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Lion Pride

Novel By: GraveLyn83

King Sunkai and Queen Miya rules the Lands.Their only child,Shira was the next to rule.She has no mate or cubs,and plans to keep it that way.With the help of their pride,they overcame starvation,droughts,and attacks from other landers. Everything is peaceful,and everyone's dream life.Everything seems peaceful until a mysterious lion comes to the pride,calming to be Sunkai's lost brother.Not biological brother,but brothers by choice.The lion stirs up old tales,rumors,and even small arguments within the pack.Who is this lion? Is he really Sunkai's brother? Or is he just a rouge trying to take the throne? View table of contents...


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Shira walked around.Smelling the flowers that bloomed all around,watching the butterflies swoosh by and the lions interacting with one another.She carried Caleb under a shaded spot and began to lick his fur clean.The little black ball of fur woke up and yawned.

"Good to see you awake Caleby." Shira smiled and licked the top of his head, messing up his small baby bang.He squirmed trying to wiggle out of her arms.

"Moooom~ My haaaiiirrr~" Caleb continued to squirm but Shira held him down with her forearms.

"Stay still Caleb! You're dirty!" She playfully bit his ear and he grunted.

"Hello little laddie," a soft voice said.Shira and Caleb looked up and saw an older looking female with rainbow tiger stripes going along her back,stomach,legs,and tails.She had soft orange eyes and wore a flower crown made of violets.She seemed to be the eldest in the pride.

"Hello there," Shira nodded as the female sat down.Caleb looked at her sideways.

"Mom..what's that thing?"

Shira covered his mouth,"Caleb! Sorry miss.My son meant to say that he's new here annnd he doesn't know any lions or what we are." She smiled nervously.

Caleb pulled her paws away,"that is not what I me-"

Shira covered his mouth tighter,"it is now."

Caleb snorted as Shira let his mouth go and went on with giving him a bath.The female chuckled and her ears twitched.

"No worries.He is only a younging.He'll learn sooner-" she nuzzled his cheek,"or later."

"I'm Shira,and you are..?"

The female nodded and sat on her stomach,"I'm Mada.Mother of Kuna and elder of the pride.I heard about your father..and I'm deeply sorry.I am certain your mother Miya will be just fine," Mada smiled.

Shira didn't feel like being happy,but she had to for Caleb.He couldn't bare to see her sad,or even hurt.The first few nights of running away from home,Shira cried nonstop.But somehow,the blind cub could sense her pain and nuzzled her.Never leaving her side,always finding a way to make her happy.And she loved him for that.

"Elder Mada! Elder Mada!" Two voices yelled.Mada turned around and two cubs came into veiw.The male cub had a grey belly,toes,tip of tail,a small shaggy bang and the inside of his ears.He was covered in light blue tiger stripes and two blue upside down boomerangs under each eye.He has soft orange eyes just like Mada and a grey nose.Next to him stood his sister.She had neon green tiger stripes going along her back,stomach,tail,and legs.She had a shaggy grey bang hanging over her emerald green eyes.Like her brother,she had green boomerangs under her eyes.One under each one with a grey nose.

The male nuzzled Mada and sighed,"Mada.Mom and dad needs you! They said the huntresses saw-"

"-a black male lion roaming the hunting grounds!" The sister chimed in.

Mada pinched the middle of her nose,"Namaka..Kova...are you sure they saw this lion?"

Namaka nodded,"yes Mada! The male had awesome looking eyes."

Shira tilted her head,"what color were his eyes?"

Kova snorted,"red.Like a ruby! Come ooonnn Mada! Before something happens!" Kova and Namaka basically dragged Mada away towards the den.

Shira sat their,staring into space.

No no..that cannot be him...It can't be..right..?

Caleb looked up at her,"you okay mama?"

Shira nodded,"hey um..why don't you go and hang out with Kova and Namaka.Mommy has something important to do.."

Caleb nodded and wobbled along as Shira looked around and sneaked her way into the forest.Sniffing the air,searching for the hunting grounds.Soon,she found what she was looking for.Deer,rabbits,and zebras ( don't know how they appeared) thrived wildly and peacefully around the small fresh water lake.She ducked low to the ground as a black lion appeared,dragging a zebra behind him with his paws.He set his kill down and flopped over.Eyes closed and not moving.Shira silently crept over there to the male and turned him over.She gasped and stumbled back.The male lion was no other than Juno.His left eye shut tight,a scar laid over it.His paws singed and his nose bleeding from what seems to be a recent attack.

"Juno? Juno get up!" Shira shook him gently with her arm.Juno groaned and slowly opened his eyes,showing the ruby red eyes he bared.He smiled slightly as he began to realize who she was.

"Hey..Shira-" he leaned up and snarled in pain,"-how's it going?"

Shira laid on her stomach sitting upward,"Juno! What happened to you??"

Juno's smile formed into a frown,"nothing Shira...how is Caleb doing..?"

Shira moved up to him and looked him in the eyes,"tell me.Now."

Juno looked away,"I went to my pride land...and saw my mate-" he gripped the ground in reaction of the stinging pain"-she had another mate.And he attacked me out of the blue.I would have been killed if I didn't tell her I had Caleb..."

Shira sighed and shook her head.She looked at his paws and moved up more,their faces inches away from each other."Here..let me nurse you back to health.." Shira began to lick his paws.Peeling off the dirt and ash from them.She coughed up hair balls but continued to take care of his paws.Juno flinched but took the pain.He groaned and grunted whenever Shira licked the burning areas on his paws.

"Oh shut up.You'll live Juno.." Shira spat out dirt and hair to the side and looked at both of his paws,they seemed to calm down a bit from the intense pain she put him through.

The two looked at each and leaned in a little.Their breathe hitting each other's faces.Shira moved back when a loud rustle in the bushes behind Juno startled them.She shot up and stood in front of her and growled.

Nama and Kuna emerged from the bushes with Alan,Mada,Namaka,Kova and lionesses.

Nama looked at Shira confused,"Shira! Are you alright? Did this rouge hurt you??"

Shira shook her head,"no listen! I know this lion and-"

"You know this devilcat??" Kuna shouted.

Shira growled,"don't call him that! Juno is not dangerous!"

Mada stared at Juno,then at Shira."You don't know his legacy dear child.."

Juno stumbled to his feet and looked at the crowd of white lions,"listen to Shira.."

Everyone fell silent and stared at each other in confusion.Kuna and Nama looked at each other,having a conversation with just looks and eye movements.Mada just shook her head slowly.Everyone else glared at Juno and Shira.

Shira's ears twitched and looked towards the direction of the den.Something exploded and laughs of unknown animals echoed.

"Mommy!!!~" Caleb's voice rang through the forest.

Shira and Juno quickly turned around and took off,"Caleb!!"

The rest of the pride slowly walked behind them.Not knowing what the two felt at the moment.

(Namaka and Kova is on my profile)


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