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"Unknown" By Stacey Bell

Novel By: Dolphin198818

This is a story about a boy name Nick. He grew up in an abusive home, but found a way to come out on top. If you or you know of anyone that is abusive relationship or an abusive home, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. No one should be in an abusive relationship or home. P.s. some of this can be a little graphic. View table of contents...



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Present Day
"So Nick, after all those dark nights that you spent with your father and mother….how did you pull through?" asked a reporter woman as she held a pen ready to write down my answer. To understand how I got here, we must trudge back to the year I was born. Hi, my name is Nick Apple; yes it's just like the fruit and also spelled the same way. So, let's go back to the day I was born.
March 12, 1988
March 12, 1988, yep this is when I was born. I was surrounded by doctors and nurses and my mother holding me in a blue blanket. My father; well, I didn't see my father anywhere that I can remember. My mom always tells me that he had to go do a job, but now I know where he goes all these hours of the day. Let's skip ahead a little shall we.
April 12, 1988
I was eleven this time when my father decided to come home on one of his drunken rampages. He was about in his late thirties early forties, had short brown hair, and was a little muscular. He just gotten laid off at the factory he was working at, and my mom had to get two jobs to support our family. One job was in a restaurant as a waitress, and the other was a janitor and a school.
When my dad had arrived home from the day at the bar, he had seen that there wasn't any dinner on the table. He would always get mad if mom didn't have any dinner ready for whenever he would get home. So, as I sit in the living room at the coffee table doing my math homework, that I was really good in, I hear dad start to yell and throw things in the kitchen.
Mom had just gotten home from her second job, and she was in the bathroom getting her pajama's on, as she ran out and into the kitchen, to see my dad throwing plates across the room and smashing them against the wall as they fell on the floor in pieces. 'Bill! Stop it!' screamed my mother from the entry way of the kitchen.
"You!' he yelled as he pointed a finger at my mother. "You know the rules! You are suppose to have dinner ready for me when I get home!' he yelled at my mother. It always scared me whenever my father would yell, because it would echo through the entire house. I would just sit on the couch doing my homework, and waited for the fighting to stop.
'How am I suppose to know when you come home! You are always at the bar and you don't have a job anymore for me to know what time you come home!' yelled my mother. Ought oh! This was a bad thing to say to my father. He took losing his job very hard and he would was get angry when someone asked him why he didn't have one.
'Don't talk back to me!' yelled my father as he quickly rushed across the kitchen and slapped my mother across the cheek. My mother couldn't believe her eyes as she held her cheek and looked at him stunned and scared. My father had never hit my mother before this.
'I can't believe you hit me!' screamed my mother at the top of her lungs.
'Well, you didn't have my dinner ready and you know not to talk back to me!' yelled my father.
'I'm leaving!' yelled my mother as she went to storm to the bedroom to pack, but my father grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall.
'Your not leaving me! None of you can leave me….I will find you if you leave me!' my father yelled before taking a fist and hitting the wall beside my mother. He then took a look over at me and one more look back at my mother, before storming out of the house and slamming the door. My mother noticed that he was gone, and ran quickly over to me, and hugged me hard.
'I'm sorry baby that you had to see that,' she said as she held me.
'What's wrong with him?' I asked confusedly not knowing what drinking was at the time.
'He's just in a bad place right now, and if we stay clear of him, and does what he tells us to do then we'll be fine, okay?' asked my mother with tears in her eyes. I looked up at my mom with water feeling my eyes and just shook my head in agreement. I went back to my homework as she went to clean the kitchen up and to make us something to eat.
This is my first time writing one of these stories....for some reason this just popped into my head and it wouldn't leave me alone...I apologize a head of time if I have offended anyone and let me know if I should add anymore!!!!


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