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My Life as a Teenage Pirate

Novel By: Emmi987

Crimson is a pirate, and so are the other teens on her crew. Join Justice, Caboose, Shadow Killer, Neptune, Iron Jack Kidd, Iron Jackie Kidd, and Crimson on their adventures on sea and land. View table of contents...


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"Aghh!" I heard the sword clash against my own. Sparks flew. Sweat streaked down my face. I looked over at Justice, who was dealing with his own opponent.

My name is Crimson. I have my own hard life to deal with. I'm, well, a pirate. But not just a pirate. The people in my crew, my ship, are young, like me. The other pirates, or at least most pirates, are older than 30. We are younger than 20.

"You...will...die!" I shouted as I clashed my sword against my opponents again. I ducked as his sword went for me and stabbed him in the abdomen.

"Oh!" the man said as he fell to the ground. He tried to stand up, but I think I hurt him mortally. He cried out, and then he was silent.

I looked around, pushing my long hair back. Half the men on this ship were injured or dead, but none of them were from my crew.

"Withdraw!" I yelled, and my crew started to board the plank that lead from this ship to ours. Then we broke the plank in half. The reason we didn't take the ship was because it was almost destroyed. It would sink soon.

"Wait!" Iron Jackie Kidd said as she ran to stop the breaking of the blank.

"What?" Justice and I said.

Iron Jackie Kidd ran across without answering. She climbed the first mast and grabbed the Jolly Roger flag. then she climbed back down, ran across, and nodded at me to continue. We broke the plank and set off again.

I opened the bag we brought that was full of treasures. I ran my hand through the gold and gems leisurely, enjoying the feeling of small pleasure.

"What is there?" Caboose asked.

"The usual," I replied. "Doubloons, sovereigns, gems."

Justice nodded slowly, and I could see him calculating the cost for a couple of swords. Or trying to. We're not good at arithmetic.

I took out my map. "Where next?" I asked. "To get our supplies and get some more gold."

Neptune looked at the map. "How about there?" she asked quietly, pointing to the Mediterranean Sea. Neptune is indeed quiet, but she's good with a sword and maybe a cannon.

I nodded. "We vote: aye or nay?" I said.

"Aye," Neptune said softly.

"Aye," Iron Jackie Kidd said.

"Nay," Iron Jack Kidd, the twin, said.

Iron Jackie Kidd looked at her brother and looked like she wanted to cuff him. She looked at Shadow Killer.

"Aye," Shadow Killer replied.

"Nay!" Caboose said. "We could all get killed. It's unknown waters. You...could get hurt." Blue Caboose suddenly looked down at his rough, callused hands.

"We're supposed to venture unknown waters," I said, standing up. "We're pirates! We're meant to take risks!"

I looked at Justice. "Nay," he said simply.

"It's a draw," I say. "Either I have to decide or the decision dies. Would you rather have me vote?"

Neptune, Iron Jackie Kidd, Justice, and Shadow Killer nodded.

I took a deep breath, and said, "Aye."


Iron Jackie Kidd folded the Jolly Roger flag and put it with the others. I looked out over the sea. We had some time until we should get to the Mediterranean Sea. We were in the Indian Ocean.

"How long will the journey take?" Justice asked.

"Does it matter?" I said putting my other arm on top of my right arm and putting my head on them. "We're pirates," I murmur, "we're meant to take long journeys..."

The next day, at dawn, we set off for the Mediterranean Sea. We would have many escapades, so it would be worth the wait.

We were not sailing for two hours when we heard a boom. Someone had fired at us! I looked and saw another ship, bigger than ours, and it had more men than we could probably handle.

"Neptune!" I shout. "Man the cannons!"

Neptune ran to the cannons to fire off. "Don't just stand around!" I say when the others don't do anything. "Do something! Iron Jackie and Jack Kidd, go help Neptune!"

They ran off, leaving Victory, Shadow Killer, Caboose with me. "We shall go aboard their ship." When we got close enough, we jumped across. I slipped, and then my legs were dangling in air. My right hand slipped, leaving me holding on with one hand.

I felt hands on my wrists now. Caboose and Justice pulled me up. I nodded them a thanks. Then we were greeted by many men with knifes and guns. I got ready.

I ran at one of the men with my sword and knife. He tried to stab my arm and barely missed--though he did nick my arm.

I grabbed my right arm and tried not to yell. I don't know why it hurt. They must have put some sort of chemical or poison on it, just enough to hurt.

Suddenly I heard a yell, but it wasn't my own. I looked to my far left. I saw Justice, and he was tangled in some sort of net. I ducked and a knife was above my head. The man I was fighting kicked me and I fell down. I knew it. I was weak. But the others say I'm a good leader.

I scrambled to my feet and dodged another blow. I ran to the net Justice was captured in, and started cutting through. Before I could get past my second rope I cut, someone pushed me down. I hit my head and then I saw blackness.

When I woke up, at first I did not know the place. My hands were tied and a bandana stuffed and covered my mouth. I realized there was blood on my head.

I looked around and saw the rest of my crew, bound and helpless. Fury flared within me. This could not be happening! We could not be helpless!


"You could either become one of us, or walk the plank," the captain, Davy Jones, said. He was the captain of the ship we were captured on.

"I'd rather die," I spat.

"Very well," Captain Davy Jones sighed.

The other's were asked the same thing, and they replied the same as I.

"Ladies first," Grit, one of the pirates, said, laughing wickedly. He untied me and pushed me out onto the plank. I gulped. Deep down, somehow, I knew this day would come. But I never thought it would come so soon.

I looked down at the sea. I feel at home on the sea, on the ship. But not in the sea. Brit pushed me forward more. I stumbled as the plank trembled. I then realized there was a pain in my right leg. I swallowed down fear and looked back at my crew. They looked fearful.

But where was Caboose?

Suddenly there was a gunshot and Grit fell dead. I looked to see the person who fired. It was Caboose, and there was a boy younger than him beside him. The barrel was smoking.

Caboose looked at the boy next him and said, "Thanks Rene." Then he came to me to help me back on. The rest of the ship had froze. Now, as I just stepped back onto the ship, all hell broke loose.

I ducked as a sword went for me and kicked the man in the stomach. Then I held him and slit his throat. Blood oozed from the place I cut and I let go. Now it was the boy that had helped Caboose that tried to hurt me. I easily battled him off, and then he was unconscious. Another man came at me and I ducked and he went past, straight into Justice's sword.

Justicelooked up at me. "Behind you!"

I ducked just in time. I hit the man with the end of my sword and he was knocked out. Justice then nodded at me. Then he nodded at the boy.

I understood. "Retreat!" I shout to the rest of my crew. Justice picks up the boy and crosses the bridge I made at the last minute.

Caboose crossed. So did Iron Jack Kidd and Shadow Killer. I then realized we were missing someone.

"Where is Neptune and Iron Jackie Kidd?" I demand. I immediately start searching the whole ship.

I then heard a shout. I looked up. Iron Jackie Kidd and Neptune were hanging from the top mast by their ankles! A man nearby was laughing.

I felt my fury flare again. No one hurts my crew. No one hurts Neptune and Iron Jackie Kidd. Not on my watch.

Hello. Since this is my first chapter in this book, I need you to tell me if it's good. Or okay. Or whatever. Just tell me and I'll see what I can do. Ugh you know what just comment?! xD Tell me what i can do. and stuff.


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