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Warriors: Yet another fanfic...

By: BaniTheKitty

Chapter 1, Naruto(idea from Stormfeather on and his gang suddenly have popped into the warrior clans! Join Naruto, Sauske, Sakura and more in the weird book! Time: Power of Three.

Naruto-Foxkit POV

What the- where am I?

    First was darkness, then l felt fur all around me. Wait- fur!?    

    "l'm going to name him Foxkit." A voice said.

Kit? Kit!!!!

    "Good name, Gingerpelt." Another whispered.

I opened my eyes to see cats all over the place. A ginger she-cat was staring proudly at me. But l felt other small bundles of fur next to me.

   "And the three toms? I will name them Boulderkit, Darkkit, and Longkit." 

Longkit, l believed, was a light brown tabby with blue eyes. Darkkit was a black tom with small white paws and amber eyes. And Boulderkit was a chubby, pale gray tabby tom with yellow eyes.

   "Naruto, you dobe. What did you get us into now?" Darkit grumbled, rising to his paws.

l shrugged. Wheres Neko and Koba and Sakura and Neji and Kakashi and- 

   "Kiba!!! Get back here!" That sounded like Neko.

Kiba had fluffy, earthy brown fur with red fang marks under his cheeks, while his crush had honey broen fur, dark brown stripes, and red fang marks.

   "Wolfkit! Beekit! Your  mothers want you now!" Leafpool meowed.

Neko-Beekit POV

    "But Ferncloud! Everyone else is out there!" I begged.

Her pale green eyes looked at me and sighed.

    "Oh fine."

I bowled out the nursery and sat down next to Naru- I mean Foxkit.

    "Whats going on?" I asked, wrapping my tail over my creamy paws.

    "Hollykit and Lionkit are apprentices now. Hers is Brakenfur and his is Ashfur."

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