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A new beginning is just what Nicole wanted. She thought it was the unreachable of goals. But after a failed attempt at suicide and a forcible rescue it is exactly what she got, a new start with a new name only this time in the vampiric world being eternally seventeen thanks to her sire. Twelve years later she has adapted well to her life and is somewhat satisfied. I mean, living in a luxurious apartment with her gorgeous sire in New York surrounded by the perfect hunting grounds and thousands of humans… What else could a girl want? Of course she would be more satisfied if her unrequited love with her sire was requited and he would pull his head literally out of the books enough to pay attention to her. And if the once safe New York wasn’t becoming increasingly dangerous and being overrun with a new group of vampire hunters that make going out at night hell. It’s bad enough she is getting too close to humans and receiving threats from an old acquaintance of her beloved sire. But she has also run into part of her past that she thought she was never going to see again. But the certain part of her past, certain person to be exact, returning to her life might be with serious consequences; consequences, which may affect both her life and theirs. Is she going to take the chance; Getting caught up in her last life’s memories and recovering those feelings that have been hidden and dormant. Or will she listen to her instincts and abandon the past all together and move on with her sire to search for a new hunting ground once again. View table of contents...


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Humans are the silliest of all creatures. They are only willing to accept what their small minds are capable of comprehending. There are those though, that do believe in what others would call the unbelievable for example, vampires. There are those who say they do not and cannot exist. And then there are those who believe and hope they exist and want to become like them. That's when humans turn utterly ignorant. They have this Twilight induced fantasy that they sparkle in the sun and have golden and red eyes. That they are willing to accept a human to obtain knowledge about their existence, and that they too can become like them in the easiest of ways with no consequences. They want to be bitten to become what vampires are. But they really don't understand what they're getting themselves into. They have forgotten the first and most important lesson. Vampires are to be powerful… beautiful… and live without regret.

My name that was given to me by my sire upon awakening is Vendetta. Those who know me on an acquaintance level call me Ven for short. I am seventeen years old to the human eye and what I am forced to say when a human asks. To the vampires who know me in mine I am about twenty-nine. I was awakened twelve years ago. Yes I am a fairly young vampire but my youth has nothing to do with what I have experienced. In my short time in this life I have endured a lot that most vampires have to live a decade to endure the equivalence to what I have.

My sire, the one who awakened me, goes by the name of Damon. He is very cruel and in all the years I have been with him he has not once showed an ounce of guilt. He is relentless and shows no sign of genuine compassion to any being. My sire is about a hundred and twenty. He too isn't that old but, like me, he has experienced a lot. He is the one that taught me everything I know about this life. He had chosen me as his servant because I showed great strength when I was in my human life. Memories of my human life get faded and faded as the years pass me by but I do remember it a little bit. The sun as it came down upon my skin warming where its rays touched. The laughter that I shared with those people I once thought was my friends. I also remember the pain, heartache, and betrayal. I remember it all. Those feelings and memories stayed with me.

Chapter One

About twelve years ago in the year 1999, I was a seventeen year old junior in high school. I was a unique teenager. I had long brown hair that was at an even length to my small in my back. I also had my bangs that feathered my forehead. I didn't have them teased like most girls did in that time instead I had them just laying flat. I remember my second week in school I made a few friends. They were really pretty girls I thought at the time and were intimidating to me at first but they made me feel special. They gave me compliments and played with my hair as well as on one occasion they dressed me up at a mall. I found out later it was all just pretend when they used me to put stolen items into my bag getting me caught by security. They had messed with me making me feel special and using me just for their own fun. They didn't feel bad for me at all they just thought it was funny. School wasn't as bad is it was at home.

My mother was an addict of all sorts and married a man that used to abuse us. I can't remember what her nor her husband looks like. Their appearance has faded. And as for my biological father I never met him and never saw any photos so he is nonexistent and irrelevant to me. I had an elder sister that was a year older than me. I remember her name was Janette. She was such a horrible person. She was nice on the outside but on the inside she was a pure monster. She had her father's blonde hair and our mother's brown eyes. She and I were never friends or even remotely what you would consider sisters besides our DNA that's as far as our relationship went. She always had hatred towards me. I didn't know why but again, now it is irrelevant and I could care less.

In my human life I also had little brother who was about nine almost ten. I remember his name was Nathaniel. I used to call him short stuff or Nate and he used to call me Nic because my name used to be Nicole. We on the other hand got along very well. He was a sweet kid and was like me in a lot of ways. We shared the same brown hair and same brown eyes as well as out sarcastic second language. Also like me he had a hard time getting along with people at school so he too didn't have many friends. So we hung out a lot. He is honestly the only one I miss out of that life.

Another person who lived with us was my mother's husband's son. I didn't like him at all. He had a similar personality as my older sister. His name was Randy. He had the same dirty blonde hair and blue eyes as his dad. And the same temper too. He often would destroy my drawing notebooks just for the hell of it or he would crush my charcoals and drawing utensils. I despised him so much and then especially after a certain three day weekend we had off school.

My mother and her husband were gone for the weekend. As I recall they were off on one of his money earning schemes and my little brother was sent to his uncle's house like usual. It was just me Janette, and Randy. One storming afternoon my sister barged into my room ripping one of my drawing notebooks from my hands and throwing it across the room. She began to say cruel things to me crushing my charcoals and pastels which I was used to. But then this time she had Randy come into my room. She had told him to do what he wanted.

I'll never forget that day. She watched it happen, smiling on a chair that sat in the corner of my room as he wiped away my childhood, happiness, and destroyed me. For three long agonizing hours it lasted. I had lost all fighting strength and just laid there, just a shell of my old self as they left the room laughing. As I stared up at my ceiling not being able or wanting to move I decided right then and there that one day I would make them both pay.

When my mother had come home I made the mistake of thinking she would care what happened. When I told her I remembered she had slapped me and said that I was making up lies to break up her "happy" marriage. I ran to my room passing my laughing sister and her accomplice that stared at me with a grin that I remember perfectly as well as my clueless brother. I locked my door from then on but it didn't matter. He continued to "visit" me. And I started to not care and just accept the fact that it was what I deserved. When the break came and once again our parents left on another high end scheme it was the perfect opportunity for him. My sister watched a lot. It wasn't like it turned her on or anything it was more of a dominance look she gave me as he did whatever he wanted. She seemed to like the fact that I was submissive to her and didn't put up a fight. I knew she loved my helplessness and I hated her for it.

When school was off break I went back. I isolated myself from those who could harm me. At school I felt I was safe if I was invisible. Of course those girls messed with me but I wouldn't let it show it got to me. They didn't like that. They ended up bringing down the hammer I guess you can say. The teasing increased. They had even gone as far as putting all sorts of stuff in my locker making a mess. I also had my hair cut during class and had to cut it to the middle of my back to make it even once again. I was starting to hate it at school as well. But home was still worse.

One night after he had came into my room angrily and taken advantage violently I ran out into, of all things, a thunder storm. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran not really knowing where I was going. I ended up stopping on a bridge that went over a free way. I stopped because I couldn't breathe and needed to catch my breath. As I stood there slumped over I stared at my feet. I was shaking from head to toe from exhaustion and the cold from being soaked in rain. My black sweatshirt with a hood and blue jeans were heavy on my body. But I didn't care. Once I caught my breath I stood removing my soaked hair from my face. I looked down over traffic that was beyond a protective fence. Then after about a minute of staring I got up on the railing then the fence and climbed over so I was on the ledge. I stared down at the passing cars only being able to hear the hum of them passing by faintly. I was in my own mind. I was miserable. I was in pain. I was hurt. I looked down and realized I was up pretty high. A car honked as it passed under the bridge. I looked up ahead onto the oncoming traffic and stared at the large diesel like vehicle approaching. Then I decided on it. And quickly so I wouldn't have changed my mind I took a deep breath and stepped forward on nothing.

I remember falling then, screeching of wheels, the impact, and the terrible pain in my head, body, and leg. I remember voices as I stared up at the dark sky seeing the rain coming down. So much pain! I seen a woman running towards me from her car in a frantic state saying something but I couldn't understand. I felt a pressure in my head before I passed out.

I woke up hearing beeping noises. I opened my eyes and knew immediately by sounds and colors and equipment I knew I was in a hospital. I turned slightly not really being able to move because of restriction on my neck. But I was able to look out the window. It revealed that it was night and it was still raining. I turned my head up to the ceiling and then went to swallow. But it was hard. I realized I had something in my throat. I moved my right arm painfully and felt I had tubes in my mouth and nose. Touching my nose also hurt. I didn't doubt I broke it. I didn't know the extent of my injuries until I tried moving my legs. I couldn't move them. I couldn't sit up. It was painful extremely painful but I tried as hard as I could but I couldn't. I heard the annoying machine next to me go crazy as I felt my heart racing. Then the door slammed and the lights flickered before turning off. I stopped moving and stared wide eyed into the darkness. I saw in the corner where I could have sworn a chair sat a shadow. It began to speak.

"You look terrible." He had said in a rough voice. It was low but just loud enough to hear.

He then got up and walked over towards me. I remember I was struggling to get away. Just the feel to him seemed so wrong in the beginning. He then pressed the button on the machine causing it to go quiet when it was going nuts with the beeping. He took a seat on the end of my bed. He explained to me what had happened. In short words I had broke my back, left arm, shattered my left foot. Plus my head had hit both the truck and pavement so hard it had fractured my skull nearly killed me and I had been unconscious for over a week. He then told me that overhearing the doctors he learned I wouldn't be able to walk again if I even lived. He told me they still didn't know if I would make it a month because of something inside my head that they couldn't remove. I stared at him in the darkness still not being able to see any of his features. He leaned forward and I felt his breath near me. I felt my heart race once again and in my peripheral vision I saw the monitor spiking. My heart was really racing. The lines on it were jumping up and down creating steep mountain-like lines. That's when he spoke to me in a whisper that sent chills down my spine.

"I can save you…" It was more of a matter-of-factly tone than a statement. I stared up at him not really knowing what he meant. I thought maybe he was a doctor or something. After a few minutes of silence I heard him huff and he seemed agitated.

"Well?!" He had said in a whisper closer to my face in an annoyed tone and I could see he was losing patience. I remember laying there for a bit longer staring up at him in the darkness. I ended up shaking my head no. I didn't want him to save me. I didn't want to go home. I wanted to die. I sucked at suicide. So why not let my injuries be the end of me.

"Hmph." He scoffed. Before he reached for me and came close to my face. He was right over me I could feel his breath on me.

"Too bad." He had said before he huffed and I was engulfed in darkness.

I shot up awake feeling like I was on fire. I was burning all over. I screamed and was hitting myself but realized after opening my eyes that I wasn't on fire. It didn't stop the pain though. I continued to scream in agony. I didn't and couldn't remember right then and there the whole hospital incident. I just knew I was in pain. I was on a bed from what it seemed like. I grabbed onto the comforter and began tearing it with my grip and pulling. It hurt so badly. The fire wasn't just on my skin it was under it and in my bones and in my head and throat. I kept screaming and thrashing for awhile then after getting exhausted I tried enduring it in silence. Every so often I'd scream back out but then I'd grip onto the pillow that I ended up shredding and bit into it. Then it slowly and steadily faded away. I sat up steadily when I heard a door open. I saw a man in a black leather jacket walk across the room. He stared at me with a hard stare and looked me over. Feeling self conscious I brought my legs to my chest and stared at him with an equally hard stare. I noticed I was in a night gown and made it so I wasn't showing anything as he stared. I felt angry and annoyed.

"Take a picture it will last longer." I remember was the first words I had told him with and annoyed tone that expressed how I felt and no doubt how my face looked. He raised an eyebrow and a toothless smile appeared on his face.

"You shouldn't be so rude. I did save you." He had said. I remembered I was so angry and lost in rage that I attacked him. I didn't know what was going on. My senses were so intense. I moved so quick but not as quick as him. After a couple minutes of me attempting to hurt him he easily pinned my arms behind my back and slammed me against the wall that we were nowhere near. He had been testing me but got bored. He began speaking to me and told me who he was.

That was when I officially met Damon. He tossed me onto the bed with ease from where we stood five feet away by the wall. Immediately I rolled off and stood on the other side. I remember I was shouting at him demanding answers. He gave them to me calmly even walking forward and sitting on the edge of the bed. I learned he had been watching for a while, out of hunger at first but then curiosity. He said I was interesting and wanted me. I remember cursing at him at that point thinking I was being kept for sex but he simply smiled at that. He smiled a full smile that revealed his fangs and went on explaining. He said that as he watched me he learned I would be useful if I was turned so he turned me when the opportunity came. The last of the conversation he told me that he thought he made a good choice. He left for a while few hours but then he came back and was ready to talk.

He ended up explaining the ways of which he lived and how I would now live. He gave me blood in a cup that at first I didn't want but then out of hunger had taken a liking too quite quick. He then told me my name was going to be Vendetta and bluntly said he didn't care what my other name was when I tried correcting him. He had me stay in his huge house for a while and I often explored a bit testing out my new skills. After a run in with an open window during the day I learned the sunlight part of the vampiric life was real. It hurt like a bitch. I thrashed around a bit on the floor as I put out the fire and from then on stayed in the shadows.

After he trained me a bit and came to trust me enough that I wasn't going to go rogue he presented me with a black ring. It allowed me to walk in the sun. It had been charmed by a witch from another town. I was surprised that witches were real. That's when he laughed at my ignorance and truly started teaching me the ways of my new life, the life that I accepted and was pretty much grateful for. With this life I never had to go back and since then I didn't.


A/N:: Put the Prologue up along with the first chapter here so you can read a little bit. Comment and give me feedback. I want to know if I should continue. And continue putting up chapters. n_n your feedback is important to me. I like to know the good and the bads of everything so feel free to express your thoughts. Ohkay!


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