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The Secrets The World Keeps

Novel By: Entity

This world keeps us in the dark more than we know. Secrets are all around us. So what are these secrets? How do we learn them? What effects will it have on ourselves and those around us? Read to find out. View table of contents...


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The Secrets the World Keeps

Chapter 3: The Currency Conundrum

If you look closely in history, and in current events even, you may see how negatively the use of currency has effected us all. Most obviously, it is the basis of what keeps one man more powerful and noteworthy than another. All other traits are often ignored, as long as one has more money. This keeps one mans thoughts above another's, and therefore keeps the thoughts frome connecting and culminating. This is what I constantly refer to as The Currency Conundrum. As stated in previous chapters, we must treat each man on this earth as we would treat another. Currency however can cause even the best of us to faulter in our morals, and of course, we all act on self preservation.

The Currency Conundrum can only be solved by ridding ourselves of currency entirely. Only then would the human species be level with one another, and therefore, able to connect. Currency has kept many great people from propper recognition. Nikola Tesla was a genius, and of course he was The Voice of a previous generation. His thoughts brought a great age of technology, but the importance others placed on currency resulted in many not being able to afford the technology even today.

The term "money makes the world go round" is propaganda, even if nobody in the human race actually realizes it. Those with money would much rather have currency remain, as they've grown accustomed to their power. They don't seem to realize that their power is what is keeping the species back as a whole. They would have us believe that they are furthing our advances. Perhaps from a technological standpoint this is true, but even that is debatable. All great minds the world has ever known came from humble beginnings. These minds therefore drew inspiration from the world around them, as well as the people inhabiting it and so, they were able to gather from several different perspectives. People of note in todays world however are born into wealth and power, and therefore are only influenced by money, and their own perspective, which revolves around money. This is the final stage of The Currency Conundrum, and the stage that will soon lead to humanity's downfall.

If we can find some way to bannish currency from our existence, then soon, great minds will develope in our world once more, and creations from these minds can be put to use. without currency in the way to halt the progress of new ideas, the world would flourish in likely every area. Technologically, medically, and of course, mentally overall. Currency is keeping the potential of our great minds at a standstill, and those who support the use of currency need to be shown the correct way of thinking. Do away with currency, and humanity will learn to give to recieve. Help someone, and they will help you. Use whatever skills you have to help your fellow man, and your fellow man will help you obtain what you need.

Due to currency, the simple brain function that accesses the instict of self preservation has become needlessly complicated, and in some cases, has even caused otherwise reasonable and healthy people to resort to theft, murder, suicide, and several other acts of desperation. I will not say that the end of currency is the end of these acts, but it could very well lower the rate significantly. The abolishment of currency is not easily achieved, just as most things worth doing are not, but with the right mindset, we may be able to convince those who have been so influenced by currency to change their views on the subject. If we can achieve this, it will be one of the greatest steps toward a peaceful future that humanity has taken in decades or centuries even.

There are those who would refer to this writing as youthful rebellion, however rebellion, by definition is a lack of respect for rules, and authority, neither of which I have any real problem with. What I do have a problem with is the way our current authority attempts to keep us all in line. They create rules based on their own opinions, giving little to no thought to the opinions of others. Never let your dreams of peace be disregarded as simple rebellion, but make perfectly clear your intention to bring about a new era. We must all let the world know about their impending downfall, and bring about the end of currency by peaceful means. This is the ultimate Milestone of humanity's journey to a new world. We need not move in space, nor time, but simply in our own minds to bring our dreams of peace to fruition. Do not give in, and bring peace to those around you. soon, The Currency Conundrum will be a thing of the past.


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