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Reversal Happenings

Novel By: Catching Frogs

this is the first story in a trilogy. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 14, 2010    Reads: 144    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

It was a normal day at school.
But it didn't feel that way. It was my last day at this school. The only school I had never been too. It had all my friends in it and I knew that my friends that left were not at this new school since it was a boarding school for 'special people'. I was meant to be special. That didn't sound good. My Mum got a letter in the post saying I had to go which was never a good sign.
I was walking home from school with my best friend Sam. She was going to miss me as much as I'll miss her.We were going our usral route. Down through a very busy street.
"I found out a cheat for the game." She said with a smile. We didn't want it to be awkward so we were doing all the things we always did.
"Oh did you?"
"Yeah well first of all you pause and then...." But I drifted away. I was looking in shop windows next to me. Shoes I would never buy. Books I would never read. Cloths I would never wear. "Did you even listen to me?" Sam said snapping me back to reality.
"Oh sorry Sam." I closed my eyes to try to remember what she said. "First you pause..and then what?" I said turning round to look at her. The first thing I noticed that everthing was blue. Sam was behind me. One leg in the air, as still as a statue. Impossible. I looked infront of us. There was a boy throwing up a ball that wouldn't come down. And he waited. Across the road was the traffic lights. They were red that were not turning yellow anytime soon. A green car had two people in it. A man and a teenage girl both had a scared face on. The girl was pointing infront of them. A woman was walking across the road and I'm sure the car wasn't going to stop.
"Hey lady!" I cry but she didn't answer. I ran across the road and rugby tackled the woman to the pavement. I heard the traffic lights beeping. Cars going by and feet taping on the ground. I looked up to see the woman confused. She slowly got up and walked away. I turned to look at Sam who was just as confused. And then there was a huge crash. I quickly turned to see the green car smashed into a red one just down the road. There were screams from all around. I looked at Sam who looked at me. I got up and made a head movement telling her to follow me.By the time I got to the end of the road Sam had caught up to me.
"What was that about?"she asked.
"I'm not sure Sam but I think it was me."
"You caused the crash? No way."
"I didn't cause the crash but something really weird happened."
"I think I paused everything." She looked at me for a bit until she started laughing. "What?"
"You can't pause time Lian "
"Well how do you explane me being next to you at one moment and across the road..the BUSY road in less than one second?" She didn't answer. "Sam I did pause time. I saved one ladies life but maybe killed a few others."
"You didn't kill anyone." We had got to my house by now and we were standing by the gate."OK Lian. I'm sorry. I don't want our goodbye to be you storming off into your house."
"Thats fine Sam. Please be careful and hopefully I'll see you around. Yeah?"
"Yeah." We hugged each other before running to our houses and shouting "Bye!" to each other. I opened the door to see my bags in the hallway all ready for the car.
"We'll put those into the car tonight." said my Mum coming into the hallway to see me. "Go up stairs to make sure you got everythig please. I got lots of stuff to do." I went up stairs to my bedroom. The one I had always been in. It felt so big even with my bed and drawers still in place. All I had in my room was a pair of pyjamas and cloths for tomorrow. I went back down stairs to see my Mum making tea.
"You got everything?"
"Yeah." I didn't want to go but that wasn't my choice.
"It will be fine don't you worry." She got hold of me and hugged me so tight I couldn't breath. "It will be all right."


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