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My Princess

Novel By: eragon96

Callista(Kally) Paige~ jet black with silver streaks straight past shoulder length hair, silver eyes, pale slightly glowing skin, loves to read and write, smart and nice

Patrick(Pat) Belle~ light brown long shaggy hair, blue green eyes, tan skin, loves to read and write, nice and smart

Kally and Pat are in love- but they're cousins! View table of contents...


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I walked up the stairs toward the princess' chamber. I was taking her supper up to her. My skirt was quite long and big so I stumbled and almost fell. But prince Patrick caught my elbow just before the tray toppled over and right before I hit the floor.

"Uh... Thank You your majesty." I said respectfully. Then I curtsied and continued up the stairs with the prince staring after me.

I swept into the princess' room and set the tray on her desk. "Here you are M'lady." I said curtsying and cleaning up the princesses art supplies as she sat down.

"Thank you young servant." She said picking up her fork and knife. She started to eat.

"I will draw your bath for when you are done M'lady." I said and walked into the bathroom.

I filled the tub and put in soap just as she walked in. I helped her undress and into the tub. I washed and conditioned her hair and rubbed in fragrance. I helped her out and she dried off. Then I helped her put her nightgown on and she got into bed.

"Goodnight M'lady." I said lighting a candle on the bedside table. "I will see you Sunday." I said, because most of the slaves (or as we like to call ourselves, servants because the royal family was quite nice) had off on Saturday. I silently closed the door and nearly ran into the prince.

"Oh! Good Evening Prince Patrick. Sorry for running into you." I said curtsying.

"That is quite all right. You look tired. I shall walk you down to the servant housing in case you happen to faint." He said politely holding out his arm.

I lightly put my arm around his and we walked downstairs. As a matter of fact I did faint. All I remember was falling into the prince's arms and being put into my bed.

I woke to a chorus of giggles from the other girls and "Wow! Amazing!" "Why her?" "What happened?" "I wish I was her!"

"Uhhh!" I groaned as I sat up. I looked around at the girls crowded around my bed.

"What happened Kally?" One girl asked. Another asked "Why was the prince with YOU?"

"I was leaving the princess' room and I ran into the prince. He said he would walk me down here in case I fainted. I did faint so he carried me down here. End of story, Goodnight." I said rolling back over and snuggling under my blanket.

Again I awoke but this time it was to a rising sun. I got out my journal and began to write:

Dear Diary,

The prince carried me to bed after I fainted last night! The prince! Can you believe it? I can't, but I think I might be in love woth him. That is not good. If anyone found out and told the king I would for surely be in trouble. Anyways today is our day off and we are playing basebal! Yay I love Baseball!

Signed Kally.

I got up and got dressed for the day. A shorter skirt and short sleeve shirt with sandals and a ponytail in my hair. I went to walk outside in the gardens to inspire my poems. Here is one that came to mind:

Flowers bloom

flowers wilt

but what will always stay

is the beauty of nature

Finally the boys came out of their room and soon after that the girls followed. We grabbed our stuff and headed down to the field. It was just a big open space on the castle grounds reserved for ball games. I was team captain so I picked my three best friends Taylor and Daryle, along with Light, Ryuzaki, Misa, Kaname,Zero, and Yuuki. The other team captain was Lucy, who got Stephen, Sam, Keith, Daniel, Polly, Kenny, John, and Summer.

My team was up to bat first, with Stephen pitching for us. Zero went first, then Ryuzaki, I went next. I walked up to home plate, bat in hand. I brought my bat up almost to my shoulder with my elbows out. Stephen wound up the ball and... it whizzed past me. I looked toward the castle just before he threw it and saw the prince watching me!

"Okay sorry. Try it again." I said getting back into position and looking at the pitcher.

This time I saw it coming. It whizzed towards me and I swung. I heard the impact and I took off running. First base, second base, third base. Almost home, almost home. I heard the ball before it hit me, I ducked down just a bit and it zipped right over my head. I slid into home plate with a chorus of cheers from my team.

The rest of the game was kind of a blur, I kept thinking about the prince. But when my team lifted me up on their shoulders and chanted "Kally! Kally!" I was snapped back into reality.

Afterwards we all went out for lunch at the small cafe down the road. Everyone pitched in to by my lunch, for it was a tradition that everyone bought the winning captain lunch. We spent the afternoon walking around the market and just hanging out together. After supper we went back to the castle to go to bed.


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