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A New Act

Novel By: Emmi987

Alison was always the shy, lone girl. She only had a couple of friends, and she was fine one day. She wasn’t ever popular or in any group, until one day, a school critic, inspecting the after school drama club, noticed her talent for acting and suggested to Alison’s mother that she tried out for some acting parts on TV. Mrs. Vargas tried this out, and soon, Alison is in the acting business.
She isn’t very much used to it, but then meets Gregory, who is also new to this acting business. They become friends, and they venture through their new life together. What will happen through the year?
So much can happen. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 6, 2010    Reads: 88    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

"Miss Vargas, please pay attention in my class."

My head snapped up, the teacher's voice making me come out of my daydream. Ms. Montgomery's long, red-coated nails tapped on her desk. "Can you read on?" she asked.

I looked at the Anne of Green Gables book. "Um…" I mumbled.

"Page 62, paragraph 2, sentence 1," Ms. Montgomery said.

I turned to page 62 and started reading the second paragraph. "Anne had made good use of every--"

"Louder, please."

The students looked at me. I blushed and tried reading louder. I said in a louder voice, "Anne had made good use of every waking moment of that fortnight. Already she was acquainted with…"

Soon the bell rang, and it was time for lunch. I picked up my book bag and stood up. Mikki walked over to my desk.

"I think she was a little too hard on you," she said. Mikki was one of my few friends, and she always stood up for and was by my side.

"Probably," I muttered, I pushed my glasses up on my nose. "Or maybe I'm just too quiet."

We started walking to lunch. "But it's just you," Mikki said. "You can't change who you are. Anyways, English class isn't always that good. What grade do you have in that class?"

"A B plus," I replied. "I checked on Powerschool. On a comment, she said, 'too quiet in class, daydreams and doesn't pay attention.'"

"She's way too hard on you. It's completely normal that you don't pay attention sometimes. But hey, you have Drama Club after school today. At least you're good at that."


I looked up at the clock in the science room. It said 2:43. Come on, I thought. Just two more minutes.

I looked back at the front of the classroom. "Today's homework is on page 32, numbers 8-12," Mr. Lee was saying.

The bell rang suddenly, and all of the kids were rushing to the door. I walked slowly out of the classroom to room 54 and sat down in a seat.

"Welcome, young actors and actresses," Mrs. Baker said. "Today a critic has been at a school, and this is his last stop."

"Why hasn't the critic been in my classes?" I asked.

"He might do some more classes tomorrow. But right now, soon, the critic is coming to this classroom. Please be on your best behaviour."

Mrs. Baker looked around the classroom. "Let's start our script. Remember that the play is Beauty and the Beast. When the play is going on the stage in May, I need some of you to bring some costumes. The actors in this play please come up to the front of the class."

A lot of people stood up and walked to the front of the class, and so did I. I was supposed to play the part of Belle. I didn't exactly want the part; because I didn't think I had the talent for it. But half the class convinced me that I did.

"Okay, let's start from the beginning."

I started acting, just as a man in a business-looking suit walked in. Mrs. Baker conversed with him for a couple of moments, and then said to the class, "This is Mr. Cantu. He's the critic we were talking about."

Many of the kids nodded in greeting, and then turned back to the front, where I was. I heard Mrs. Baker say to Mr. Cantu, "We're practicing for Beauty and the Beast, and the ones on the stage are Beth, Benjamin, Alison…"

I tried to concentrate on the play. "In fact," Mrs. Baker said, "can we start off on the part where Belle is talking about the book?"

I nodded and started the part, where I had to sing. "Oh, isn't this amazing. Here's, where she meets Prince Charming, but she doesn't know 'til chapter three."

After the Drama Club, Mr. Cantu walked up to me and said, "I'm Mr. Cantu. May I ask, what is your name?"

A couple of kids were staying behind, pretending to be packing their backpacks. "My name is Alison, sir," I said quietly.

The man smiled, pulled out a card and gave it to me. "Give this to your parent or guardian."

I took the card, unsure what to do. "Sure," I said quietly. I put the card in my pocket and bustled out of the room. I heard the adults talking.

"Alison seems…one of a kind," Mr. Cantu said to Mrs. Baker. "I've given that card to her because she needs to show her true talent."

"I see," Mrs. Baker replied. "What did the card say?"

I quickly walked to my bus, took out the card and looked at it. I read it twice.

, it said. Show the talent you have. Please call 288-7655 to learn more.

Try out for acting


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