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Counting Time

Novel By: dianasanchez106

Dawn Leigh is a 14 year old just starting highschool. She met three new best friends at band camp the summer before school starts. She doesn't know it yet, but two of her new friends are hiding something. Something deadly that changed their lives forever View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 5, 2013    Reads: 237    Comments: 61    Likes: 8   


Its midnight and I'm getting ready leave. My boss called and I have a job to do. I wish I had a say in my job. It doesn't even pay. The company chose me for this job because I am the last one anyone ever suspects. Apparently, I'm too kind and gentle-hearted to commit such crimes.

I'm a murderer or rather an assassin. My boss tells me who he wants dead and I get the job done. It's very simple. The bad part of it is . . . everyone he orders to kill, are innocent teens. I never understood why he wants them gone . . . but i can't question him.

The company quarters are about seven miles from my house. My car is black and I turned off all the lights. So now I'm invisible.

The drive there is very quiet. All the while I was thinking about who he wants dead. I'm not allowed to ask questions. He just gives me a name and a description. I find the person and then I kill them quickly. I have no time to feel bad about it. I try my best to not get attached to the victims, but sometimes they make it so hard.

I arrive at the quarters at exactly twelve twenty five. I have exactly fifteen minutes to make it there before I'm late. I park my car in the garage and take out my card. My card has my name, picture and information/job description.

The place is an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the woods. Very appropriate to host meetings about murdering people.

As I entered, I showed the two guards at the door my card and they escorted me into my boss's office. My boss is a chubby short guy with a wasted face and gray eyes. He's supposed to be dead, but he's in hiding. That's why he's here in this old abandoned warehouse in the middle of the woods.

"Zaq, you're here early," He said in his Irish accent. I stay composed but I'm laughing on the inside.

Yes sir, I figured the sooner I got here the better," I said casually.

"Indeed. I have a job for you," He told me as he got up and went to one of the filing cabinets behind his desk up against the wall.



"There's a girl. Her uncle has caused me trouble. She needs to disappear," He said.

"Alright," I sat down on one of the really old love seats in front of the desk. He plopped down a neat looking vanilla folder full of files.

"Her name is Dawn Leigh,"

"That's a pretty name," I said as I opened up the folder. I looked at her photo for a couple moments memorizing her features. Like the way her wavy hair falls over her shoulders neatly and the way her brown eyes sparkled with a huge smile.

"She's a very pretty person. Inside and out," He smiled a cruel smile and I looked at all her information. From the paper work, she seemed like the perfect girl.

"Yeah," I said.

"But remember, she needs to disappear. Make it fast Zaq," He said. I nodded and put the folder back on the desk. I got up and left.

I have a feeling that this one is going to be the biggest challenge ever.

I don't think I can ever forget the photo of Dawn Leigh in that folder.


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