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The Bloodline: MindBreaker *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Dustin a teen guy with black hair and purple eyes, does not have a home,family,or friends.He is pretty much a loner,he has the rare bloodline of a "Mind-Breaker",that is the reason he doesn't have any connection with the outside world or any friends.Until one day,he meets a girl named Layla who has the same bloodline.Is Layla part of his past?Or the key to his future? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 8, 2013    Reads: 11    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Chapter 9:A Death of a Friend

Layla stood there,looking in the mirror...looking at herself in the same wedding dress that she wore the first time she had gotten married...but it was repaired and white instead of red fur.

Then one of the guards stepped up to Toni's pregnant wife,Trisha,and whispered something in her ear.She put her hand to her mouth and started to cry,I looked at her then ran over.I got on my knees and she looked at me,her golden eyes red from all the hard crying.

"What is wrong Trisha?",Layla asked her.

"It's..it's Toni...Lord Jason killed him a few minutes ago...",she slumped in Layla's arms and cried more.

Layla was stunned,Toni was her best friend...he was her father's best friend,and now he's gone forever.Layla got up and tore the bottom half of her dress and stormed into Jason's chamber.

"Jason!! You fucking bastard!!",she yelled at him,and started to swing.

Jason smirked and grabbed her arms,"just leave..I'll explain to you very soon my love".

Layla stormed out of his dark,empty,black chamber then stopped at a golden stoned window.'I got to get out of here...',she though then she had an idea.She stood back and kicked in the window,causing its crystal clear glass to shatter and fall to the floor,she jumped from the window and chanted a few words.

"I am Death's shadow..and he is my master..its time for his clone to cause disaster".A black beam of light swirled around her and her clothes started to change.She landed on the ground and she was completely covered in black clothing.Black combat boots stomped the ground,a belt with a skull for the buckle laughed evilly,a tight black tank top with skulls making an "x" across her chest.She began to ran when a hell hound jumped in front of her and she jumped on it at the perfect time and she landed on it's furry back.she vanished along with it to somewhere that she has been waiting to go....


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