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My Life In GT

Novel By: grandturkrocs

My Life. Grand Turk as My Home,Everyone sees me here every day,and never know what I hide behind my smile. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 16, 2012    Reads: 24    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Saturday, March 10 th


That Was The First Word That Popped Into My Mind When I Thought About Grand Turk. I Mean, Grand Turk Was Amazing -The Nice Sunny Climate,The Warm Cool Breeze, The Crystal Blue Seas- But I Wasnt Allowed Outside My Yard Unless I Was Staying In The Neighbourhood , Going To School Or Classes , Or With My Friends At Their Houses.

Right Now I Was Sitting On The Wall With My Best Friend Chanye, Who's Birthday Is Today. We Were Planning What We Were Going To Do Later, I Mean, She Was Now 15 ! I Would Be 15 In October,But That Didnt Matter Right Now. Since The Year Started, I've Made Friends, Lost Friends, And I Don't Think My Hater Meter Has EVER Been So High.

It Sickens Me That Some People Who I Have Been Friends With Since Pre-K Hate Me So Much Now. Did I Mention That They Have No Reasson To? I Never did Anything To Them, At All. I Just Don't Know What To Say To Them Anymore,I Just Ignore Them.

The Main One Is Lioneisha.

Oh My gosh, That Girl Can Run her Mouth ! And She Lies All the Time ! Forget About her, She Has this Whole Group of Girls Who Practically Worship her. One Of Them Was my Friend Darnell. Darnell Was Good,She Was Cool You know? Like that friend Who Knows That She has A Brain,But Gets Used A Whole Lot. That Was Darnell. She Could Stand Up To Anyone Except Lioneisha. They Were Born On The Same Day,So Lioneisha Put The thought In Her Head That their Sisters. Chanye And Darnell Arent As Close As Me And Chanye, Or Me And Darnell, But they Are Cool.

Chanye-Her real name Is Renee,We call her Chanye because Her mom's name is Chandi- Is Probably The Complete opposite of Darnell. Chanye isWeird in her own unique way, Has a mind of her own,Funny,Is quiet around people but is wild around her friends,Thats Chanye.

Another One Of My Friends Is Alexia. Lexi is the craziest chick you could meet ! I mean,she is the TOTAL Nicki Minaj,without all the booty. She definetly has The boobs though,Just yesterday we were talking about how she needs liposuction. seriously, when she runs,her chest moves UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN. Its The Total 411.

Umm.....What am I forgetting before I finish this chapter? If You need any info comment cause I'm not sure. Hey, Maybei should Say what happened while we were outside before I finish the chapter.

So as I said,Chanye And I were sitting on the wall outside of my house,when all of a sudden my guy best friend Rolphi goes speeding down the road on his motorbike. " ROLPHI !!!!!!" We Screamed it like how he said his Mexicans Used To say It. Rolphi was from Mexico,His Mom's side of the family,but his mom was born in Miami,so was his dad which is how they met and thats where Rolphi was born. We met in Miami,and when I moved,his family were just settling in to the islands. It was nice to know someone other than Chanye,who I knew my entire life.Rolphi turned around 360 style and came to us. He started to say something,but then our eyes met.

Anyways,as I was saying,It was nice to know a guy who wasnt my friend because he wanted to be with me,my money,or my looks. Nice. Rolphi was about 5'10,with a caramel skin tone and chocolate brown eyes to match. He had his hair braidedat the moment,but you gotta know how Mexican feels. Its like silk,I could play in his hair for hours.i stared into his eyes,and he stared back. I dont think I Love him,I told my friends I didnt. They didnt believe me. So what if I Am? Does it matter? It would if I Had A boyfrined,butI dont. Rolphi was only my GUY BEST FRIEND,I didnt want to be in love with him, I mean,I didnt want to risk our friendship and everything we have been through. I was tired of losing friends.

Yeah, Thats What I Have To Talk To You Guys About,The friends I lost. You Would be suprised at the list. Trust me. Anyways,guess I have to start wring the list.

Later Readers,
~MizzIndependant Nay.


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