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What's in a Name?

Novel By: Anonymous23

A young girl meets a boy on a train and the two are drawn together. Why? Who knows! :D View table of contents...



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What's in a name?

A simple girl sits by the window; she can't be older than eighteen at the most. Her mousy hair pulled back into a braid, her dark eyes concentrating on the book in her hand. What is she reading I wonder? A boy sits next to her and glances down at the book. "Rebecca…I've never heard of it…what's it about?"
The girl looks over at the boy and closes her book. In almost a whisper she replies "It's about a girl who falls for a man just to find out later that he murdered his wife…" but before she could finish her synopsis, the train stopped. "I'm sorry, this is my stop…"
The girl stands to leave and the boy follows her. It turns out that this is his stop as well. "Please continue" he says
As the two walk away from the station, the plot of the story is shared. After quite some time the two people come to a fork in the road; one fork leading to town, while the other leads into the countryside. Each person is going on a different path and thus the two stop in the middle to say farewell. "Thank you for walking here with me, my name is Jake. What's yours?"
The simple girl looks at him and smiles slightly "It was my pleasure walking with you Jake, I hope we meet again" and without answering his question turned to the countryside fork and began to walk off.
The boy, Jake, realizing that his question had been ignored called after her "but I didn't get your name!"
The girl simply raised her arm and waved goodbye, continuing on her walk. Jake shook his head and turned towards town, towards home. The mousy girl continued walking until she came to a small house. This house wasn't painted, nor was the barn next to it; they hadn't ever gotten around to painting them. A cat curled up to the girl's leg as she approached the doorway and she took a moment to bend down and give the cat the attention that it desired. As she stood from petting the feline, the door to the house opened. A woman, who was not so small nor not so tall stepped out and hugged our mysterious girl. "My dear, welcome back…welcome home. How was the city?"
The mousy girl hugged her mother back and said "Interesting enough I suppose. I think I won't go back again, it doesn't really suit my tastes"
The two women laughed as they walked inside. During the time afterwards, we discover that the mother of our mystery child is named Lillian and that her husband, Bert, was a farmer who had fallen a little behind the times. Lillian's daughter is very happy to be home as, we now know, she had been in the city for quite some time now and discovered that she wasn't enjoying it.
The next morning our young girl goes out and does chores typical to farm life. Lillian, her mother, asks her to please go into town to buy some things that she will need to make dinner later on that night. So our young protagonist goes back to the fork in the road, but this time takes the other side. As she makes her way into town, she looks around at all the small shops: the butchery, the grocers, the barber, and all the other small buildings of equal importance. She is very glad that she is back where things make sense.
She steps into the grocers and begins picking up the items that her mother had asked her to grab. As she was walking out the door she happened to look up; for our dear protagonist likes to walk looking at her shoes. In front of her stood, who else but, Jake. "Well I'm glad I decided to go to the store today and not put it off until tomorrow" He smiled.
Our young protagonist smiled and curtly replied "Well it's good to see you again so soon as well"
We'll step away from their conversation for a moment to observe the setting here. The town of course is small and is practically a one-horse town of the old West. But our two young characters are quite different. Jake, our dear boy, is tall, he has hair the color of the earth when it rains, we can't see what color his eyes are from here but I assume they're the color of pure clean water. He stands before our young girl in a pair of blue jeans and a faded Metallica t-shirt with a simple pair of black sneakers to cover his feet. He needs a haircut I suppose but at least he's clean shaven. He laughs and this brings us to look at our laughing protagonist. Her hair being a mousy brown, she's not tall but neither is she short. Her eyes are covered by the bangs that hang into her face and she is wearing a pair of faded overalls over a simple off-white t-shirt that may have been white once upon a time. Her shoes are dirty old sneakers that she's probably owned forever.
What do our two characters have in common I wonder? Everything? Nothing? Anything? Who knows…why did they meet the way they did? I suppose that's because I willed them to. I willed these two country-folk to have an adventure in the city and to meet on the train back to their hometown. I willed them to want to get to know one another, just as later on I shall will more things to happen to them. Oh look, our mousy girl is waving goodbye to Jake and walking away. I suppose we should follow her home but I'll leave that for the next chapter.


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