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My biography: 10 short chapters

Novel By: InLoveWithADeadend

This is a biography I had to write in English last year. I got an A, but I want to know what you think! View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: I am me

My name is Abigail Adams. I'm not sure where it came from, or what it means. I've tried to find the meaning, but I get things like, the wife of David, a ladies personal maid, rejoicing, and the mother of exaltation. But is there something more? Is there a story behind it, or is it just a name? It's Hebrew, I know. Some people think I was named after John Adams's wife. I wasn't, although she is a very good woman, so I wouldn't mind at all. She did a lot for our country. Maybe I could be like her someday. It's also hard to believe, but I am kind of glad I wasn't named after anyone. It makes me who I am, and I don't have to represent someone else. I can be me. I try to be different from everybody else, and not pay much attention to what people think about me. I just try to have fun whenever I can. It seems a lot easier to me.

Chapter 2: My life in Nauvoo

I live in a very small town, and sometimes it's not very fun. There isn't much to do around here. But even though it's small and boring, I love living here. Everybody knows each other, and its just so cool. I have lived here for about eight years. My parents always talk about moving away. My dad applies for jobs all over the country. And each time he does, I hope with all my heart that he doesn't get it. I know I shouldn't do that, but I don't want to leave. I would be leaving so many good memories behind. Sometimes I think it might be better for me. I want to get into a good college, and I might have a better chance in a bigger city. My dad said there is so much out there that we are missing. He says there are better opportunities. I want to be some sort of surgeon. I'm not sure yet, though.

Chapter 3: Our new family members

I have a very big family. It didn't start out that way, though. In 2005 we adopted four boys and one girl. Their names are Josh, Cambron, Spencer, Gabriel, and Eliza. When they first moved in with us, they weren't very nice. Eliza is the youngest. She was only one year old. They are all from the same family, because we didn't want them to be separated. I am glad they are a part of my family. They are very cool. Josh and Cambron are gone now. They live somewhere else. Josh is twenty, and Cambron is sixteen. I haven't seen them in a while, but hopefully we will get together sometime. He lives in Springfield with his aunt. I don't know much about her, but my parents say she is very nice.

Chapter 4: He's a troublemaker

My brother is a very big troublemaker. He used to get in trouble all the time. He would go see his friends at night when everybody as asleep. That meant he was really tired in the morning. My parents knew. So one night they stayed up. They saw him try to leave, and he got grounded. That didn't help. One night he did something very bad. He went out with a friend, and stole a strangers car. He got punished big time for that. That's why he doesn't live with us anymore. He had to go to a detention center. My parents get to visit him sometimes, but not the kids. We get to talk to him on the phone, though. He sounds way different. I can't wait to see him again. He made some mistakes, but he is a good brother. He is very fun. I remember going sleddingwith him in the winter. We made really big ramps, but we would always hit the side of them, and flip over in the air. Sometimes it hurt, but it was really fun. He is also good at snowboarding. He tried to teach me, but I fell off every time.

Chapter 5: One, two, buckle my shoe

One, two, buckle my shoe.

Three, four shut the door.

Five, six pick up sticks.

Seven, eight lay them straight.......

Me and my sisters used to love playing that game. We hated being inside. We would play in our treehouse, run around the yard and find crazy things, play hopscotch, and do handshakes. Being a little kid was so much fun. We had so much time to play. We used to live in alittle house on Page st. Thats where our treehouse was. Playing in our treehouse was our favorite thing to do. When we first moved in, there were bad words all over the walls of the treehouse, so my mom and dad had to paint over them. The treegouse was really old, and it had a tire swing on it, wich was very fun. Some kids would just come and play in it, cause they forgot we had just moved in. They were nice, but they were teenagers and we were little so my parents had to remind them that we lived there, and that they can't come anymore.

Chapter 6: The worst spring break ever

Our spring breaks are usually very fun. This last one was not very fun, though. My mom had to get surgury on her tooth. So she felt really sick. We didn't get to do much because of that. She was sleeping most of the time. I don't blame her though. Because she slept so much, we had to be really quiet. We couldn't watch T.V. We couldn't go outside either, cause her window was nearby, and we didn't want to wake her. My dad stayed home from work so he could take care of her. She felt really bad. She said she was sorry that she ruined our spring break. told her it wasn't her fault, because it happens to everybody. Later that day our neighbor brought some candy over. She is a very nice elderly woman. I was a bit confused, though. She brought us candy and Hawaiian leis. I didn't bother to ask why. She is very sweet. After that we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. That was probably the greatest part of my spring break.

Chapter 7: When I was in Indiana, my cousin took me to a Notre Dame girls college basketball game. It was so fun. Our whole family love Notre Dame. We are all really big fans. The game was really fun and exciting. We got to sit really close to the court.I got a giant poster to hang on my wall. It's really cool. When I get older, I want to play basketball for the University of Notre Dame. Next year my dad is going to take me to one of their football games. I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun! My cousin went to that college and he really like it.

Chapter 8: Christmas

Every Christmas we go on vacation. My favorite one was when we rented a beach house on the gulf of Mexico. The weather was really nice, so we went to the beach every day. The island was really small. It was called Dauphin Island. There weren't a lot of stores. They just had a grocery store and a bunch of gift shops. To get to the island, you had to drive over a three mile bridge. It was really cool, because right in the middle of the bridge, was a giant bump. It was like a roller coaster.

Chapter 9: Sweet sixteen

When I turn sixteen, my parents are going to tke me to any city in the Unites States that I want to go to. I am really excited. I will probably go to New York city. It seems really cool. I will get to see so many things. I will probably go to the Statue of Liberty first. That's going to be really cool. I have always wanted to go see it. Then I will go see time square. Then they will take me shopping. New York is so big. I don't know if I will get to see it all, but I hope I will get to see a lot of it.

Chapter 10: Happy Halloween

Our family's favorite holiday is Halloween. My mom loves decorating the house and picking out costumes for the younger kids. On Halloween my little brothers and sisters make a little haunted house. It's really fun, because they are so creative. We have a party too. We invite our friends, eat a bunch of candy, and watch really scary movies. Then there's trick or treating. Sometimes I go, and sometimes I stay and hand out candy with my mom. But either way, Halloween is a very fun holiday at our house. I can't wait til nect haloween!


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