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Breaking and Mending Hearts

Novel By: dclovesfd

THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO THE NEW MOON . . . .what if Bella never jumped.. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 11, 2010    Reads: 106    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Bella's Point of View
Normally, I would never call Edward anything but, " Angel" "Love of my life, hopefully more then that" " Eddy Teddy" Or maybe " Sweet candy of my being" but today. Edward was being a total Jack ass. Excuse my words, but. Seriously. I have not seen Jake for two weeks. I may have picked Edward the loving vampire, but some times a girl needs her werewolf! I sighed as I sat in the chair, typing a paper for school. Edward was sitting on my bed, waiting for me to be done. I wished he could read my mind, but at the same time not.
With Edward certain things were, what he would say, " Possible or Greatly Thankfull for" and some were, " No way possible and Greatly hated with a fire". In other words, He would let me do, he likes and He says I can not do and he will stop me or He hates with a fire. Edward does not understand the meaning of "Best friend" when I mention Jake. He says Jake is unsafe and a unstable younge werewolf.
I think that is a bunch of stupid drama, he dislikes Mike, Jake and anyone who is a boy and not part of his family and doesn't some how have a crush on me. Which, I do no see anything about me that would cause them to like me in anyway besides friends or buds. I sighed as I typed another paragraph, trying to bring the work out so I would have less time talking with Edward. I do love him, but he aggrivates me. I do not show it much, as I can be calm and do not want to make him feel bad. I have before, but I have learned that fighting fire with fire only gets you burned, as Jacob and Edward know, but wish was untrue. We all knew they were ready 24/7 to kill each other at the blink of an eye with inferno fire torches.
I could tell Edward was getting annoyed with me slightly. He never understood me, he said anyway. I thought I was rather easy to read. As my mother did call me her open book. Though I couldn't hear a single movement or see, I knew he was moving slightly on the bed getting aggrivated with me being patient with my work. As I typed fast but I was being slower for you already know the reason why. I desided I would change to normal pace, get it done in ten more minutes, deal with the handsome yet annoying sometimes love of my life vampire only feet away from me. I brushed my hair to the side with my fingers speeding my pace. I heard Edward sigh slightly happy that I was going faster.
Edward, I speed lover, driving fast was what he loved the most besides running at his 8000 mile perhour vampire speed, which made me dizzy and slightly confused yet feeling awesome everytime I went for a run with him. Alice and me did not talk much, Rose was as always, not talking to me at all, nore breathing my way anytime she saw me. I missed how she was in the hospital, nice caring ..but that was so Edward would feel better because she was tired of the crap and drama going around in the family at the time. I shuttered thinking about the horrible time of Edwards goneness. It was not to bad with Jake around, but once again..No Jake.....And whos responsible for that..none other then the vampire...Edward Cullen...Yes clap..clap...so joyess.....not...


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