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Understand me: I don't want to disappoint you PAPA!

Novel By: ayesha00

Nobody could ever understand Autumnber, she started to feel that she is wrong and a disappointment for everyone.

This is for Matius challenge; Think Outside The Box.
Decade: 80's
Song: Papa don't preach by Madonna. View table of contents...



Submitted:Sep 6, 2009    Reads: 139    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

It was raining; I could hear screams and cries outside my house. I still couldn't understand what was happening? I was so scared to step any further; I knew deep inside something is wrong. I took a deep breath and gained the courage to take tiny steps towards my home. As soon as, I got inside I ignored all the people around. I went to my father's room, he was crying. "Papa? What's wrong? What are these people doing here?" I asked. His eyes looked at me and he immediately turned his face away. I sat next to him. "Papa? Why are you crying? Look at me!" I said in a confusing tone. His silent tears became louder; he held his face in his hands. "Papa, you know I love you a lot and I can't see you crying". I said in an angry tone. I just possibly couldn't see my father crying, though I am not a good daughter, I don't listen to him, I don't study but still I love him the most. I gave my questions a pause and I sighed. "Autumnber!" My father called my name in a loud tone, "You need to go away". "What? Why should I go away? I am sorry if I have done something wrong, but I promise this month I didn't do anything. I didn't smoke, I didn't drink, I didn't even meet my boyfriend, Papa it was really difficult for me, I even tried to study. Just for you. Don't do this to me. I don't know if I'll be able to control myself like this month, but I am trying. What is wrong? I swear, I am trying" I replied with a very sad tone. "No dear, just pack your bag leave this house, I am telling you. Your cell phone is in the first drawer of my cupboard, take it pack your bag and leave this house from the back door. Savvy?" My father replied. I was confused he had never said something like that ever before, no matter what he loved me. I didn't ask anything more, I was an obedient child but there were few things I would never listen to him. I took my frozen steps towards my room. I packed my things, took out my cell phone which my father had taken away and went back to him. I leaned down next to him and said, "Papa, you are sending me away somewhere?" "Yes", he replied. "But why?" I asked. "Because I want you to go and study in a hostel, understand?" He replied in a serious tone. "Here, take this money, it's a lot and this paper, this is the address where I want you to go, ALONE, walk to the bus stand take a bus and you know what to do, and I would send you money every month, I'll always call you. All the instructions are written in this paper, you just need to read them. And you don't let anyone see you before you go out of this home and after this home. You don't need to talk to anyone. Get me?" "Papa, can I ask you one thing?" I asked in a very sad tone. I was confused, he smiled he thought I was going to ask the same question I always did before going out of this home. "Yes". He smiled. "Three, actually". I pointed out my three fingers. "Three? Okay, go ahead." He replied. "Why did you name me Autumnber? Who do you love the most? What does Autumnber mean?" I changed my mind; I thought I would ask him my original three questions on the phone. He smiled, "Sit here, up next to me. You were born in Autumn and when I was young wherever I would go I would say BER, these letter were very lucky to me. I love you the most, because you have given me a lot of happiness. You are my real blessing from God. Autumnber means, a girl who can change an autumn's luck". He paused and I could feel he wanted to say more. "Baby girl, I know you would have in your mind that why Papa is sending you away from here, you are not supposed ask that. I would even come to visit you, now that you are sixteen I want you to know few things, you need to study, love the person who is capable of you and our family, love the one who is sincere, though you know I am extremely against this. Good luck. Take Care". He finished his words. We walked together out of the home, I kissed on his cheeks and said farewell.


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