alone? leave comments to let me know plz thanx ~Kei View table of contents...



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Israel Graham is your average prep. She's blonde and blue, head cheerleader, her grades-straight A's. She listens to anything that's new-mostly pop and R&B. But this story isn't about her.
Her twin sister, Mina-Fae, is what some people would call 'one of the lucky ones'. She has natural black hair (you know the hair with the natural blue highlights?) and dark green eyes that no one knows where they came from. She dresses in black and she's popular with her friends. Of course she listens to all types of rock, metal, and a little bit of techno. Her and her sister only agree on one singer-Taylor Swift.
I know right? A random county singer. They both like her though. But Mina-Fae has one thing her sister doesn't have. You see like most athletic girls, Israel is lacking in the chest department. Let me just say her bra size matches her grades. Same with Mina-Fae but of course her grades are more in the C's and D's range.
You probably think that this is just a bunch of rambling…well it is. I'm just saying it because these two sisters get into fights over this kind of stuff (fistfights). But anyway…this story isn't about Mina-Fae either.
No, this story is about 'him'. His name isn't important right now but he's got average brown hair and average brown eyes. He's just plain average all around. His grades, the way he dresses…everything. Now before we actually start this story let me explain. Israel and Mina-Fae's parents are divorced. Their mother chose which child was to live where. (By the way, their mother is an older version of Israel) their father used to be a punk back when he was in high school, so it would only make sense that Mina-Fae lived with him, but she doesn't. Their mother chose Mina-Fae because she wanted to change her 'rebellious ways'.
Now back to what I was saying. This guy…well never mind he doesn't matter yet.
Mina-Fae and Israel both go to the same high school with our average guy. The three have one class together-ancient history. Both girls are doing surprisingly better in that class than in any of their other classes.
This class is where our story will begin.


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