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A Girl Named Jacob

Novel By: Bella Martinez

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. View table of contents...



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It's the first day of school. I'm walking to my first class as I look around at all of my fellow students. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. The faces are unfamiliar. Some are excited --- Smiling and lauging. And some look not so excited --- Bored and unenthused. As for me, I like school. I've always excelled in academics. So much so, that I've been looking forward to high school since the fourth grade. But now all of that thrill is gone. This is the reality. I pictured myself going to high school with all of my friends from elementary and middle school. Going to formals, proms and even graduating together. Nope, instead my Nana moves us one town over in the middle of the summer. So now I'm in a new city, new district and new high school --- having to make new friends for the first time since kindergarten. I finally reach my class. I see a line formed outside of the door. I stand behind a boy - maybe 6ft. tall. He's bobbing his head up and down as if he were listening to music. Maybe there was a song in his head? I hear people lining up behind me, two girls are talking about the fun they had over the summer. Seeing and hearing people conversing with one another makes me feel like a loner. Having no one to talk to or hang out with. I suppose I could strike up a convo with that guy in front of me, but I'd hate to ruin that party that's going on in his head. My teacher, Mrs. Winan, finally opens the door and welcomes each of us with a, "Hello. Good Morning", as we walk in. I take a seat two rows up from the back, sinking my legs under my desk until I feel my feet hit the seat in front of me. We all sit patiently while Mrs. Winan takes attendance, one measley name at a time. Lucy Aaronson. Brandon Baker. Cole Gallo. She keeps going on and I can't help but dread the moment when my name escapes her mouth. Erin Larson. Bianca Prieto. Mark Rhys. She continues through the S, T, U & V surnames. Then she gets to W - Lisa Walker. Oliver Walton. And then she said it, the name I wished would never have been addressed to me. "Jacob Whitmore!" I slowly raised my hand up hoping nobody would notice. Mrs. Winan stared at me in disbelief and said, "Young lady, I understand that this is your first day of high school and you're probably nervous and all, but I would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't pull any shenanigans." I sigh, hoping I wouldnt've had to do it, I shoot up from my slouch and say, out loud in front of everybody, "No, I'm Jacob Whitmore!" As I'm standing between my desk and seat I can hear gasps from every corner of the room. "Young lady! One more outburst and I'll have to send you to the principal's office, now sit down!" Trying so desperately to convince her --- I tell her to count the names on the attendance sheet and that there is one more boy name than there are boys in the class. She doesn't. And off to the principal's office I go. Just as I exit the class I hear her call out once more, "Jacob Whitmore!" I say nothing. She then says in a more calming tone, "Absent." As I'm walking through the main office I walk past these boys sitting in the seats next to the main door, I don't aknowledge any of them. Then I hear one of the boys say, "Lex?". What did he call me? Lex? Only my oldest and closest friends call me Lex. Obviously it's short for my middle name 'Alexia'. Yes, my name is Jacob Alexia. Only the people in my homeroom had just learned my first name, who could've possibly known my nickname by now? As I turn to see who it was, I'm almost in awe of who I see standing in front of me. "Oh my gosh", I say. It was an old friend. Actually, more of an old crush, Corey Parker. We met in kindergarten and were best friends up until he moved in the middle of sixth grade. He never told me where he went or where he was going. Well, I guess I know now. He looks even dreamier than he did the last time I saw him. Of course three years have passed since, but still. His hair is wavy and grown out, but still short. It looks like his skin has gotten some color, but then again Summer has just passed. And his eyes --- Ugh, his eyes! They are the most beautiful shade of gray --- deep, yet bright. "Corey? I can't believe it. What're you doing here?" He looks at me as if I've just asked the stupidest question in the world. "I go to school here.", he says. "Well, I know, but what I mean is ... It's just, you never told me where you were moving to or why for that matter." He hangs his head down as if he feels he's let me down somehow. "I know", he lowers his voice and continues, "Look, I'm gonna tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won't tell anybody. Not your Nana and especially not Frannie." Frannie is my girl best friend. Like Corey, we met in kindergarten and have been wreaking havoc ever since. She was just as devastated as I was when I told her we were moving, even though it's only ten minutes away from her house. The thought of not going to school together terrified us so much that we hardly talked about it. But we made a promise that we would see each other after school and on the weekends, just to try to make it feel like nothing changed at all. Even though, in reality everything had changed. I continue, "I promise."


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