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Dear Diary (from Al)

By: Evangeline17

Chapter 1, Al Pries is an average girl, or so she seems. She\'s a little boy crazy, but for an 8th grader, no one thinks she\'s strange. There is only one person she tells her struggles to, but one other person who she tells herself she loves.

March 22, 2011

Dear Diary,

I am bored. I know, what a surprise you say. Isn’t this what I’ve said just about every day since I started writing you my dear ‘friend’? Exactly. You know, it is quite strange writing to a friend named ‘Diary’ so I think I should give you a name. Now let me think carefully, this might take a while, but I will eventually find a name for you. It has to be something good, something descriptive. Let’s see, wait for it, I’m thinking, stop bugging me to come up with something. Pressure doesn’t help my thought process. Okay, I got something. Your name is now Joe. Don’t ask why, it just came over the processor of my brain. Thank you very much; I know it’s just perfect for you.

So, Joe, how is it like being the one and only thing I confide in? You must feel so special, I’m happy for you. Perhaps you find it sad that I have no animated being to confide in. My plight really isn’t that bad, I know there are people who don’t even have enough to eat, but I do still feel sorry for myself quite often. Today is one of those days.

I didn’t even go anywhere today. I’m not smart so nothing interesting for school. Yay! I don’t have anything unique or intriguing to tell you about my life.

Goodbye for now Joe,

Rosalie (Al) Pries

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