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The Bloodline: MindBreaker *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Dustin a teen guy with black hair and purple eyes, does not have a home,family,or friends.He is pretty much a loner,he has the rare bloodline of a "Mind-Breaker",that is the reason he doesn't have any connection with the outside world or any friends.Until one day,he meets a girl named Layla who has the same bloodline.Is Layla part of his past?Or the key to his future? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 14, 2013    Reads: 14    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Chapter 10: Layla Meets Dustin...again

Layla rode on the back of one of Death's hounds through the thick black forest of Azilana (home-town of the Mind-Breakers),her jet black hair flowing in the rush of the cold air.She reached a point of being exhausted of riding,soon she felt a sharp pain in her wrists.

"ahh!",she screamed as she shut her eyes tightly,suddenly the hell hound stopped and Layla flew over him,causing her to crash into a tree.She grunted at impact and slid down the tree trunk.She looked at the hound,its was growling and its red eyes glowed a lot more brighter..a sign of warning for Layla.

"Spike what's wrong boy? Why are you coming after me?",she asked him

"Your are part of Lord Jason curse...I felt it was soon as you screamed in delicious pain",he told her.

"Curse..? But what cur-",the sharp pain in her wrists returned,more painful than the last.She shut her eyes again then screamed for a longer time,she fell silent.She heard Jason's voice open your eyes my love...go and kill Dustin..the boy who is threatening me!

Layla opened her eyes,her pupil small and red,the white part of her eyes black with genkey symbols all over.'But...but when did he...',she thought.She had a flashback of when Jason grabbed her wrists.

"That bastard!!",she yelled,while standing up,Spike leaped at her,moments later he was on the ground...in half and dead.Layla's hand was covered in his blood,she looked at it,'no..Spike...damn you Jason!'.She flicked her hand and the blood flew on a tree trunk,staining it for ever.She began to walk to a red road in the forest,that led right to Dustin's home.

~ ~

Dustin woke up on his couch,his ears flopped to the side,he leaned up and stretched his arms,something burned on the side of his neck.He put his hand over it but something burned it and he quickly takes his hand off."The fuck?!?",he yelled.

He looked at his hand and a green genkey symbol was burned into it,"alright now...wait....oh shit!".He jumped up and looked at the clock,"I over slept..I was suppose to head out to save Layla..fuck me damn it!!".He headed for the door,as soon as he touched the knob,the door flew open,knocking him on his back.He looked up after the dust cleared and he saw the one person he wanted to see in a long time.

"L-Layla??!!",he shrieked.

"Dustin...r-run away! N-now!",she told him,her eyes changing from normal to the curse.

"Layla..what are you talking about...??",he told her.

Layla fell silent,she slowly raised her arms,"Death is here...Death is near.Pain is game and game is pain".

Dustin knew that spell and he quickly got up and ran to his backyard,hearing hounds barking and evil laughing."Oh shit!",he yelled as he felt the energy of her genkey slowly turning to corrupted energy.



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