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He Holds Secrets

Novel By: Catching Frogs

Naomi's life is normal but when she final get's her first boyfriend (the new guy next door) someone starts to stalk her, her boyfirnd and her best friend. Naomi can tell her boyfriend is hiding alot more than how it looks but that just reals her in. And when her dad attacks her she finaly meets her stalker. What will happen in the end? Read on to find out. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

I open the door of the school building. The freshly painted walls glow bright in the light. You can still smell it. I walk along the hallway, passing people, bumping into them saying "My bad." I walk to my locker, the one I've had since I started this school, and look inside. Since it's the begining of the school year theres not much inside. No books inside it yet but it still has pictures in it that I left there. One is with my mum on my ninth birthday. Another with me and my dad in Italy two years ago. there's also one with me and my dog Melt when I first got him. I like it. Me and my mum, me and my dad. I never thought about what it was like when we were altogether. I like it the way we are. When I was younger my life was like hell on earth. They would fight and I would scream. They would hit and I would cry. Then one day dad left and I was sad for abit. Then he started to see me and take me to his house and ever since it's been great. I always ask dad to drop me of at the other side of the road so then they don't have to meet.
I look at the photos, startled when my friend Cassie slams my locker door closed.
"Please don't tell me you forgot." She says. Nothing comes to my mind about what she's talking about.
"Come on! The boy next door that was meant to move in yesterday." She says, looking for an explantion. I look at her for help.
"What boy?" I say, not having a clue what she's talking about.
"Remember on the last day of school and the Head came in saying there will be a new boy and we have to 'Treat him with kindness and respect'." At that point she mimic's the heads voice. "Then you told me that you heard a boy was moving in next to you the day before school started. I put that day on my calender." I giggle at that point then burst out laughing. "What?"
"You put th date on your calander? Ohmigod! I can't believe you." I say, hitting her shoulder.
"Well? Did he come?" I manage to calm myself down because the expression on her face tells me she isn't to happy.
"Um, no. No moving van or anything." I say, turning back to my locker to put a few folders in. Red one for Chemistry, blue for History, green for English and another blue for Art. Once I've done that I slam the locker door closed, turning back to her and leaning on the door.
"You never hear things right. It's like you're playing Chinese Whispers and you always change the message." I pretend punch her in the arm which she kindly reterns. "Come on let's get to class." She says just as the bell goes off.

I walk home. It's like a ten minute journey and I like walking. I take Melt on one every evening before dinner. Normaly just because I want to go. I notice a bid van parked outside the house. I sigh nd slip through the gate.
"Hey cutie." Says someone. I turn to see a boy leaning on the garden wall.
"Um, hey." I say. He smiles. The first thing I notice is he's topless. He must have noticed how much I stare becuase he laughs and grabs a t-shirt from the ground then puts it on. "Wern't you meant to be at school today?" I ask, noticing he's the boy Cassie was talking about.
"Ah, I was but we got delayed." He says. His dark eyes look me up and down. "What did you say your name was?" He asks.
"I didn't. Why was your top on the ground?" I ask him and he just smiles.
"I was moving things." He says, leaning against the wall again. I nod once and head for the door. "Where you going?"
"Inside." I say. "Who's asking?" I grab the handle and look at him, hoping for an answer.
"Kyle." He says.
"Naomi." I say, just as he jumps over the wall. "Hey, mister. You can't do that." I say.
"I want to see your dog." He says.
"How do you..."
"He is very loud." He says, opening the door before I can regect. He walks in and I follow after hesitating.
"Naomi? Is that you?" My mum calls from upstaires. Melt runs towards me and Kyle and he rubs Melt's neck.
"Yes Naomi's mum!" Kyle calls to her before I answer. I hear her footsteps and then I notice her at the top of the staires. She's wearing a dressing gown and her hair is wet.
"Ms Miller." I whisper to Kyle.
"Hey Ms Miller." He says, looking right at her.
"Hi mum. This is Kyle. He moved in next door." I say. I look at Kyle who's smiling alot. A bit to much for my liking.
"Hi Kyle." She says. "I'm just going to get dressed." I smile and my mum walks away. I push Kyle into the living room.
"What?" He asks me.
"What do you think you're playing at?" I ask, not to pleased with his entering and seeing my mum in a dressing gown. I couldn't feel more awkward.
"I'm meeting my new neighbours." He explanes. I cross my arms. He walks to wards my kitchen and asks "Can I have a sandwich?" He grabs the bread and opens the fridge. I sit at the table and but my head in my hands. "Where's the ham?" He asks. "All you have is cheese."
"Looks like we're out of that today." I say. I can't help but laugh as he makes a face. I heard a beeping sound and he takes his phone out of his pocket. He looks at the screen.
"I have to go." He says. I acturly feel disapointed, which I'm surprised to feel. "See you tomorrow." He says walking out the door, bread still in hand. I look out the window and see him jump over the wall again just as my mum comes back down.
"Where's Kyle?"
"He went home." I feel the air still beinng abit awkward.
"We need ham and bread." I say, grabbing my jacket and some money before walking out the door.


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