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Lost in the Shadows

Novel By: JAW

this story is about a teenaged girl who gets lost in a forest. its my first story im putting up here, so feedback would be great. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 25, 2009    Reads: 44    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Zeke, Aimee, Claudia and I sat down dumbly. My family headed off to their rooms. I heard Sara murmuring words of comfort to Kate.
Zeke settled himself next to me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.
"Well…" I began. "This isn't awkward at all."
Claudia laughed, starting the rest of us off. We were soon laughing hysterically, but I think it was more an act of relief.
We calmed down just as Sara walked back into room. She eyed us suspiciously, before giggling.
There was a sharp knock at the door.
"Sara? Can you?" I asked, feigning sweetness.
"Sure…" she replied, rolling her eyes and then laughing.
"Nick!" she exclaimed happily.
"Hey Sah," he said briskly, the turning to us.
"Geez girls! I'm not around for one morning and looked at what happens!"
He went over to hug Claudia. I heard him murmuring "You sure you're ok?"
After she assured him she was fine, he turned to me.
"And you!" he sighed, waiting for me to free myself; then engulfing me in a hug.
"Sorry Nick," I said jokingly.
He settled himself on the opposite couch with Claudia and Aimee.
"Hello again Aimee," he said. "And you too Zeke."
Aimee smiled sweetly and Zeke nodded his head in reply.
After another slightly awkward pause, I jumped up.
"What's wrong?" everyone asked immediately.
"Oh, nothing. I just realised I'm still in my pj's," I said hastily.
Everyone laughed, and I ducked up to my room to change.
I glanced in my mirror. I was ecstatic to see that most of the bruises on my face were gone, and what little remained could easily be covered by make-up. My arms and legs however, we still decorated in purple, blue and black bruises.
I sighed, summer clothing was not designed to cover one's arms and legs. I'd just have to be brave. So I put on a hot pink tank top and denim shorts. I quickly applied some make-up and brushed my hair.
I headed back out to join my friends. I held my arms across my chest, in a self-conscious attempt to hide my body.
"Indi… you look fine," Claudia said, instantly seeing through my attempt.
"Yeah… I guess."
I noticed Aimee and Nick chatting away, a cute smile across Aimee's face.
I glanced at Claudia, we both nodded. She headed towards the door, and so did I; dragging Zeke along behind me.
"Where are…" he began to ask.
"Shh," I replied, and we slipped out the door without being noticed.
"But, but," protested Zeke.
"No," I said in a jokingly stern voice. "I know she's your sister but she really likes him, so be nice."
He had a look so familiar to the one I saw on Nick, when he saw Claudia with Aaron. I couldn't help but laugh.
"You older brothers are so protective!"
We sat outside for a bit, watching the aftermath of Aaron's fall. His body had been taken away a few minutes back. Now the police and my neighbours were cleaning the gutter and sweeping up the glass.
"I'm just going to get a drink, anyone want one?" I asked.
"Yeah, lemonade please," answered Zeke.
"Just some juice for me," added Claudia.
I headed inside, when a brainwave hit me.
"Hey Zeke, Claud, come in here!" I called.
Nick and Aimee stooped talking and the other two came in.
"Aimee and Zeke will have to head home soon, and it could be ages before we see them again. So let's go for a swim," I suggested.
"You have a pool?" asked Aimee. I nodded.
"That's so, so cool!"
I laughed.
"Sounds like a great idea, lets meet back here in 10; because I need to go get my bathers."
"Cool," I replied. "Oh, Nick. Bring a pair of board shorts over for Zeke. Aimee you can borrow one of my bikini's."
We headed towards my room, giggling and talking a mile a minute!


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