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Among The Woods

Novel By: Crimson Butterfly

After their parents are killed, Rain and her brother Nicholas are forced to live alone. They keep to themselves in a town called Hayden, where most people think that werewolves are just a legend. Rain and Nicholas know that to see is to believe or in their case being is believing. What’s going to happen when Rain finds out there’s a new werewolf is in town… oh wait! No, he’s been there from the get go! Can they keep the secrets that go on among the woods? Or will they accidently let the wolf out of the bag? View table of contents...


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As a child I always knew I was different. Even when I was five I knew that I was different from the other children that went to thesameelementary school as me. I also learned I was different in other ways. My hearing was different. I would hear the whispers from the other students and heard how much of a freak I was from across the classroom. I also heard when the parents told them to stay away from me. Even at a young age I knew that I was unusual. I never told my father or mother. The only one I told what I experienced was my other half. No I'm not crazy. I'm talking about my twin brother, Nicholas.

When I first confided in him I was relieved to hear he was the same. Not only was our hearing enhanced but our taste was too. We would taste when our mother tried to hide the nasty broccoli among the lasagna or when she put in onions. Yuck! Our sense of smell was different too. We would smell scents that not normal kids would be able to smell. For example we would get excited because when our mother would take us to the store we would smell the fresh cotton candy that the lady with pink hair sold in the back of the store when we were outside. Also we had good eyesight and reflexes. This made playing fun. I remember we would run around the backyard pretending to be ninjas. We had a thing with ninjas. After watching power rangers we were always calling off the color of the rangers and jumping off logs, rocks, trees, you name it. Since our strength and agility was different we would be good at it. He would tell me to throw things at him like our toys and he'd try to dodge them. We would take turns. I would be the one who one most of the time so he'd get upset and want to play a different game. Another game we liked to play was hide and seek. Since our eyesight was better we would play in the night when the house was dark. Playing together was the best. I was very glad that I had someone by my side. I didn't feel alone.

We were really close to begin with but the confidence only made us closer. When we were seven we began to realize that the overwhelming emotions we got were from each other. We realized we were in tuned to each other. We thought it was pretty cool and began experimenting. We learned that we could read each other's thoughts and see and feel what each other were experiencing as long as our minds were at ease. We could easily cut each other off. That made going to sleep a lot more fun. We'd talk to each other from across the hall until late then fall asleep.

Later in our years we learned that it wasn't normal for us to be like we were. I remember when we were nine we were in one of our father's meeting he had with the adults. Our father was Antonio Colmillo. He was-as mother put it-"An important person". So we thought we were lucky to be allowed to be in his office. We got bored when they were having one of their conversations and started to play catch with a paper, that I had crumpled and threw at the side of Nicholas' head, in the back of the room. But we both stopped when we heard the grownups speaking about something interesting.

They called it a "bonding bind". What really caught our attention was the story one of the elder men was telling. Apparently across the seas there were two brothers named Xavier and Victor. They had revealed they had the "bonding bind". He said that one of the brothers said it was like they were in tuned how he explained it made sense. And we figured that that's what we had. I was ready to reveal we were also ones who have that bond but I stopped before blurting it out. He went on to say that the bind was rare and unusual and that it hadn't been reported since long before. I didn't want them to think we were anymore unusual.

We didn't understand how serious it was until later. Back then we both decided it's be best not to tell the grownups. Later when we were ten we both started experiencing changes. I was the first to do so. We were at the playground at school and were sitting by the trees both of us reading Goosebump books. A few of the kids walked over and one took my book. I stood and started jumping for it because the boy had it raised over his head and he was bigger than me. My brother stood in my defense and told him to give it back but he pushed him down. I felt through the bond that he scraped and hurt his arm on the rock. That's when I snapped. I remember letting out a scream as I tackled him but then nothing.

I woke up that night in my room. I looked to see Nicholas by my side with his arm wrapped where he had scratched it. Then I remembered what happened and that I couldn't remember. Sitting up in bed I focused and searched his mind and found what I was looking for-the missing piece. I hadn't fainted but the boy would have probably been better off if I had. After I tackled the boy to the ground I began to hit him. Not really aiming anywhere just hitting where ever my fists landed. He shoved me back off him hit me once but then I attacked him again. As he tried to punch me once more I grabbed onto his arm and climbed onto him and began biting him in the shoulder. I was on his back and he was trying to get me off. By then the bystanders had called the teachers and it took two of them to restrain me. I collapsed once they took the boy out of sight.

When I got out of Nicholas' mind he was concerned. And I was too. I was scared as to what I saw, or what he had seen, or what I saw what he seen, whatever I was scared. It didn't look like me. I was like an animal. As I hit him I had my lips curled and my eyes were wide with rage the whole time. When the teachers were pulling me back I was kicking and screaming-more like kicking and growling. I had him sleep with me that night. Later our father when he got home went to my room and busted in. Our mother told him what happened. That night our father told us the truth.

He had us go downstairs and we sat around the oval table he used in the office as his conference table. Nicholas and I were both nervous. He explained that our family, the Colmillo family, were among other families that held secrets. He basically told us that we were soon to find out that a lot of myths are true. He showed us old pictures of wolves. He was telling us they were our ancestors. He got to newer looking photos and started naming off people we knew only we didn't see them we just saw wolves.When he saw the clueless looks and the evidence that wedidn't understand, he decided to show us.

He took us out into the backyard and made sure no one was around that wasn't allowed to be there. Then he told us to stand next to a log. That night before my eyes I watched my father's clothes shred off his body as hephased intoa wolf. At first we were both terrified and started running from the giant. Our father jumped in front of us and blocked our path. His head came down to our level and looked me then Nicholas in the eyes. I stared a second and realized they were the same eyes as my father. At that moment I wasn't as scared. I was the first to go forward and touch. I felt the fur and confirmed that it wasn't a dream. I sent the emotions to Nicholas and he followed. We stood there with our hands on his wolf head and finally understood.

A few weeks after Ihad my first phase. The first one was the most excruciating andthe most horrifying. I was with Nicholas and he helped it be less scary. Nicholasphased three days later with me right there next to him as he had been for me. We took the forms of black wolves. Our mother, Zanna Colmillo, when she saw uswas surprised. Our father seemed upset as well. Some of the elder people that our father had meetings with, that we now knew as council members, were concerned as well. We didn't understand back then. Soon after word spread, before we knew it we were packing and moving. We didn't no why but weweren't upset and didn't object because we weren't tied down by friends or school. We had been home schooled since the incident that took place a few weeks before. We moved to Ireland.

We stayed with some of our mother's friends in a wooden lodge in woods.We stayed with a manmy father's age, his wife and son and a few other men. The man's name was Marco Sleeks and his wife was Isabella. Me and Nicholas shared a room and was right across from their son named Stephen Sleeks who was are age. He quickly became a close friend especially to me.They too were from a family of werewolves. The werewolf families didn't have many kids our age. They were mostly older. In Stephen's wolf form I thought he looked like a bear and gave him the nickname Teddy. We were close friends. Over the years he became my best friend that wasn't my brother. One day when we were all fourteen Teddy, Nicholas, and I were inside the living room in front of the fire playing one of our few games we had, Jenga,when we heard multiple howls. Our fathers and men of the house all ran out. My mother grabbed mine and Nicholas' hand. Isabella grabbed Teddy's. We were separated.

We struggled to keep on foot as our mother led us through the darkness of the night. We were still new at the werewolf life so our senses weren't heightened that much. It was mostly pitch black. The moon didn't light up through the thick tops of the woods trees. I tripped over a log and fell and felt my mother's hand let go. A few seconds later I heard her scream off in the distance. I heard her yell "run!" from within the darkness and took off in the other direction. I kept falling and heard the screams and howls, snarling, running, and scampering around me. But I kept running. I got out of the forest and found a small shack and ran inside. I searched for a place to hide and found a wooden box. I climbed in and hid keeping quiet. I stayed with my knees to my chest all night.

I didn't realize it was daytime until I noticed that there were the sound of birds. I cautiously lifted the lid and looked out. Seeing it was clear I got out and went to peek out the shack. It looked open. My instincts told me to stay put. But I disobeyed. I went out and began searching for my family. Or anyone I knew. I was low to the ground searching and keeping out of sight as I went through the forest. I phased onto my wolf form and decided to run. As I ran through I sniffed the air trying to find my mother's scent. But couldn't. I just smelt a whole bunch of infamiliar scents. As the day was draining and I was already in a panicked state I began try and find my brother. I hid in a hallow log and focused. At first I was worried because I couldn't find him but then I did. I sensed him. He was okay. Wasn't injured but he too was scared and alone. He picked up on my presence and I told him I'd come to him. I took off out of the log and soon I was back with him. He told me he too had lost hold of mom's hand and took off running and hid. We hid as night fell not wanting to move. We hid in the base of a hallow tree after we dug under it enough to squeeze through. We didn't sleep, too scared to do so. Sometime in the early morning of the second daywe heard the sound of howls off in the distance. I heard a familiar one. We both did.

We both shot out of the tree ignoring the pain in ourlegs we had from being crammed for more that 24hoursand raced towardsthe howl of Marco, Teddy's father, who became like an uncle to us. When we finally found him he was back in his human form,Teddy was next to him andIsabella was nextthem and had blankets open for us. Wephased as we hit blanket and began to hug the familiar people we thought we were never going to see again. We both began to cry because we were relieved. We both thought we were going to die out there. We went into the house and they sat us in front of the fire as they both examined us. I was the first to stop crying.

That's when we were given the horrible news. Our parents were dead.They had been killed by another pack that wanted the territory. Our pack managed to drive them off but they told us they were sure to be back. We were so hysterical upon hearing the news. They removed us from the living room and into our bedroom. Nicholas and I gripped onto each other and held each other close. Feeling each other's emotions made it worse. We cried and cried and cried. It was a couple days later that we couldn't shed a single tear. I was numb, we were numb. Our faces hurt and we were exhausted from the lack of sleep.

When we finally opened the door most of the house was packed. We saw Marco standing with an elderly woman talking. I didn't pay attention to what they were saying. I was too busy staring down the hall at our parent's room. Nicholas and I walked in hand in hand. I felt the pain in his chest create more pain in mine as we smelt my mother's perfume and the once annoying scent of our father's cigars and nearly started to break down once more. We saw most of their stuff packed. We went to see Isabella. She was sitting at the table. She explained we were going away.We had to moveaway because the other pack that ambushed us was a threat and we would be safer. We didnt have the strength to argue. That day we said our goodbye's to Marco, Isabella, and Teddy then left.

The elderly woman turned out to be our great aunt Gina. We went to live with her. She made it clear it was temporary and we were a burden that she would just have to endure. Thanks a lot...The rules at her house were different but we obeyed. We stayed with her until we were fifteen and somewhat recovered from the loss and returned somewhat to our own selves. One day Nicholas found a wooden box in one of the packed boxes in the attic and inside was a deed to a house and keys. Speaking to Marco over the phone about what Nicholas found he thought we should go live there. He bought us plane tickets and gave us all the stuff we needed. He promised us he'd take care of our parents account until we were of age. Once we got to a town called Hayden population 3,028 as we entered both Nicholas andI thought 3,030 and laughed at that feeling a little better because this would actually be the place to call home.We went to the address on the deed after asking a local convinent store in town for directions. When we made it there it was just outside of town we pulled up to a two story house. It looked very plain and looked beaten but looked homey minus the minor repairs it was going to need. It was surrounded by woods that made it isolated but at the same time not far from civilization if you went through them.We learnedthe woods had recieved the name theVanishing Woods. Aparently the rumors were that those who enteredvanished, hence the name, and so not many went in there. Which was perfect for us.

We got settled in and soon after started high school at Hayden High.Creativename right?We were both enrolled asfreshman and weren't used to all the students. We struggled at first itwas hard not towith our senses getting more heightened and maintaining control became harder. We missed a lot of school but always made up the work not wanting to fall behind. During the time off we became more comfortable with our wolves and also did research on the computer about werewolves and also what ever we could come up with about our family which wasnt much.Once we were controlled enoughwe came back but we were still isolated. Even among all the teens our age. All the students, like before when we were little, thought we were freaks and strange. Rumors spread that were crazy. So we kept even moreto ourselves and blended in not wanting to stand out. I guess all thiswas to be expected because I Rain, Celestia Zanna, Ralphina, Comillo and my brother Nicholas, Antonio, Lucian, Ralph, Colmillo are werewolves.

A/N:: This was just the prologue. It will get much interesting once the story gets started. So leave a comment and feedback telling me what you think. n_n


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