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The Haunted House by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

Novel By: Dolphin198818

This story takes place in a little town in Pennsylvania. 1927, The Greene family had been murdered in their home by Derek, whose father had been sent to prison for life, because of Mr. Greene; after shooting Mr. Greene and his family, Derek then took his own life.

The house has been empty for 85 years, until a young couple who had just gotten married, and had a baby moved in and started to experience some activity that they don't know who is doing it.

As the new family moves into the house, and all of the activity begins to happen...they start to wonder if they should leave or what they should do.

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It was 1927, and Mr. Green was sitting in his living room reading the bible, like every Sunday night. His wife Anna Greene was in the kitchen washing dishes, as their two children Lenny and Elizabeth, (Lenny was five at the time, and just started kindergarten, and Elizabeth is four.) They were in the living room playing with their baby doll and toy truck making vroom-vroom noises. Lenny was pushing his toy truck across the hardwood floor.

Mr. Greene always enjoyed Sundays; especially the nights, because this was the time that he could play with his children, and be with his wife, who he loved dearly. Sunday's for Mr. Greene, where also relaxing, because he had worked all week in the office. He was a lawyer, who had graduated from Harvard University. His wife Anna, was a stay at home mom, who had inherited her parents house after they died.

On sunny days, the house looked beautiful on the outside, and inside. On the outside, the house was covered with red brick, all five stories of it. The roof had black shingles, and skylights here and there. The house was set back in the woods, so it couldn't be seen from the road. The driveway was about a mile long, and it was connected to a back road when they would leave the driveway. The back road, then led to a highway. No one could get into the house or driveway, without stopping at the gate, and pushing the button to be buzzed in. The name on the gate read the Greens Mansion. Mr. Greene had the name changed when Anna's mom and dad had given them the house. There was also a two stall garage, which matched the house.

On the sunny days when the light would shine through the glass windows, it would be so bright that you can see everything. It would light up the living room, that had a white couch, along with a loveseat, and a chair, and a fireplace. The fireplace had a mantel, which had pictures of the Greene family sitting on top of it. There was a big picture, overlooking the living room, the picture was of the family. Mr. Greene was in his black fancy suit, Anna was in her blue dress that had a white collar, Elizabeth was also in a dress, but it was purple, and Lenny was in his black suit, as well.

Anna had decorated the kitchen the way that she wanted it, in apples. She also had apple dishes, along with apple dishrags, wallpaper, and tablecloth. The kitchen was a fairly good size, enough to fit a dozen people.


As Mr. Greene read his bible and started smoking his pipe; there was a flash of bright light illuminated from the living room windows, and then a crash of thunder that shook the whole house. Elizabeth and Lenny screamed as they jumped onto their father; who dropped the bible on the floor to hug his children. Mr. Greene lad his pipe down on the stand next to the couch, as the storm began, and the rain began to pound on the roof. Anna, who was finished washing the dishes, rushed out to help with the children, and sit beside her husband. Elizabeth jumped on her mom's lap, as her mom hugged her, while Mr. Greene had done the same with Lenny. 'It's ok, it's just thunder,' said Mr. Greene, as he was comforting Lenny who was crying, along with Elizabeth.

'It will stop soon,' said Anna in her northern accent. Mr. Greene and Anna lived in Pennsylvania. Just then, there was another strike and loud bang, followed by the power going out, and the kids screaming. When all of the lights where off in the house or if it was dark, the house would have a scared eerie feeling to it.

'We have to find some candles,' said Mr. Greene, as he stood Lenny up, so he could get up off the couch. The living room was lit up enough by the fireplace, so they could see to find the candles.

As Mr. Greene went to find the candles; they heard a window breaking from the distance. 'What was that?' asked Anna, now sounding scared, and when Mr. Greene looked over at his wife, the scared look on her face had proven the sound of her voice. Mr. Greene pushed Lenny over to his mom, who held both of her children close, in her arms.

'You guys stay here, and I will go and look,' said Mr. Greene, as he slowly walked towards the kitchen, where the noise came from. Anna could no long see her husband when he walked into the kitchen, and got worried.

When Mr. Greene entered the kitchen; he seen that the big body sized window, had been shattered with a rock. He walked up to the broken window, and picked up the rock that was surrounded by glass to look at it, when he heard his wife scream, followed by two shots, and a couple of thuds. He quickly drops the rock onto the floor, and runs into the living room where the killer let's go a third shot, and shoots his wife, who fell on the couch, lifeless. Mr. Greene yells as he runs over to his family, lying helpless. He begins to cry as he held his wife's hand, and touches his children.

'Do you think I was going to let you live a normal wife, when you put my father in jail,' said the angry man amongst the shadows.

'Who are you?' cried out Mr. Greene angrily, as he tried to look for the man, but couldn't see him because he was in the shadows.

'I am Derek Black, and you are the one who put my father in prison for life!' yelled Derek.

'You will never get away with killing a lawyer, and his family!' yelled Mr. Greene.

'Awe, that's where your wrong….see I have decided to take the life's of you and your family for revenge, and then take my life, so I can be with my father,' said Derek angrily.

Before Mr. Greene could say anything else, Derek pulled the gun, shooting Mr. Greene in the stomach, before shooting himself and falling to the floor, along with the gun. Mr. Greene took one last look at his family lying their helpless, and then taking his last breath as he turned his head towards the window, as the lightning was flashing, the thunder banging, and the rain was pouring.

85 years later……..


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