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Lying is The Most Fun a Girl Can Do Without Taking Her Clothes Off

Novel By: candyalonte

Beka Lockheart has always been the loner type of Girl until her mother told her one day that she would be engaged to her friends son. Little did she know that it was all mixed up. Ice's brother, Damien was supposed to be the one engaged to Beka. Ice had a twin brother who exactly looks like him, AKA Damien. The harder, harsher, hardcore version of Ice. Think, think, think :) What'll happen to her now? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 8, 2009    Reads: 439    Comments: 10    Likes: 5   

(hey everyone :) newbie here. xD hope you read my first attempt on writing a novel. Comments are appreciated and do tell me what you think. :p)

Today is a new day. A fresh start, a new beginning. Im gonna make lots of friends. Im gonna be ----------- oh I give up! Who am i kidding? I've been travelling everywhere and i already know the pattern. First day of school, meet zero friends, suffer, people label you as a LOSER and you're just barely passing your subjects. Been there, done that.

I just hope this school year would be better than last year.

I clutched through my gold locket and felt the tiny little diamonds covering it. My dad gave me this before my parents ot seperated, he said that he'll always be with me, but he left us. He must be in Florida, living his sunblissed life. Ugh.

"Wish me luck, Dad." i sighed sarcastically and knowcked on the door to acknowledge my presence, and true enough, the female teacher discussing infront welcomed me in.

"So class, this is Rebecca Lockheart, transferee student. Treat her well." the female woman said and pointed to an empty chair in the middle. RUDE much? She didn't even smile. The class wasn't even listening to the damn teacher. Life here is gonna be HELL.

I spotted two girls chatting on my leftas i made my way to my seat, then another girl, one in my league, smiled at me. She's very pretty with chocolate like eyes. She has fantastic auburn hair that curled on the tips and her fashion doesn't suck either Normal. Perfect.

"Hey" she greeted happily.

"Hi, so what's your name?" I asked, releived to know that i made a friend with someone normal.

"Emma Woods, you can always call me Emma. How bout you?" she asked, she seems to have her pocket filled with sunshine today, she's so cheerful its contagious! I giggled.

"Rebecca Lockheart, but people call me Beka." I smiled.

"Well, nice to meet ya." She said and listened again to the unknown female teacher infront.

-------------Last Bell Ringing

"YES!" i muttered under my breath. Im just so glad that hell is over.

So classes are practically done and im headed for the gate when a familiar voice called my name.

"Emma"i laughed "what is it?"

"You doing anything tonight?" she asked in between breaths.

"Slow down, breath girl." i laughed. "and no, i don't have anything coming up. why?"

"Great! can you come with me? Have some chat." she said.


"Great! so i'll see you at Casa de Bellezia 7 tonight." she said and ran again, waving at me goodbye.


"I'm home!"I said as i slumped my shoulder bag on the creme couch. What a tiring day! It actually went better than expected. The house seems awfully quiet. Where's the voice of my little brother rattling on the kitchen, or mother trying to print her eco handouts? I guess they went somewhere. They could have atleast left a message or something.

I chilled on the couch for another 10 minutes before i went and changed my clothes. I looked at my wall clock, it was 6:15.

Suddenly i heard a muffled voice outside the kitchen back door. Who the hell?

****next chap coming soon. :) hpe you like it, comments please!



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