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Upcoming Stories: Summaries and Characters :D

Novel By: FantasyDragon

As the title states, these are my upcoming story ideas and character pics for said stories :3 View table of contents...


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Well Hellooooooo! :)

I'm posting up my ideas for upcoming stories and I want your opinions and such. I'm going to post all of these up at some point but I want to know which one you guys want to see first so give me your honest opinions! I probably won't be posting the new story until I have completely finished Faerest so you have a while to give me opinions haha :)

P.S. These are all Fantasy stories


Story 1 - Elementals story (No title yet)

Cover coming soon

Summary: Elementals control the elements and keep out world in balance but in order to maintain that that balance, they have to keep themselves in balance. This means they cannot mix with their enemy element. Such as Fire and Water. So what happens when one Fire feels the need to boil anothers Water? Will things be thrown completely put of balance, or made even better?

Go to Chapter 2 for character pictures

Story 2 - Baby Dragons

(And yes, in case you were wondering, that is my real name in the corner)

Cover by Kitkattish <3

Summary: Baby dragons have always been the most dangerous creatures when not properly trained. They hold powers that, if not used right, could destroy the earth as we know it. And as they grow older without training, the deadlier they become. It is vital to train the baby dragons before they get out of hand. But when Earth suddenly falls into great danger, more power is needed meaning the untrained baby dragons could save everything. There's really only one way to find out.

Go to Chapter 3 for character pictures

Story 3 - As We Go (This is a Sherrilyn Kenyon Fan-Fiction)

Cover coming soon

Summary: The Katagaria wolf pack has changed a lot over the past years. With Daimon attacks, lack of food and dying off of females, things haven't exactly been easy for the wolves. Aneka is one of them living with her uncle Vane and his wife while trying to fight off creatures destined to kill her kind. The only problem is being a wolf in the heart of New Orleans doesn't always make it easy to fight, especially with how many people live in the booming city that are afraid of wolves. But a job must be done in order to save her pack and Aneka is determined to do it and do it well. No matter what happns to her...

Go to Chapter 4 for character pictures

Story 4 - StarLight

Cover by Kitkattish <3

Summary: Sirens kill humans. They sing their songs, lour people in, and take them. End of story. The end. Right?
L'Abri is a siren with dreams. She doesn't like killing the humans even though she needs to to survive. What's wrong with that? In her world, everything. The others think she's crazy, including her mate that will impregnate her then leave a week later. Yep. Life as a siren is a wonderful thing.

Go to Chapter 5 for character pictures

Story 5 - He Loves Me... Not

Cover drawn by my friend Candace <3

Summary: Vampires can't fall in love with anyone other than their own kind. Nor can they have children with any other species. At least, they thought so. There was a time when vampires could "mate" so to say with any species they wanted but they results were disasterous so that stopped almost as soon as it started. But now, over a thousand years later, things are changing. Species are becomin friendlier with one another and things are falling in and out of place. And it all starts with one fairy and her vampiric lover.

Go to Chapter 6 for character pictures


There they are :D Leave me comments of which one you want to see first and on the characters and all that. And please don't just look at by the title or the cover. Actually read the summaries carefully and give me your honest opinions. I want the truth people!

Like I said, you have until Faerest is completely finished before I'll be posting up the first story :)

Thanks you guys! heart

Oh! And if you could be so kind as to drop a title idea for the elementals story. I'm stuck :P Thanks


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