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Novel Of Horror Short Stories

Novel By: CapnPanda

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Submitted:Sep 29, 2012    Reads: 61    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Author's Note: So, I kind of gave up on the reviews when I found one of my horror short stories last night, so this shall be my novel with all my horror short stories since I can write pretty good horror short stories. Haha! Anyways, here's the first one, ENJOY!

The Demon And You!

He watches you move through your home. Waiting, just waiting. You make your way to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. You turn on the kitchen light. You notice the hallway light turn on and then back off again. You think it's just your mind playing tricks. You keep making food for yourself. You hear the TV turn on and then it turns off like the hallway like. You think again, it's just your mind playing tricks. You have finished making your food and you head into the lounge room to watch some crappy rerun on the TV. You turn it on and watch whatever is playing. You hear a knocking on your door. You get up and make your way over to the door and open it. No one is there. You shut the door and lock it, just to be on the safe side. You sit down and watch TV for a while and finish eating your food. You slowly drift into sleep with the TV still running. He is there watching you sleep. The TV goes all fussy and the colours are only black and white since he likes playing with your TV but you do not know that. You hear a whisper and suddenly you're awake again and the TV is normal. You had no clue he was playing with your TV. You turn your TV off and put you dish away before making your way to your bed and switch on your lamp. You get under dressed and slip into some PJs before getting into bed. You lay there staring at the roof for a moment and then roll over to switch off your lamp. You close your eyes and slip into sleep again. There he is, standing next to your bed waiting for you to go into your deep sleep. His hand reaches out and touches your hair ever so softly. You feel it. You roll over and turn on the lamp as quick as you can. No one is there. You turn it back off and curl up in your blanket. He is back again. This time, he waits for you to start snoring softly. Tonight is the night he makes his move. You are in a deep and dreamless sleep. Suddenly, you feel yourself being jolted out of the bed. A hand is around your ankle holding onto it tightly and it feels ice cold. You kick your legs into the air at nothing as your lungs let out a blood curdling scream. You feel a scratch going down your leg and you feel your own blood trailing down your leg. You let out a cry for help. But no one hears you. No one will ever hear you scream. You feel your leg hit the ground and you scramble away. You hear someone, a man, laughing at you as you run away with tears streaming down your face. You cannot run away from him, he will find you. Suddenly, you hear heavy footsteps walk towards you and you quickly run faster and hide in your room. The footsteps stopped. You think he has gone, he has not. It's quiet and calm. You think you are safe, you think wrong. The quiet is then disturbed by loud thumping on your door. You let out a scream and more tears come to your eyes. You scream at him to leave you alone, but he does not leave people alone. The door flies off the hinges it was once connected to. You scream again, but louder. Nobody will hear your screams. He is standing in front of you but you cannot see or hear him. He is laughing at you. He knows what he is going to do to you. You cover your face with your hands and chant 'this is a dream' but it is not a dream. He reaches forward and grabs your leg. He squeezes hard and bloody starts coming from your leg. You whimper. He pulls you off your bed as you scream for again. You try to get away but you are not getting away now. He grabs your throat and squeezes tightly. Your air supply is slowing slipping away. Your heart beat is slowing. The darkness seems to be darker. He squeezes more tightly. You scratch at the air. He lets go. He is not done playing with you yet. He steps back and watches you run out the room. He laughs again, you hear it. You scream again. You run but you cannot get out of your room. He is there in the door way laughing again. You back up to the corner, he stalks you like you are his prey. You are his prey. He picks you up by your neck. He holds tightly. Your eyes start to roll back into your head as your air supply is taken again and your heart beat is slowing again. He watches you suffer for air. He chuckles at how weak you are. You can see him now. He is smiling evilly at you. Your eyes widen one last time. Died. He drops your lifeless body and walks away laughing at your lifeless body.


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