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The Bloodline: MindBreaker *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Dustin a teen guy with black hair and purple eyes, does not have a home,family,or friends.He is pretty much a loner,he has the rare bloodline of a "Mind-Breaker",that is the reason he doesn't have any connection with the outside world or any friends.Until one day,he meets a girl named Layla who has the same bloodline.Is Layla part of his past?Or the key to his future? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 20, 2013    Reads: 14    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Chapter 6: Lord's Jason Castle

The M.B.H carried Layla to a place where she never wanted to be ever again;Lord Jason's Castle, (leader of the Mind-Breakers)This large castle has many sets of red and black flamed flags and rings/gems,his castle is surrounded by loads of gems of all elements and hell hounds stood by the gates.Guards of every size and age were watching out for thieves or any type of threat they could possibly think of,they all knew Layla and was very scared of her because of the evil and dark past her family had with this place.Her past is even in all existing school history books,but she sets out to find every single book so no one can know the truth about her,Dustin should not know that she is the reason his family is dead.The guards dragged her inside the black castle.She felt her body being thrown on the cold,damp,hard concrete floor and heard a door shut and a lock.Layla opened her eyes to see she was in a electric jail cell..the only one in a jail..at the moment.

"Great...this place again...",she sighed and looked down.

"Ah...so I see they have captured you huh my love?",a voice said.

Layla looked up and saw Jason,leader of the Mind-Breakers,walking towards her

"Fuck off Jason!",she stood up and backed away from him.,growling in the process.

"Oh don't be like that...after all you are my lovely wife.",Jason smiled and held out his hand.

"Your wife?Oh shit I forgot about that..but we are not married anymore..remember I escaped from your grip,and in the law of the Mind-Breakers states that if I escaped from your grip we are NO LONGER married!",she slapped his hand away.

Jason smirked and kneeled next to her,"that's why I re-captured you...we are getting married again...in 5 days",he let the cell and a guard locked it.Layla leaned on the wall and sighed,bitting her bottom lip.

"I gotta send Dustin a message and fast.."


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