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The Secrets The World Keeps

Novel By: Entity

This world keeps us in the dark more than we know. Secrets are all around us. So what are these secrets? How do we learn them? What effects will it have on ourselves and those around us? Read to find out. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 6, 2013    Reads: 15    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

The Secrets The World Keeps


A thought is only as powerful as the individual who conceived it. If that individual remains silent, then the thought is lost in the ever expanding passage of time for all eternity. The secrets that the world keeps are revealed to us one by one over each generation. Whether we notice or not is our choice. Humanity as a species has become oblivious, stupid, lazy and uncaring due to being the dominant species on the planet. If we don't begin searching soon, The Secret of Our Generation will pass us by, and be lost just like so many powerful thoughts left unsaid.

If you pay close attention to the world, you may be able to see signs, like arrows, metaphorically speaking, leading to a specific end. Each of us on this Earth is meant to find a part of this secret, and with each piece collected, we get closer to furthering humanity as a whole. The journey begins in each functioning mind, and ends with peace of mind and body for all. Dive into your mind, and pull out every important thought. Commit it to memory or write it down but do not let it fade. If this secret passes us by, the hope of peace could be lost to us forever.

It has been years since a last great secret was revealved to us. Nicola Tesla was one of the last to bring one of these secrets to the attention of mankind. The most important person on Earth will not be the man with the most money, or a man with a political position. He will likely be the pennyless man who finds beauty in all things. The one who has never used his anger. Find this person, and you will likely find the secret.

The World is not not patient, and will not wait for an eternity while we peck and scratch at the dirt. The World, and therefore The Secret, will pass us by. We as a generation. . . No we as a species must band together, and truly seach for The Secret of Our Generation. Don't let The Secret slip away. We must all speak out, and we must all speak out for a noble cause. Peace, freedom, love, decency, anything that spreads good, and doesn't harm a soul. The Secret awaits. Will we find it, or will we simply let our world remain the same.

It is up to us as a species, and it is not a trivial matter. It could be life or death. Anythin could be a clue. A friend in need, a homeless man begging for change. Nothing is a trivial matter. it is all of grave importance. If you are interested in learning The Secret, then read on, and don't be afraid to search. Most of all, be kind, and caring. The secret will be revealed to those of good hearted nature.


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