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Penny For Your Thoughts?

By: GoneAroundTheBen

Chapter 2,

August 25th, 2007

Dear New Neighbor,

Welcome to the lovely Stonemill Community... Or at least, that's what Mother told me to write. I just don't really see Stonemill as "lovely." Don't get me wrong, Stomemill is a beautiful place and a wonderful place to grow up in, but it's just... "not my cup of tea" as Mother would say.
I want to be able to live somewhere where I won't be judged because of my outgoing personality, or because I want even my appearance to clearly set me out as an individual.

You see, I look... different, from the other kids here in Stonemill. I don't wear dresses or skirts like the other girls, I always wear pants. I don't have long, luscious, flowing, golden-blonde hair like all the kids in school, mine is straight, snow-white, and short like a boy's. All the girls wear heels, I wear combat boots.

When I'm eighteen, im moing to move somewhere else. Somewhere like the city. Have you ever been to the city? I hear that in the city, people stay up all night and that there are all sorts of misfits that roam the streets. They say that everyone who doesn't have a home finds a home in the city. I wonder if I will find a home in the city. I sure hope so.

Since you're just moving in, you obviously have moved from somewhere. Where did you move from? Also, what's your name? My name is Melody. It matches me because I love music. What about you, do you love music?

Anyway, the point of this letter was to welcome you to the Stonemill Community, so... welcome, I guess.

Yours Truly,
Melody S.

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