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Story from in the book Dark Bright

Novel By: Factxzrx

Ace Mr. Mango's Little Bundita is met and matched with a tribe who is and will claim a realation to her blood as does the mystery of her mother's death. View table of contents...


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The vending machine shook, inside the snacks, its lights, the slot, the money inside and standing in against it they stood; Ace, Jinx, Lizzy, Roxxy and Diggs. She walks them on by, looking on to the five as they lean on one another and in to the vending machine it self. She sets a stare, smirking on to the two in the red stiff suits, the one with a patched eye; Jinx then on to the one that stood in a means for meat; Diggs. Diggs steps out from in his lean, looks directly on to the waitress, her long black hair, the darkness from in flesh that flexed a grinning stare his way then matched it from in his.
The restaurant sits in under the five towering palm trees, leaving it enclosed, sitting in behind and sat still as five more towering from behind. Ace gives her ok, nodding her head as she stepped forward. "You two Busters, hit the dirt." She said then stepped out in to the isle way for any and all to see. Lizzy steps out from in her lean, from resting her back on the machine, her skintight silk pants, matching brown cotton shirt used for her own comfort as the two sawed off shotguns rest under her arms from in the black leather coat as her long dirty golden hair waves in covering any other sign from off her of being armed. "See you two in the wind." She said as she tilted her head back then whipped it from side to side leaving Diggs and her lusting red-blooded sailor from in a curtain of her own as the beats from in their feet kicked out as hers intentionally kicked in.
Jinx and Diggs standing their grounds from out side, standing in under the third of the five palm trees from in the entrance, its leaves as they dance in around them from on the ground as the moons shine from over the street lights lets the wind provide for them a sing.
"Gimm me Light." Jinx asked leaning back against the tree, cigarette in mouth as his hand brush a crisp down along the red suit.
"I hate these suits." Diggs said from after splitting its threads as his hands dug in to its pockets.
"Ierrr." Jinx agreed yet stood his stance, maintained his crisp feel from in it and waited for Diggs to fire him a light.
"Nope." Said Diggs shaking his head, ready and willing to rip the suit from off his vein clenched skin.
"Yra." Jinx said then tapped the back of his skinned head from off the tree.
"Ya what?" Diggs asked, stepped aside and watches as Jinx spits the cigarette on to the ground, licks the palm of his right hand; slides it along the top off his skinned head then with his left he taps the tips on to his patched eye and continues to step on in to the entranceway of the restaurant.
"This isn't Havana you crazy salt blooded fucker." Diggs said then shock him self from in the tensing stretch then fires up a match and burns himself a cigarette.
The bar sits very few, usually and captivated for sitting a couple dozen. Unlike its full to the fullest version from in the Big Mango that takes space from in half the block of the Islands finest and greatest of Casino's. The Mango as it sits so promptly put on the Islands private shore line, a shore line belonging to Mr. Mango him self is an establishment based on its guests the very few who are and have had the privilege to its welcome.
"With the wind." The bartender said, sliding a napkin in under the glass of whisky and setting it in front of the women he seems to find quite beautiful, continuing to stare on to her breasts, letting it slide from on her skin exposing stomach and making sure he was paying enough attention to her dazzling green eyes from in the winks he possessed as his libido keeps memory of how and what he would do to her if he was their with her alone.
"A pleasure." Said Roxxy spreading out her hands, sliding her forearms along the bar top and ready to grab the Bartender by his perking little black bowtie and smashing the drink in to his eye. She looks down on to the white denim bikini top, its loose threads as it's feathered in around her breasts, the two buttons in its center used as if it were are pair of shorts and its twining threads for straps to support her well developed lumps for love that suit her well as dose the matching denim pants the Bartender now has his eyes on. "Is it like this here or what?" She asked, catching the bartender sneaking a stare as he wipes the bar top clean with its rag.
"What do ya mean?" He asked, ending his wipe. Roxxy brings her right hand in under her hair, uses her pinky to relive the itch from in her ear then lifts her pink streaked blond hair up and slides it from out of the right side of her face asking, "Am I the only American chick you get to see around here or what?" The Bartender steps in, dropping the rag in its it place in under the bar then seen the big bald one eyed man stepping in, cigarette in his mouth, undoing the first two buttons and his shirt as the veins begin pulsing out from in his skin. He reaches down in under the bar, sets his hands on a book of matches then steps aside, leaving Roxxy in her place, before he could slide a match from out of its hold for sticking Roxxy reached over and grabbed them from in his hand.
"Darling." Said Jinx, watching as she grips the booklet in her hand.
"No, you quit." She said, clenching the matchbook in her hand then quickly grabbed a hold of her drink and looked into the opposite direction. Jinx steps in, lifts his leg up over the stool next to her then slapped his hand onto the matchbook that the bartender slid his way.
The Sign read do not disturb and as it always did.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Ace asked, annoyed from in the introduction she had to use to get in, waving her badge around, showing it off to the waiters and cooks as she walked in thru their kitchen and on in to the back of the restaurant where now she waits for Lizzy to blow it open or explain to her why she's waiting.
"You want me to blow this fucking door down?' Lizzy asked, looking on to Ace from out the corner of her eye, knowing Ace has been itching about the whole deal ever since she had to jump aboard from in the bout they were in from after Jinx fell asleep with a burning cigarette that lead a blistering leak and them in a bubble as the shore welcomed them in. "You could have had this out fit you know, I offered it to ya."
"Brown" Ace said breaking a smile. "It's not this suit; I like what I'm wearing."
Lizzy rolls her eyes in deeper, catching a good long glimpse of the pitch black tuxedo, the leather bowtie, its silver studded cuff links then looked away quickly, holding back on her grin from in her silly view on the braids tied back in tails in her dark brown European hair that Diggs twisted in him self for the pretty little Ace. "Then what is it?" Lizzy asked gripping a handle of one of her shotguns with her right hand.
"Its yours."
"What? Mine."
"Ya." Ace said stepping in as Lizzy went for a grip of a shotgun with her left hand now standing her eye-to-eye with both arms flexing in front of her chest.
"Excuse me." Said the waiter, standing over his fruit cart, looking on to both of them with out a care, chewing his gum like a hot shot and now waiting for them to step from out of his way.
"Ya." Ace said stepping back, grabs the cantaloupe from off the cart, steps back in lifting her knee, hits the waiter in the back and he goes tumbling down the hall, dragging in behind the cart as it pulls him on down. Lizzy swings out her shotgun, holds her left hand up under her breast clenching a fist as Ace slaps the cantaloupe on to the end of the shotgun, swings it in to the door way then steps behind Lizzy and says. "You're the one who's jealous." The door blows open, Lizzy steps in, Mr. Mango sits in behind his desk, his hands wiping the fruity mush from off his face, the naked tanned skin, black long haired girl stands up from in under his desk. "What is this?" She asked covering her breast and midsection with her hands, stepping back against the wall as Ace steps out in front of Lizzy with her two daggers.
"You want me to curve her sour little heart out?" She asked Mr. Mango, staring down on him, stepping in as the naked girl bounces from off the wall with no more room to move. Mr. Mango quickly goes for his pants, doing up his zipper, buttons them then wipes the fruit mush from off of his bared chest saying. "You girls, we have to go about this in order, in a different way. God you could of killed someone here."
"Is he fucking retarded?" Asked Lizzy as she stands in behind Ace.
"Just give us our fucking money already." Said Ace, lowering the blades down to her side.
"Ok, ok, I have the money." Mr. Mango said, rubs his hands in to his black balding hair, wiping the fruit out then rubs it off his face and from in its mustache.
"Did she just pee her self." Lizzy asked, whispering it in to Aces ear from behind.
"Ah." Lizzy said, looking on to the girl, nodding her head. "You pee; you piss hu, right fucking here."
"Girls, girls." Mr. Mango said holding his hands up in front of his face then freezes after seeing the big skin headed, patch eyed man in a red suit step on in.
"Ooh Lizzy." Jinx Said, looking over shoulder and on to the shaking naked girl as she slowly steps in behind Mr. Mango.
"Where's Roxxy?" Asked Ace then took in another step, stands in over the desk and stares on to Mr. Mango's balding head as it tilts down in behind his hands.
"She's in the kitchen entertaining the chef" Jinx's answered, remains his stand in the door way and continues to stare and watch as the naked girl continues to shake.
"Lets goho." Said Lizzy, blowing her wind in thru the braids of Ace's hair. Aces swings back her arm, sliding her blade back in her hip then reaching out as Lizzy hits the meets her hand with the handle of the shotgun.
"Let's go." Ace said, holding up the shotgun, tilting down over Mr. Mango's head. "I'll stuff this thing so fucking far down your throat. That little bitch will on her knees sucking it from out of your ass." She pushes the end of the barrel in to his head, he holds out his arms, brings up his left hand as he reaches in to the desk drawer with his right and pulls out a set of keys, dangles them up above the desk.
"What the fuck is this." Ace asked, looking onto the keys. Mr. Mango with his head down, looking on to his desk says. "I wasn't expecting you; you were to be here yesterday." He brings up his head, Ace drops the shotgun, swings back, Lizzy grabs it from out of her hand. The naked girls steps in to Mr. Mango, stares on to Jinx. Mr. Mango sets his right arm around her, pulls her in and sits her on his knee then says. "If your mother could only see you know."
"Ya Daddy go fuck your self." Said Ace, looking on to him then looks up onto the mural of her mother hung high on the wall behind Mr. Mango's desk.
"What is it Lizzy?" He asked her. Lizzy looks at him, raises her brows then lifts her hand up and uses her thumb to point out Jinx. Jinx steps back, about to light a cigarette, letting it drop on to the ground then steps out, to the side and away from in the office.
"The fucking Sailor." Mr. Mango said squeezing the naked girl's right thigh with her hand, tensing her body against his as he grunts it again. Ace looks back; Lizzy looked down and away as Ace looks for any sign of Jinx.
"You going to marry this crazy Pirate?" Mr. Mango asked. Ace turns back, looks onto the girl on his knee, on to him, and says. "We already did." Down goes the naked girl, tumbling on to the ground as Mr. Mango swung out his hands, clenches them onto his chest leaning back in his chair.
"Daddy." Ave cried out stepping in around his desk. "Daddy."
"ah hu." Mr. Mango said, laughing as he grabs a hold of her, hugs her, kiss's her on the head. "My little puta." He said, kissing her then sprung her off his knee, slaps her on her but and says. "You, my fucking door hu. Last time you and you." He points on to Lizzy, her moth opens. "You girls and where's that fucking Diggs. I wonder what that pinky hair girl is doing in my kitchen. When are you going to stop, have some kids hu, ah have a little puta of your own."
"Daddy." Ace said swinging out a blade with her left hand.
"Ok, ok alright one more job for you and you," He says looking on to Lizzy calling her "Little bundita, you go to the hotel."
"What is it Daddy." Ace asked stepping back, twirling the key chain in her hand, and then setting them into her pocket after backing in to Lizzy.
"This mess." Mr. Mango said, rubbing his hands on to his face as the naked rubs hers in to his shoulders. "Go to the hotel, have a night in the city, see my new plaza. Tomorrow you and your friends you tell me what you think."
"We're leaving tonight daddy."
"Tonight I take you out." Mr Mango said then mumbles "That fucking Pirate, one fucking eye." He slaps his hands on top of his desk, looks around at the fruit mush, the door splints along the floor, up on to Ace and says. "Go to the hotel, I'll be there in a few hours." Reaches in to the desk drawer, grabs a set of keys then throws them up over to Ace and says. "And my little Bundita, please, that suit it was scaring me." Ace squints her eyes, clenches the keys in to her hand then turns her back to him and steps on out.
"Hummer." Said Lizzy stepping in under the parking lots lamppost.
"Hummer Ace said then triggers the auto lock from in the key chain. Diggs steps in behind her, humming, growling as the suit begins to tighten around his chest then squints his eyes trying not to let it rip, knowing when he steps up to get in that its going to let tear.
"What's so funny?" He asked noticing Lizzy breaking for a smile as he tries to control a deep breath.
"Rip it up." She said. "She feels the same way."
"Ya, that's why were not in their eating and entertaining Mad man."
"Where's Roxxy?" Asked Ace, stepping in to the driver's side door of the silver Hummer then looks in to the doorway, see's Jinx and waves him out as Lizzy and Diggs step in to the back.
Jinx steps in to the doorway then steps back out in front of Roxxy as she steps in behind with a whisky bottle in her hand. Roxxy steps in to a tree, looks down along the four others, up in to the sky then brings the bottle up to her lips and sucks the whisky on back. "Jinxs" She calls for him after slurping the bottle out of her mouth. Jinx steps back, steps in under the shade of the tree, dancing around her, knowing she was already half drunk then lifts her up into his arms and carries her to the jeep as she laughs, cries for help and lets him carry her on as Liz, Diggs and Ace watch and wait
"Now what?" Asked Jinx sitting him self next to Diggs as Roxxy sat up with Ace.
"Hotel, shopping, breakfast with daddy in the morning." Said Ace after turning the key and now rolling out in along the five palm trees as they held their means from in the comfort of her fathers land.
"Ya Daddy" Lizzy said, looking on to Jinx.
"Eye yeyrrr." Jinx said then caught the look in Aces eye as she stared down Lizzy and said. "Shut up bigmouth."
"What wait a minute what's going on?" Roxxy asked her voice slurred, tilting her head, knowing something was going on between Lizzy and Ace that wasn't meant for secret. She turns in her seat, looks on to Lizzy sitting in behind Ace then looks on to Jinx sitting in the seat behind, he winks brings his hand up setting his finger in front of his lips.
"Ace and Jinxs sitting in a tree." Lizzy whispered and slowly whispers. "K,i,s,s,i,n,,g."
"Love." Roxxy said, rolling her eyes, turning her slowly back in to her seat then is left in shock saying "Marriage"
"You're a retard Lizzy." Ace said, looking up into the rearview then looks on to Jinxs and winks.
"Oyhaa" Diggs cheered, his shirt tears open, the jacket splits sending a ripping squeal in thru the jeep, and Jinx joins in with the laughter then leans forward, sets his face in behind Aces, slides it along hers, and then gives her a kiss saying. "My sweet bundita. You know I'd do any thing to see you wet, leaking sweetness."
"Get, euueewue." She says, shrugging her shoulder as he lays her with another kiss.
"Another job." Lizzy said after Jinx sat back in his seat.
"Noooo" Said Diggs then says, "Our holiday."
"Ohwell." Roxxy said followed by a hiccup.
Ace keeps her hands on clenched on to the wheel looking out in to the ocean then up in to the mirror to get a look at her team then follows their eyes back out in to the view as the city lights begin to light, shine, and set from in their place as its people do what it is they all do; Dine, dance, drink, gamble and be as it is from in the means of the island of entertainment.


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