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Oceanicflight815's Reality Challenge

Novel By: Catching Frogs

Alright. All of my entry's will be put into this novel. Each entry in a different chapter. It's to save space :) Have fun reading all the stories! :D
P.S. Each Chapter will have a title. The title is the prompt they gave us. View table of contents...


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"I Shot The Sheriff"

My home was cold. The air conditioning was still on from earlier that day and I reminded myself to talk to my roommate about it.
"This is your home?" Asked the guy behind me as he followed me in. I took in a big breath before talking.
"Yep. My home that I share." I shivered as I turned the air conditioning off. When I turned around I saw him leaning against the counter in my joint kitchen. He had stunning brown hair that he had gelled back. His perfect teeth showing in his charming smile.
"So, Sam." He said slowly. "Are you going to give me a tour."
I nodded. "Sure."
I turned into one door, my living room which was joined to the kitchen so there was still a counter in the way of us. "The living room."
I quickly moved to the next room, which I didn't go in. "Bathroom." I walked on into the next room. There was a desk in there with books and a guitar. "Study."
"It's nicer than the living room." He told me. "It looks lived in."
I carried on into the last room that was of any importance. I opened the door and we both went in. "My bedroom."
He smiled at me. "Well, isn't this nice and cozy."
"Don't even try it." I commanded. "You may be a cop but that doesn't mean anything-"
"Oh you know you want it." He took his belt off and dropped it onto the ground. When he stepped forward I stepped back, which was a bad idea, and fell onto my bed.
"Please, Tim. Don't." I sat up but he pushed me back down. He took off his shirt and I could see his six pack through his white vest. My hands started to shake and I held them up, pushing him back. "Don' try anything."
He laughed in my face and I felt like crying. "What are you going to do?"
"I know self defense!" I cried. He laughed even harder.
"You would have used it by now!" I stared up into his green eyes that glinted with joy. Like they belonged to a little boy on Christmas. His beautiful innocent face did not go with his personality.
Those words urged me on. I lifted my knee, hitting him square in the crouch. He knelt over, both in shock and pain. At my chance I pushed him away and ran for the door.
But this is a cop. He recovered quicker than I thought and grabbed my ankle before I could open the door. I screamed.
"Come back you little bitch!" He yelled over my screams. He tugged, pulling me to the ground. I punched the side of his head and kept hitting him anywhere I could get to.
"Would you shut up!" He shouted. He forced my hands to the round and bit me on the neck. I screamed at the pain and tried to move. His whole weight was on me and nothing was happening. I closed my eyes, tears pouring from them.
"Please, Tim." I begged in a small voice. "Don't."
I heard a rip and felt coldness on my bare chest. I opened them and saw him grinning above me.
"Don't be such a daddy's girl."
I felt the anger in me boil up. Something in those words had triggered it and I pushed him away, harder than what I had ever done before. I grabbed his gun from his belt, turned and pulled.
There was a ringing in my ears. The shot had been so loud, and the effect it had on me after wards was weird. Tim lay on the ground lifelessly and as I looked at it the truth hit me.
The gun slid from my shaking hands and hit the ground with a thud. I remembered his last words and felt sick. What would my dad think of me now? A common criminal? Would anyone believe it was in defense and I wasn't thinking? My knees were weak and fell to the ground, landing in the puddle of blood by his head. I started to stroke his lovely hair and whispered "I'm sorry."
I heard the door bang and my head screamed 'danger!'.
"Hello?" I heard the familiar voice of my roommate, Fiona, in the hall. "You home?"
"I-I'm in h-here." I stammered through the tears. As I heard her foot steps come closer down the hall I reached for my phone in my jeans pocket.
"Sam? Are you crying?" She asked before opening my bedroom door. Tears fell from my eyes as she first saw the scene in my bedroom.
"I'm a murderer." I confessed, lowering my head. My phone had come on so I started to type 911.
"Hold on a second. Sam, what are you doing?" Fiona fell to the floor next to me.
"I'm not special. I have to call the police."
"Hey, what happened here?" Fiona gestured towards the body. "Who is this guy?"
"A cop." I suddenly went into a whisper. "And he tried to rape me."
"He tried to rape you?"
"And I panicked."
"And it was in self defense." Fiona said. You just have to calm down. Tea maybe?"
"Well if it was self defense then I won't go to prison, will I." I looked up at my friend. She was worried and only wanted the best for me but this was what I had to do. I clicked the last 1.
"Hello? Is there a problem?"
I hesitated. Fiona didn't want me to, not at that moment, but I wanted to. Get over with. The quicker they knew the less bad it will look. I lifted the phone to my face.
"I shot a cop..."


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