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Novel By: Blackmirror

This is just updates and news on my novel writing. I figured it would be a good way to get opinions and whatnot. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 21, 2012    Reads: 37    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Hello there, wonderful fans!This is a "novel" I'm posting for the purpose of getting opinions and giving updates and all of that wonderful stuff. It's quick and easy. Just be sure to check for any replies to your comments, since I always reply! It's easier than me having to hunt you down in my fan lists just to tell you something I've already typed! :)

Well, to my first order of business. That would be my novels. I just want to address those, so bear with me here! :P

So, I need to discuss my issues and whatnot. First of all, I am VERY VERY VERY busy during the day, so updates are slow. Furthermore, I am working on three different projects, all of which I invite you to read. :) I know three novels seems like a lot to juggle, andI respect your opinion if you think that I shouldn't be writing so many. However, I constantly have ideas floating around in my head, and I can't handle having so many there and unused. Trust me, three novels isn't bad. If I made EVERY idea into a novel....Now, THAT would be a lot of novels. :D

Anyways, I would care to list my current projects to my readers, in case you may find interest in any of them. Also, I have more after that, so please suffer through this, for me! :3


Title- War Born

prologue- http://www.booksie.com/science_fiction/short_story/blackmirror/war-born-(prologue)

novel- http://www.booksie.com/science_fiction/novel/blackmirror/war-born


Summary- Imagine the world's race to create a human super weapon, or maybe an army of them. This race has created war and desruction. It's also created Grayson Sage and Sasha Ortega.
Grayson and Sasha are twins, seperated at birth. They were brought together after eight years to be the first two subjects of "Project E", the attempt to make a super weapon out of humans.
The first attempt failed. In the experiment gone awry, Grayson lost his voice and Sasha lost his sight. They were considered the defective prototypes. They were seperated once again.
Now it's been another eight years, and the twins are reunited. ProjectE has become a success, and they're still failures.
So what happens when they learn a secret? It's a secret that could unravel Project E, and it could give the twins a chance to prove themselves.

Title- Unraveling the Accords

novel- http://www.booksie.com/fantasy/novel/blackmirror/unraveling-the-accords


Summary- When you hear the word "Faerie", you may think of the cute little pixies in fairy tales. In New Orleans, depending on who you ask, a Faerie could be anything. It's definitely not a sweet pixie. If you ask the right person, a Faerie is a really bitchy woman with magic powers and a tendency to make people's lives Hell.
So what happens when dozens of "suicides" crop up in New Orleans, Louisiana? Humans start panicking and the supernatural start pointing fingers at the Winter Court of Faeries. The Winter Court does, after all, have a tendency to be the bitchiest of all Faeries. So the other three Courts start gearing up for War.
Why, though? Well, because killing humans is a serous violation of the Accords, which are the laws that bind the supernatural world.
Looks like New Orleans is about to become a war zone.
(P.S. Minor language; Image taken by me)

Title- A Season of Change

novel- http://www.booksie.com/other/novel/blackmirror/a-season-of-change


Here is the novel of Winter, a girl who's always been a little different. This is a collection of poems, diary entries, short stories, life events.
Join Winter on an adventure to question and find the meaning of the big cliché of "faith, hope, and love". Along the way, she'll meet people like her, who have fallen through the cracks. She'll learn a few new things. She'll teach others a few new things.
(Rated PG for minor language, etc.; Image taken by me)

So yes, those are all of my projects. Some of you may have been aquainted with my novel Fallen From Heaven, but.......we just don't talk about that anymore. :D

Anyways, that's not all I have to say. I'd also like to talk about my fourth child. :D It is currently unnamed, but I'm waiting on that. A good idea always hits me. For example, A Season of Change was originallyFaith, Hope, Love, and Winter. Yeah....I like the current title better. ^^

So, the new project that I will throw at you guys! :P Let me give you the rundown.

Title- TBA (To Be Announced)

(Pic TBA)

Summary- In the stirring of ancient powers, many old races have awoken. Now they're looking to fight. They are racing to find the key to power, the Book of Knowledge.
Now meet Andromeda and Sahara,twins. They are both heirs to the Valkyrie throne, and may be the only people able to take the Vampire Court all the wayto the top.
Of course, there's also the rivaling kingdom of Faeries. Belong to the kingdom are Adrian and Seth, also twins. Although considered mutts, the two boys are the only heirs to the Faerie throne.
But when the four of them meet, willboth kingdoms fall apart?
(Summary prone to editing, and DEFINITELY not final. It's simply to give an idea of what the novel will be about.)

Opinions, everyone? Thanks for your time!!!:)

~ M-chan


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