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The Gift By Stacey Bell *Completed*

Novel By: Dolphin198818

A story about a girl who was born a psychic/medium.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 17, 2012    Reads: 29    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


Michelle was in the kitchen finishing up Sarah's birthday cake. (After her niece's death almost two years now, Michelle took up cake decorating, to get her mind off of the incident). Then came her daughter Sarah, who was named after her niece, nine months after she had died.

"How is it coming, babe," Jim said as he walked up behind her in his blue suit and tie. He had to go in for work after Sarah's birthday.

"I'm almost finished," smiled Michelle as she wrote Happy Birthday, Sarah on the cake. "So, what do you think?"

"Let me see," said Jim. He leaned over Michelle's shoulder to take a look at the cake.

Since it was just them three, Michelle had made a small round cake, with purple flowers and white icing, with purple writing.

"It's perfect," said Jim as he kissed Michelle on the cheek, before walking over to the table to pour himself a glass of pop and taking a sip.

"Can you believe she's going to be one today? I can't believe how quickly the time flies," said Michelle when she picked up the cake to sit it on the table.

"Yes, the time has flown," said Jim as he watched Sarah play with her Barbie dolls and invisible friends. Ever since she started talking a little, they have noticed that Sarah would sit there and talk and play as if she was playing with someone else.

Sarah was playing with her toys on the dining room floor, since they couldn't see her from the living room.

"Hi Sarah, can I play?" asked Jim before sitting down and crossing his legs.

Before walking out and getting Sarah's gifts, Michelle turned to watch Jim play with his daughter. She had noticed that ever since their daughter was born, and the incident with their niece, that Jim has been very protective. She didn't worry too much now, but whenever she starts school, Michelle knows that he will worry about her. Michelle took one last look, before rushing upstairs to their room and getting Sarah's gifts.

Sarah handed her dad Ken and she kept Barbie. Sarah put Barbie in the pink car and Jim put Ken in the swimming pool. Sarah loved her barbies and baby dolls. She must have had every Barbie doll and ken and a lot of babies, she was a little spoiled. Jim wanted to know who her imaginary friend was, so he decided to ask her some questions about them.

"So Sarah, what's your invisible friend's name?" asked Jim knowing that Sarah can't really talk yet. So Sarah pointed to her Barbie instead. "A girl?" he asked. Sarah nodded her head yes.

"Ok, you can bring her over," said Michelle as she laid the presents down on the table and interrupting their conversation.

"Are you ready to open presents?" asked Jim before scooping Sarah up, and being careful not to wrinkle her purple poofy birthday dress. Before leaving the floor, Sarah made sure that she had her Barbie with her.

"Hey baby girl," said Michelle when Jim handed Sarah over. Michelle already had the number one birthday candle lit. "Ok, before blowing out the candle, you have to make a wish; so close your eyes." Michelle said after they sung the happy birthday song.

Sarah didn't know what a wish was yet, so she hurried up and closed her eyes and Michelle helped her to blow out the candle. They then, opened up presents, ate some cake, and waved Jim off to work. He only had t work a couple of hours, and was going to be home in time to put Sarah to bed. Michelle walked Sarah back in the house to play with her new toys.


It was nine o'clock and Sarah's bed time. Michelle stayed downstairs to clean up, while Jim laid Sarah down.

"So, your invisible friend is a girl," said Jim as he turned on the light, before walking in. "Can you tell me what she looks like?"

He was standing beside Sarah's bed, ready to lay her down, when she pointed to his niece's picture. Jim looked at the picture and took it from the wall.

"This is your invisible friend?" asked Jim curiously. His daughter nodded her head yes. Jim was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe that his daughter was playing with his deceased niece. He put the picture back on the wall, laid Sarah down, gave her her stuffed bear, and went to tell Michelle.


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