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Lost in the Shadows

Novel By: JAW

this story is about a teenaged girl who gets lost in a forest. its my first story im putting up here, so feedback would be great. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 27, 2009    Reads: 70    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

I tossed Aimee and pink and green bikini, and I put on my black and purple one.
"So," I began.
"You and Nick?" I added, smiling.
She smiled coyly. We both laughed.
We headed back to the lounge.
Nick and Claudia were back, and Zeke had changed into board shorts. Aimee and I smiled at eachother.
"I'm just going to grab some food, Claud; you know the way," I said, heading into the kitchen.
I grabbed a bottle of coke, some chips and chocolate; before grabbing some towels and heading out to join the others.
Nick and Zeke had already jumped in, and were attempted to pull Claud and Aimee in too. They splashed them with the freezing water.
"Ahh!" squealed Aimee, as Nick pulled her in.
I ran up behind Claudia, pushed her and also succeeding in falling in myself.
As I resurfaced, I laughed. I clambered back out, only to dive in again.
"Brilliant!" cheered Claudia.
Nick turned his attention away from Aimee and snuck up behind Claudia. He ducked under the water and through her legs. He re-emerged with Claud on his shoulders. Her hair flew.
"Oh! Siblings vs Siblings water wrestling!" I suggested.
Aimee pulled herself onto Zeke's shoulder.
"On your marks, get set, GO!!!" I called.
* * *
We stopped for a junk food fest, which resulted in a junk food war. We had to call a truce when Aimee got chips in her hair and down her top.
Claudia had put her headphones in, and was listening to her iPod while reading a magazine.
Nick and Aimee were back in the pool, chasing eachother and performing wacky tricks.
Zeke had settled himself next to me, and I was happily lounging on a towel in the gorgeous sunshine.
"I'm never going to get to see you," I complained grumpily.
"Aimee and I will come down and visit on weekends," he said. "It will only be weekdays you won't see us. And," he paused. "I have a surprise for you."
My head perked up.
"A surprise?"
"Yeah, um, Claudia helped me with it the other day when you were in the hospital," he explained.
He dashed inside, and I waited; impatient and curious.
He came back and gave me my phone.
"This is my surprise? My phone that I already own?" I asked.
"No silly," he replied. "It's this."
From behind his back he pulled out a new mobile.
"You got a mobile!!!!!!! Awesome!" I exclaimed.
I leant my head into his shoulder.
He smiled, pulling me closer to him. Zeke left his arm around my waist. Suddenly, his body tensed. I looked up, following his gaze. Nick and Aimee had stopped swimming and started kissing.
I laughed, playfully, playfully hitting him on the arm.
"Leave them alone you over-protective fool. I've known Nick since I was 2; we've been friends since we were 5. He's not going to hurt her!"
He looked at me, a guilty smile etched across his face.
"I know something that will distract you," I said cheekily.
I leaned in to kiss him, and I was right. He instantly forgot about Aimee, his attention on me.
One hand holding my lower back, the other at my face. His kiss was gentle and loving. My hands tangled in his hair, almost like they had a mind of their own. As usual, my heart raced and my senses were going mad.
"Ahem!" A fake cough interrupted us. "Enough of the kissy couple stuff! Let's do something fun!"
Zeke and I broke apart, to find Claudia standing over us. Nick and Aimee had also broken apart. We laughed. Zeke glanced at me, winking. I nodded slightly in response. Claudia took a step backwards, moving her closer to the pool. We stood up, and in one quick move; pushed her in.
"Ahhhh!!" she squealed.
We all laughed. Zeke and I grabbed hands, then jumped in together.
Zeke and Nick then began a splashing contest, so Claud, Aimee and I swam to the other end.
As I got up close to Claudia, I realised she had large bags under eyes.
"Didn't get enough beauty sleep Claud?" I asked.
"Oh," she paused. "I had another nightmare. You know, about Aaron."
"Oh…" I felt like such an idiot.
"Don't worry Claud, it's a natural reaction," I assured her.
"It will get better with time," added Aimee.
"I hope so," mused Claudia.
The boys then snuck up on us, deciding we needed to be added to their splash war. We laughed, and joined in.
Mum then came out with a camera.
"Smile!" she said.
We quickly gathered in semi-circle, arms around each other's shoulders.
We smiled, the camera flashed.
"Perfect," mum commented, checking the picture on her digital camera.
And so we seemed to be. Happy, in-love and best friends. Perfect.

A/N: And so we have reached the end of my story! I've enjoyed writing this novel, so Thankyou to all my loyal fans, especially MissChildish and enduringthedarkness. Thankyou also to all of my friends, most of you helped in one way or another!

So, I would really appreciate if in your comment you could give an opinion of the story as a hole.

Thanks again, Josephine =D


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