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The Bloodline: MindBreaker *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Tags: Sex, Horror, Demon

Dustin a teen guy with black hair and purple eyes, does not have a home,family,or friends.He is pretty much a loner,he has the rare bloodline of a "Mind-Breaker",that is the reason he doesn't have any connection with the outside world or any friends.Until one day,he meets a girl named Layla who has the same bloodline.Is Layla part of his past?Or the key to his future? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 4, 2013    Reads: 20    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Chapter 2: Saving A Life

Dustin looked up and saw a figure with glowing red eyes,the leader of the gang smirked,"who the fuck are-hey where did he go?",he realized the figure was gone."He?? Who are you calling a he??",the leader turned and saw Layla."Hey your a sexy little thing.Why don't you come and enjoy a ride huh?".The gang laughed and surrounded her.Dustin managed to lean up enough to look at them.One guy that was behind Layla grabbed her and started to pull on her skirt,"hey leave her alone!",Dustin yelled at them.But they didn't listen,Layla closed her eyes,then chanted something; "I call upon Death himself to take your heart.I shall use his powers to rip you apart!",Layla chanted.The ground started to shake and hell hounds rose from the ground then Death himself.Layla passed through the gang and stopped in front of Death,"soul reaper!",Layla and Death pointed to the gang's leader and a dark beam swirled around him,his skin turned a pale grey and started to wrinkle.His soul busted from his stomach,causing instant death.Death absorbed his soul and looked at Layla,"you may go now.Your work is done here for tonight",she said to him.Death and his hounds vanished into the cracks.Layla looked at the last of the gang,they looked up at her and when she pointed at them they ran away screaming.Dustin looked at her as she walked toward him,"I won't hurt you.I'm just going to heal your wounds up".Dustin relaxed,her voice calmed her for a strange reason."Miku",she placed her hands over his body and his wounds started to heal up quickly."Hey...thanks but why did you save me?",he asked her.Layla eyes stopped glowing and turned back to deep red."I'm your partner and if I let you die.I fail your family..and our people".Layla's wolf ears flickered and brushed against his face,"hey watch-um..why do you have ears and I don't if I'm part of your clan?",he asked trying not to sound rude to the person that just saved his life."You only get your ears if you know your spell type and get your genkey",she told him.He asked what a genkey is and she told him it was a seal that allows you to channel your powers and use them at will.The genkey also protects the person it's assigned to when that person is knocked out.Dustin's wounds healed up and they got up,"so how do I get my genkey and learn my spell type?",he asked."Tomorrow I'll teach you..when we get home I gotta set up the training grounds".'Wait..when 'we' get home?',Dustin thought to himself.

+ + +

Layla worked on the training grounds in his backyard,her black hair in a ponytail shining in the moonlight.She finished and sat down on the bench,soon she went to sleep.Dustin walked outside with no shirt on,his chest was wet from the shower he took.He saw her sleeping peacefully on the bench,'I should carry her to bed'.He picked her up and carried her in the house.He took her upstairs and put her down on the bed.He then put the covers over her and headed for the door."Goodnight Dustin",she said,her eyes opened and saw his bare chest.She blushed a bit then flipped on her side,"goodnight Layla..sweet dreams",he told her and walked out,closing the door behind him.He went downstairs and went to sleep on the couch.


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